Chapter 4  : I Will Find You, No Matter Where You Are

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“Li Yu, who is this person? Why have I never heard of him in my previous life?”

Zhu Xiaotian frowned as killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Yi Caidie was also slightly surprised, and she couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Zhu Xiaotian’s rather sullen expression.

“He even got an additional reward!” Zhu Xiaotian was even more shocked!

Not to mention that number one had been seized by a fellow called Li Yu.


He was also the first in his previous life, but he had only obtained the Heavenly Spirit Pill.

There was no additional reward.

What ability did this person have to obtain the favor of the Heavenly Dao and even obtain additional rewards?

Moreover, the additional reward was too great. Chongming Bird was a divine bird!

It was said that this bird was shaped like a chicken and sang like a phoenix. It had two eyes and was born with the ability to dispel evil. It was the natural enemy of demons and ghosts.

It could reach adulthood in sixty years. Once it did, it would possess the strength of the Profound Void Martial Stage at the very least.


Obtaining this divine bird was equivalent to acquiring a powerful aid in combat strength with limitless potential.

Such a reward was a desirable and crazy opportunity for the entire Huaxia continent.

If his family obtained this divine bird, they could possess an expert at the Profound Void Martial Stage in the future.

The Zhu family would dominate over the entire Huaxia continent.

The Heavenly Spirit Pill was another incomparable treasure.

A single Heavenly Spirit Pill could shape a heavenly spiritual root.

In the past, he had relied on this pill to cleanse his marrow, reconstruct his foundation, and establish an even more monstrous cultivation talent.

However, in this life, not only did he lose the top spot, he did not even obtain this Heavenly Spirit Pill.

Zhu Xiaotian felt as if he had suffered double the damage.

At this moment, he only had a single thought in his mind—he must eliminate Li Yu.

This guy was an uncertain factor for him, a hidden threat to his future plans.

He had to get rid of him. He had to make everything return to the path he was familiar with.

In the Eastern Palace, Murong Xingqiao and Shen Qiuming looked at the name of the rankings with faces filled with bewilderment.

“Who is Li Yu? And that… large sect? Why have I never heard of it before?” Murong Xingqiao had a puzzled expression.

“From the name, you can tell that it’s very likely a small sect that’s not up to standard. It’s normal that you haven’t heard of it, Your Highness!” Shen Qiuming said.

“Elder Shen, quickly send someone to find this person. I want to take this person under my wing and ensure his safety!” said Murong Xingqiao.

He was very clearly aware that such a hidden genius was like an unpolished jade that had not been developed.

Many factions would likely scramble to recruit such talent.

After all, obtaining this person would not only give them a young elite with limitless potential, they could even improve their own reputation with him.

After all, being the first on the Heavenly Dao Ranking was simply too dazzling.

Likely, after today, there would be no one in the world who did not know Li Yu.

The next time the rankings refreshed, the information about Li Yu’s background was the key to the rise of the reputation of countless factions!

Not only that, if they accepted this child, they could even obtain more rewards from the Heavenly Dao through him in the future. They would have endless opportunities to grow.

Of course, there would definitely be many jealous people who might even have ill intentions.

After all, if he was eliminated, the ranking of others would increase, especially for the second place.

Moreover, the Heavenly Spirit Pill and the Chongming Bird were peerless treasures that were enough to drive everyone in the world crazy.

A man’s wealth is his ruin by itself. If such a reward went to the imperial family or large factions like the Jade Pure Dao Sect and the Zhu family, no one would dare to think of obtaining it.

However, it had fallen into the hands of such a small and unknown sect, it would likely invite a fatal disaster.

Perhaps the first to take action would be the demonic sects.

So, Murong Xingqiao had to protect that person and take him under his wing as his retainer.

Perfected Yu Hua had the same idea as Murong Xingqiao.

Once he saw the rewards of the Heavenly Dao transform into two golden lights and flew towards the northwest, Perfected Yu Hua hurriedly turned to Elder Hu.

“Elder Hu, quickly send someone to find Li Yu. We must recruit him into our Jade Pure Dao Sect.

“Also, this child will certainly be in danger. The fiend sects will take action too. We must find him before they do!”

