Chapter 3: Anxiety  

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"Oh god, did I see it right? That that Qin Chu?" A girl's surprised shriek came from the crowd, grabbing everybody's attention from the shock they were previously in.

"Qin Chu… that really is Qin Chu," another girl repeated those words excitedly.

Huo Mian was completely stunned as she gazed at the silhouette by the door. That person stood out more so today than he did all those years ago. The glow radiating off of his body made it impossible for one to ignore him or look away. He was 185 centimeters tall, clothed in a black dress shirt and black pants. However, his simple outfit and neat, short hair looked dazzling on him. Those chiseled cheeks, sharp nose, thin lips, and deep eyes had appeared in Huo Mian's dreams countless times.

Now that she had seen him in person, she was speechless. At that moment, she felt as if her heart was about to pop out of her chest.

"Mian, what did I just say? Speak of the devil and he shall appear. This situation is so cheesy that it could be from a soap opera," Zhu Lingling said to Huo Mian after she recovered from the initial shock, gently brushing Huo Mian's arm.


But, Huo Mian was completely unresponsive. Her gaze and thoughts were unmoved and still lingered on Qin Chu.

That man's appearance was untouched by the seven years that had gone by, other than the appearance of a hint of maturity and resilience in his facial features, indicating the passing of time. The corners of his lips formed a slight smile, which was unlike the younger and colder Qin Chu, who would never let such an expression show. Was it he that had changed? Or was it time that did?

Qin Chu scanned the room, but his gaze did not falter when it passed by Huo Mian, treating her like all the other classmates. An inexplicable feeling of disappointment stung Huo Mian's heart.

"It's been a while," Qin Chu said after skimming the room.

"Oh god, my darling, are you really back? Am I dreaming? Where have you been all these years?" Liu Siying asked in excitement as she dashed towards Qin Chu.

Everybody knew that Liu Siying was crazily infatuated with Qin Chu back in high school. He was the reason she did not speak to Huo Mian, not even once, throughout high school. She regarded Huo Mian as her arch nemesis back then, and the relationship was still no better seven years later. As soon as she saw Qin Chu in the flesh, she did not hold back and jumped at him like a starving dog chasing after a bone.


The other girls surrounded Qin Chu as well, as everyone loved dreamy boys like him.

"I've been studying in the United States this whole time," Qin Chu casually said in response to everyone's inquisitions.

It had been a whole seven years since Qin Chu disappeared completely. Nobody, not even his high school sweetheart, Huo Mian, knew where he had gone.

At that moment, the class president, Han Xu walked up with a smile on his face and said, "It's good to have you back. This must be the closest we've had to a complete class. Come, Ms. Yao, please be seated. We can talk while we eat."

Ms. Yao was helped into the main seat by Qin Chu before he seated himself in the chair to her right. Just as Han Xu was about to sit down in the chair to Ms. Yao's left, he heard her call Huo Mian's name.

"Ms. Yao?" Huo Mian answered as she stood up.

"Come and sit beside me." Ms. Yao gestured for her to come.

Han Xu was mortified. Luckily, he reacted quickly and followed Ms. Yao's words. "Come here, Mian. It's been so long since she last saw you. Why don't you come sit here and catch up?"

Huo Mian nodded and walked closer, despite her unwillingness to do so.

With every step, her heart trembled harder. She was approaching Qin Chu step by step…

It might have been that she was too nervous, because as soon as she sat down, she knocked over the wine glass, shattering it on the floor.