Chapter 2459 In the finale of the extra episode

  Seeing the big rabbit bag back, Mianmian happily jumped over, "Daddy, you are really amazing."

  Meng Yunzheng smiled, touched his head, and told her to go to bed and rest quickly.

Immediately he said to Shu Yu, "Let's pack up and leave the capital early tomorrow morning."

  Shu Yu laughed, "Are you in such a hurry?"

  Meng Yunzheng looked at her helplessly, "What do you think?"

His identity as Mr. Shanju was exposed, and he could imagine how difficult it would be in the days to come.


While the matter is still fermenting, it is the best policy to leave as soon as possible.

  Shu Yu asked him, "Let's just go, or should we all go together?"

"Let's go, Pan Yi and the others rarely come to the capital, and we must seize the opportunity of exchange and study. They can now be independent, and with Mr. He Jiang around, it is not a problem to stay for another half a month."

  Shu Yu nodded, "OK."

  Anyway, they have been in the capital for quite some time. They have already visited the places they should play, and met the people they should meet. After the lecture, it is fine for them to stay in the capital.

After packing his luggage, Shu Yu thought about it, and left a letter with Meng Yunzheng.


  Since it was a temporary decision to leave, I couldn't say goodbye to others, so I could only ask someone to pass a message.

After finishing all this, the two carriages left quietly through the back door of the inn until the next morning.

  The head of Zhenglu Academy, Meng Yunzheng, is the mysterious Mr. Shanju who has never shown his true face. After a night of fermentation, this news quickly swept all corners of the scholar circle in the capital.

  No, there are also circles of wives such as Mrs. Qi who are also in shock.

  The people who were most astonished were those acquaintances of Meng Yunzheng. They never thought that Mr. Shanju was him, the people around them, the people they often get along with!

  So early in the morning, outside the inn where Zhenglu Academy lived, many people came noisy and crowded.

  Unfortunately, they waited and waited for a letter.

  The students of Zhenglu Academy are unwilling to open the door. The head of the mountain told them last night that they are leaving, but they themselves are still in a daze. They have a lot to say to the head of the mountain, but they have no chance at all.

Fortunately, they are both students of Zhenglu Academy, Mr. Shanju is their head, and they will spend more time together in the future.

  Brother Yan, who had a quick mind, saw a group of people outside, so he made up his mind on the spot, and took advantage of this rare publicity opportunity to publicize the benefits of Zhenglu Academy.historical

Taking the opportunity to recruit a wave of students back, maybe the head of the mountain will treat him differently?

  Meng Yunzheng didn't know that the students had learned to grasp business opportunities and started to 'generate income' for the academy.

At this time, they had already left the city in a low-key carriage, and it was not until they left the city gate that Mianmian woke up in a daze.

  Finding himself in the carriage, the little guy was startled, "Mother, where are we going?"

"We have left the capital."

"Huh?" Mianmian exclaimed, "Gone? But, but I haven't told Brother Doudou yet."

As soon as the words fell, a familiar voice suddenly came from not far away, "Sister Mianmian—"

Mianmian and Huohuo poked their heads out at the same time, and even Shu Yu looked forward in surprise.

Several people saw a carriage parked not far away, with Xiao Ruojun and Doudou standing beside the carriage, just like when they entered the city before.

  Shu Yu was a little surprised, "Why are sister-in-law and Doudou here?"