Perfected Yu Hua also knew that the Heavenly Dao rewards were too tempting, and plenty of people must have ill intentions.

That was a Chongming Bird, and even he, Perfected Yu Hua, was tempted greatly.

If possible, he was even willing to use his intrinsic magic treasure to trade with Li Yu and obtain the baby bird.

At this moment, the various powers were definitely searching for Li Yu. It was a race against time.

Whoever could find this child first would be able to seize the initiative.

Almost at the same time, the various powers of the Grand Xia Dynasty started to make a move. Everyone was looking for That’s Quite a Large Sect and Li Yu for different reasons.

Nan’an City’s Ye family, the General’s Estate.

The Ye family was a family of generals in the Great Xia Dynasty. Their family had been generals for generations, and they had produced countless heroes.

The Ye family was loyal to the country. The disciples of the Ye family guarded the borders and fought bravely to protect the country.

Therefore, whenever the citizens of Nan’an City passed by the Ye Residence, they would look at them with respect and admiration.

“That’s Quite a Large Sect! How come I feel like I’ve heard of it somewhere before!” Ye Qiu frowned and rubbed his chin, deep in thought.

He was the youngest son of the General of the Great Xia Dynasty, Ye Guxiong. He was also the cream of the crop among the younger generation of the Ye family.

The members of the Ye Family cultivated martial arts body tempering techniques. The difference from the Qi Refinement cultivation system was that martial practitioners focused on cultivating the physical body, using strength to break through spells and attain immortality.

The cultivation realms were divided into Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Profound Void, Tribulation, Mahayana.

On the other hand, the Martial Body Refinement Realm was divided into the Meridian Opening, Body Tempering, Aureate Body, Transcendence, Soul Conduit, Rebirth, Life and Death, Deity.

Also, every cultivation realm was divided into the early, middle, and late stages.

Ye Qiu was now at the late stage of the Body Tempering Realm, and he cultivated the Ye Family’s Profound Yang Tyrant Body Art.

His physical body was powerful, and he had limitless strength. He could fight even peak Foundation Establishment cultivators.

He was born gallant and fond of fighting. Other than those from the Demonic Sects, he had challenged almost every top talent of the Great Xia Dynasty’s younger generation.

Therefore, when he saw that the first on the ranking was a fellow he had never heard of before, his first thought was to spar with this fellow to see how powerful he was.

He had experienced Zhu Xiaotian’s abilities first hand before. He was indeed powerful but not invincible.

That sparring session with Zhu Xiaotian had allowed him to improve greatly.

If Zhu Xiaotian had not declined to fight him after that encounter, he would have definitely sparred with him a few more times until he defeated him.

The Heaven Dao Rankings had allowed him to see a new goal.

He would surely find out more about the person ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings as it could bring him new inspiration and growth.

“I remember now. I think it’s near Luohe Town!” Ye Qiu clapped his hands excitedly.

He recalled carefully just now and remembered that he had heard of such a strange sect name when he went out to travel last year.

“Uncle Fu, bring my mount over!” Ye Qiu grabbed his Azure Dragon Spear, his face filled with battle intent.

While countless people were searching for Li Yu, the man himself was in the Daoist temple. He was completely unaware that his identity had been exposed by the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

Moreover, at the remote area of the Nine-tailed Mountain, he could not have seen the Heaven Dao Rankings.

Just as Li Yu entered the kitchen, two golden lights flew over from the sky, coincidentally blocked by the door he casually closed moments ago.


The door was smashed open, giving Li Yu a fright.

When he focused his gaze, he saw a big, feathery pheasant that was getting up from the ground in a daze.

“Heh, my goodness, this is really a chicken flying into a wok!” Li Yu was pleasantly surprised.

He was only just worried about not having anything to eat at night when this pheasant came knocking on his door.

Li Yu would never have thought that the big chicken-like bird in front of him was the baby bird of the Chongming Bird. Also, he did not notice the small porcelain bottle that flew in with it.

At the moment, he only had eyes for the big, fat chicken.

Looking at it was like looking at a pot of fragrant chicken mushroom stew.

Hmm, I remember there are plenty of delicious mushrooms in the kitchen …