Chapter 4: Forced Kiss  

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"I'm so sorry…" Huo Mian quickly apologized.

During the commotion, someone handed her a piece of napkin which she used to clean the edge of her dress. It was only after she raised her head that she realized that it was Qin Chu.

"Thank you," she spoke with a distant tone as if she had put their past relationship behind her.

Qin Chu didn't respond; he casually chatted with the other classmates and seemed to have turned his attention away from her.

This continued until Liu Siying purposely asked loudly in front of all of their classmates, "Oh yeah, Huo Mian, I heard that you are getting married soon? Your fiancé is a doctor, right? Good for you. Don't forget to invite us to your wedding. After all, we were classmates."


After her words, the entire room fell dead silent as everyone watched Qin Chu's reaction closely.

"Not yet. Our families are still discussing it, but I will notify everyone once we decide on a date," Huo Mian said with a bashful smile.

Suddenly, she felt a piercing glance towards her.

"You are getting married?" after a moment of silence, Qin Chu finally spoke to her for the first time.

Huo Mian nodded … for some reason, out of fear or nervousness, she couldn't even say the word 'yes'.

"Oh, congratulations." There was a smile on his face, but his gaze was icy cold.


"Thank you," said Huo Mian politely with awkwardness. She didn't dare to look directly at Qin Chu as his smile was too oppressive. She had imagined their encounter numerous times, but she never expected them to meet in this situation. At this thought, she was once again flustered.

"It's such a pity. Back in the day, Huo Mian was one of the prettiest girls in school. I always thought that you would marry into a rich or influential family, but I never expected you to settle down so soon. Haha, what a pity. If I knew this would happen, I would have asked you out. Haha, why don't you consider me instead?" Wei Dong said half-jokingly. He had always been a troublemaker during high school and had already had a few drinks.

Wei Dong came from a well-off family, and his father was in the construction business. With the booming real estate industry over the past few years, he was doing quite well following his father. Thus, during gatherings, he was always confident, even when he joked.

Zhu Lingling immediately rolled her eyes at him and said, "Give me a break. You have no chance. You already lost to Prince Charming Qin when we were in school. How could you win Huo Mian's heart now?"

Before she finished, Zhu Lingling suddenly realized that she had touched a forbidden territory so she quickly shut her mouth.

The relationship between Qin Chu and Huo Mian seemed to have turned into the plot from Jay Chou's movie -- Secret.

Qin Chu showed no reaction to Zhu Lingling's words. He simply continued to stare at Huo Mian with a piercing gaze.

Huo Mian smiled awkwardly before standing up. She said, "Umm, excuse me, I need to use the washroom."

In reality, there was a washroom inside the private room they were in. Huo Mian simply wanted to find an excuse to escape from this situation or, more specifically, from Qin Chu.

After Huo Mian walked out of the dining room, she started to breathe heavily; she could even hear her heart rate accelerating.

Huo Mian never thought that she would reencounter Qin Chu under such circumstances. It had already been seven years, and his sudden appearance caught her by complete surprise.

After she calmed down a little in the washroom, she touched up her makeup before walking out with her head down. But before she knew what was happening, she was pushed against the wall by a large hand. Then…those icy lips suddenly approached her, and the foreign yet familiar presence caused Huo Mian's brain to immediately short-circuit.