Chapter 2 She is not the daughter of the Shu family

Push down? Lotus Pond? ?

  Shu Yu immediately took a step to the side and frowned, "Wait, are you trying to kill me? Why?"

Her gaze swept across several people present, including her father and siblings, but no one stood up to speak at this time.

The old lady didn't even want to look at her, but the woman in charge beside her said coldly, "Miss San... Oh, no, you are no longer the third lady of the Shu family. You are just a stranger. It's just a wild seed, when Aunt Xue bought the doctor and pretended to be pregnant, she bought a baby from outside on the day of delivery and came back to pretend to be the third miss of the Shu family, and that baby is you."

  Shu Yu frowned, a rare trace of surprise on his face.

She is not the daughter of the Shu family? ? But the book doesn't mention this at all.


Could it be because of her arrival that there was a butterfly effect?

  Shu Yu was puzzled, and the old lady beside the old lady spoke again, "You have also enjoyed fourteen years of gold and jade in the Shu family. Now that things have been exposed, it is natural to put things right."

  Shu Yu raised his head abruptly, "What are you talking about to set things right? Are you pushing me down the lotus pond to drown?"

  The old lady finally said, "The Shu family can't allow a stain like yours to exist."

  Shu Yu, "..." There is a saying in my heart that MMP doesn't know whether to say it or not.

"So, the snake in my room just now was your means?"


  The eldest lady of the Shu family snorted coldly, "Actually, you were bitten to death by a snake, but you don't have that much pain."

  Shu Yu looked at the others, and everyone felt that the old lady's decision was right, and the Shu family's face was more important than anything else. What's more, she was such a wild species that she didn't know where she came from, and she was gone when she died, and no one cared.

  Shu Yu now understands why the Shu family ended up in exile. I'm afraid that the female partner is on the way to death, and they will inevitably help them.

  The two old women have come over, holding two ropes to tie Shu Yu's hands.

  Shu Yu subconsciously wanted to start, but after a second thought, he didn't move again.

Now she can't change the ending, the Shu family will wait until they are exiled three months later, so she doesn't need to waste her energy.

  Three months later... Then there will be revenge and revenge, and there will be revenge.

But she couldn't do it so calmly to "die".

  Shu Yu laughed suddenly, and her eyes swept across everyone present, "You want to kill me, yes. But before dying, can you let me say a few words."

"Do you still have your last words?" Miss Shu sneered, "I'll give you a chance to see what you can say."

  Shu Yu's hands were tied behind her back, but the look of her head bowed like a transparent person in the past was completely gone, and everyone even felt that her stature was unreasonably tall.

Shu Yu's eyes stopped on the person on the far left, "Uncle Shu, the outer room of Jin Taixiang is beautiful, right? She was pregnant again recently, and it is said that she was sold by the eldest lady, but when you turn around, you will kill her. It was true love when I got it back.”

  The Shu family's eldest master widened his eyes, facing the unbelievable gaze of the eldest lady, and immediately explained.

However, Shu Yu followed closely and said, "Madam, my nephew killed the second wife again. Are you discussing with your aunt recently about marrying your second sister, who is also a concubine? It can not only solve the problem of confidants, but also I can give my mother an account."

"Second Master Shu, the old lady helped you pay the money owed to the casino, although she used her own money. But if you continue to gamble, you will need to use Gongzhong's money."

"Second Madam, you gave Concubine Liu medicine to make her slip, and it hurt Erye Shu's heart a lot. It's no wonder that he borrowed wine to drown his sorrows and went to the casino to gamble for money."

"Big sister, you..."

"Shut up, shut up, I'll tell you to shut up." The old lady leaned on crutches fiercely. Seeing that the expressions of the people who were mentioned by her name changed, she immediately winked at the two old women behind her, "Not yet. Do it?"

  Shu Yu is a pity, "Didn't you ask me to explain my dying words clearly?" When the Shu family was exiled, they found more than that. These things were written in the book.

"You're all talking nonsense. I really underestimate you. I've been mute on weekdays, and when I'm dying, I'm still trying to sow discord and try to destroy the harmony of my Shu family. It's absolutely disgusting." With a calm expression on his face, he beat the ground angrily.

  The rest of the Shu family also agreed, and the two old ladies didn't dare to delay any longer. They tied a big rock to Shu Yu's ankle, and hurriedly pushed her down the lotus pond.

Seeing Shu Yu's body sinking to the bottom of the pool, the old lady breathed a sigh of relief.

But what she didn't know was that when Shu Yu was sinking, he had already untied the rope on his wrist, and when he reached the bottom of the pool, the rope and stone on his ankle were also freed.

She dived forward, and under a lotus leaf, she silently stuck out half of her head.

The few people on the shore had not left yet, as if they were sure that she would not come up.

  The old lady instructed the two wives, "Tomorrow night, if you bring people up again, say that the third lady went out at night to enjoy the shade, fell into the water and lost her life."

"Yes." The two women hurriedly responded.

  The old lady said to the eldest master of the Shu family, "Go back and dealt with Aunt Xue, and declared to the public that Aunt Xue couldn't bear the pain of losing her daughter and died in depression."

  The eldest master also responded, and there was no objection.

But Shu Yu remembered that in the book, Auntie Xue was not dead, and she was also on the list of being exiled. I don't know how she avoided this disaster this time.

Just like this, Shu Yu understood why Aunt Xue was so cruel to her biological daughter in the first place.

Xiao Shuyu not only starved and fought with the dog for food, but was left in the room to fend for himself with a high fever, knelt in the yard under the scorching sun and confessed his mistake until he fainted, and was almost beaten to death by Concubine Xue.historical

Everyone in the Shu family thought that Concubine Xue was dissatisfied with Shu Yu being a girl, so she was angry and not very close to her.