Chapter 1 was obliterated

"Wow, woof."

Four-year-old Xiao Shuyu was lying on the ground with a thin body, all fours on the ground, obviously trembling with fear, but still bluffing and barking at the dog in front of him, trying to scare it away.

The dog was not big, and after barking back a few times, Xiao Shuyu squeezed the stone in his hand and threw it away.

The dog wobbled, turned and ran away.

  Xiao Shuyu let out a long sigh of relief, quickly picked up the steamed buns on the ground, patted the stains on it, touched his grumbling stomach, and devoured it.

didn't take two bites, but a scolding sound suddenly came from his ear, "Shu Yu, what are you doing?"


When Xiao Shuyu turned around, she saw her own mother, Concubine Xue, with a heavy face, strode over, and slapped the steamed bun in her hand.

The steamed buns, which were not too big, rolled to the ground, and fell into the cracks with two clucks, and could no longer be seen.

  Xiao Shuyu swallowed her saliva, looked away reluctantly, and stood up staggeringly, "Auntie, I..."

"Crack." Concubine Xue slapped her face and slapped the little figure out.

"You are the third young lady of the Shu family, and you are fighting with dogs for food here. Do you still have any sense of shame? Is it shameful?"

  Xiao Shuyu wiped her nosebleed and whispered, "I'm hungry." She hadn't eaten for two days.


"You are still hungry. If you hadn't soiled my clothes, would I have been laughed at by other aunties? This is a lesson for you. You can't help being hungry. What's the use of you?"

Xiao Shuyu couldn't hold back her tears, she hurried forward, grabbed Aunt Xue's sleeve, and said eagerly and cautiously, "It's my fault, I'm sorry Auntie, it's Shu Yu who is ignorant and doesn't eat it, I I won't eat it again, auntie, don't be angry."

"Look at your hand, it's still bloody, my skirt was soiled by you again, get out." Concubine Xue pushed the person away with a look of disgust on her face.

  Xiao Shuyu took two steps back and fell to the ground. Concubine Xue explained to the maid next to her, "Lock her up in a small dark room and starve for two more days. I really don't know how to repent."

  Xiao Shuyu's tears finally fell, and her small body was lifted up by the maid and sent directly to the little black room.

  Xiaoshu Yu huddled in the corner, hugging her knees and crying silently, her clothes were dyed bright red with nosebleeds.

"Auntie, I was wrong, I don't dare anymore, I'm sorry. Please let me out, okay? It's so dark here, and there are bugs that will bite my hand, I'm so scared, I'm not hungry anymore, really Not hungry at all."

  Xiao Shuyu wiped her tears, and when she lowered her head, she saw a snake came in at some point, standing half-up and spitting out letters at her.

  Xiao Shuyu's breathing stopped, her eyes widened and she began to tremble.

  The snake seemed to sense something, suddenly jumped up and rushed towards her.


  Shu Yu suddenly woke up from the bed. Seeing the dim yellow light flickering next to the bed, she slowly exhaled.

clutching his chest, thinking of the dream he had just now, he couldn't help but sigh.

is not a dream, this is the memory of this body when it was a child.

  Shu Yu came from a book in modern times. A year ago, it was worn on the body of the fourteen-year-old Miss Shu San, the prefect of Dong'an Prefecture in Dasu Chao. For this reason, her original memory of the original owner is not very complete, and she will slowly recall it intermittently in this form.

She didn't know where the original owner went, whether he died completely, or had another chance.

But Shu Yu is very clear about the ending of this book.

  As the third concubine of the Shu family, she has a low sense of existence in the book and has nothing to do with the hero and heroine.

However, the dead woman in the book is the eldest young lady of the Shu family, her current sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law likes the male protagonist, but she has lost the entire Shu family. In three months, the entire Shu family will be exiled for thousands of miles. As a character who has not played many times, she is also one of them.

Knowing the ending, Shu Yu is naturally unwilling to follow the ending in the book, and even if she is not valued in this family, she is unwilling to be exiled to the frontier.

It's just that she soon discovered that even if she changed the course, a strong plot would still pull the ending back.

After she tried twice, she stopped doing futile efforts.

Anyway, for the ending of the Shu family, the book only writes about exile. The life after exile was not mentioned in the book, whether it was good or bad, it was she who had the final say.

Since then, Shu Yu has been quietly in front of the third transparent lady of the Shu family.

In the last life, Shu Yu's parents were harmed by a certain organization because of their research results. Shu Yu endured humiliation and burdened for more than ten years. Beside the boss, he became one of his indispensable confidants.

Then, by his own power, he destroyed all the huge organization and avenged the tragic death of his parents. But who knew that the other party left a hand, and she also lost her life and became the third Miss Shu family today.

Compared to her previous life, where she was calculating and walking on thin ice, today's life is actually pretty good. She eats, drinks, sleeps and sleeps. Although there are occasional fights, she is so transparent that she is unlikely to harm her. At least she doesn't need to worry about her life. .

As for that mother, Concubine Xue, Shu Yu and she did not see each other and ignored each other.

There are still three months left. After three months, she will be able to leave the plot and find a way to cut off relations with the Shu family.

  Shu Yu had a nightmare, was very thirsty, got out of bed and prepared to pour a glass of water.

Who knew that as soon as he landed on the ground, a 'hissing' sound suddenly came from his ears. She turned around suddenly and saw a snake swimming towards her.

  Holy shit, the nightmare actually came true.

  Shu Yu's face changed slightly, he stretched out his hand to grab the snake's seven inches, and slammed it towards the ground, smashing its head flat in an instant.

The snake twisted twice, then stopped.

  Shu Yu frowned, how could a poisonous snake swim into her room.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and the door was slammed open with a 'bang'.

  Shu Yu subconsciously pulled the clothes on the side and put them on, then frowned and looked at the two old women who broke in, "What are you going to do at night?"

  The two old ladies walked across the inner room to her facelessly, and said indifferently, "Miss San, the old lady is looking for you, come with us."

  Shu Yu frowned, intuition that something happened, the grandmother asked her to tell her, but the two old women broke into her room directly.

Also, is that snake related to them?

She stood up cautiously, nodded and followed the two old ladies out.

The three of them walked from the yard through the back garden, and didn't meet a single one along the way. Even if it's night, it shouldn't be so quiet.

They quickly walked to the lotus pond in the backyard of Shu Mansion. They said it was a lotus pond. In fact, there were only a few scattered lotus leaves in it.

  The old lady of Shu Mansion was standing by the pool, not only her, but also the eldest master of Shu Mansion, the second master and several young masters and young ladies.

Such a big battle?

  Shu Yu was pushed in front of the old lady, and the old lady who was looking at her kind-hearted yesterday was full of disgust at this time.historical

As if Shu Yu was something dirty, she even took a slight step back, then waved her hand, pointed to the lotus pond and said to the two women, "Push her down."

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