Chapter 3  : Who Is Li Yu?

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Hidden Dragon Ranking # 11: Yi Caidie

Origin: Daughter of the Pingnan King

Age: 16

Reward: Foundation Building Pill



Zhu Xiaotian frowned in surprise.

How could it be eleven? He clearly remembered that Yi Caidie was tenth in his previous life.

And her reward should be the Spirit Ascension Pill, a precious pill that could improve the quality of one’s Spirit Root.

“What a pity that I’m out of the top ten!” Yi Caidie stuck out her tongue, but she didn’t pay too much attention to it. After all, this was not too far off from her expectations.

At this moment, a golden light flew over from the sky and turned into a jade bottle that flew towards Yi Caidie.

She grabbed it through the air and kept it in her storage magic treasure.


Hidden Dragon Rankings # 10: Leng Yue

Origin: Netherworld Demon Sect

Age: 19

Reward: Spirit Ascension Pill

As he looked at the new name on the list, Zhu Xiaotian’s expression became more solemn.

He felt that the overall placing of this ranking seemed to have moved backward by one spot. What was going on?

The top ten on the Hidden Dragon Rankings was the most striking existence.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixated on the names that kept appearing on the rankings.

Everyone wanted to see which young elites could reach the top ten.

A group of people gathered at the entrance of Qingyuan Restaurant in Nan’an City. As they looked at the names that were getting announced one after another, their expressions slowly turned grim.

“Why are the tenth, ninth, and eighth place all members of the Netherworld Demon Sect?”

“They said that it’s the rise of the fiend sects, and they have already surpassed the orthodox sects. Seems like it’s true!”

“Three people in a row are from the Demon Sect. This isn’t good news. So far, no one from the Jade Pure Dao Sect has entered the top ten!”

“I heard that Lin Chen of the Jade Pure Dao Sect is a prodigy of the current era who is extremely strong!”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it too. This kid should have the chance for the top spot!”

“No, no, no. The top spot should be Zhu Xiaotian from the Zhu family. This child is the number one prodigy of our Great Xia Dynasty, and he’s definitely going to be the number one!”

“That’s right. I heard that he entered the Foundation Establishment realm before he was twelve. He’s already at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm and is about to enter the Golden Core realm. Such talent and cultivation are probably unmatched in the world!”

“This child is actually at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm? Then he must be number one!”

“Mmm, this first place must not be occupied by someone from the demonic sect anymore. That would be too embarrassing!”

Everyone discussed animatedly, and they looked at the newly announced names with nervous and expectant gazes.

# 7: Murong Xingqiao

Origin: The Royal Family of the Great Xia Dynasty

Age: 17

Reward: Spirit Ascension Pill

“Congratulations, your highness!” In the Eastern Palace, an old man cupped his hands with all smiles.

This person was called Shen Qiuming, the current royal tutor and the prince’s teacher.

In front of him was the Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty—Murong Xingqiao.

He had a handsome face and limpid eyes. He was excessively dashing, to the point that even women would become jealous of him.

“I’m only in seventh place. What’s there to be happy about? Sigh, I’m still too weak. In the future, I will use all my time to cultivate. The next time the rankings refresh, I, Murong Xingqiao, will be in the top five!” Murong Xingqiao had an unsatisfied expression.

“Your Highness is only 17 years old. To have such a cultivation level is already one in a million!” Shen Qiuming said amiably.

“Old Shen, don’t make fun of me!” Murong Xingqiao supported his chin with his right hand and looked at the Heavenly Dao Rankings in the sky with a bitter expression.

“I wouldn’t dare!” Grand Tutor Shen Qiuming bowed.

“Old Shen, you said that the first place should be the prime minister’s son, right?”

“Yes, if I’m not wrong, it ought to be him. This kid is a peerless genius that possesses great talent. He’s indeed the best in the younger generation of the empire!”

Murong Xingqiao nodded, but his brows furrowed even more tightly.

He was well aware that the Zhu family’s power had already surpassed the Murong family.

Prime Minister Zhu Hongyuan was ambitious.

Despite the Zhu family being on his side, he was well aware that the Zhu family was definitely not his friend.

The Hidden Dragon Rankings continued to announce the rankings. The sixth place was again a member of the Netherworld Demon Sect…

# 5: Lin Chen

Origin: Jade Pure Dao Sect

Age: 23

Reward: Golden Body Spiritual Liquid

# 4: Ye Qiu

Origin: Nan’an City’s Ye Family

Age: 18

Reward: Golden Body Spiritual Liquid

# 3: Gu Cangming

Origin: Netherworld Demon Sect

Age: 23

Reward: Divine Flame Pill

# 2: Zhu Xiaotian

Origin: Zhu Family of Liang Prefecture

Age: 23

Reward: Divine Flame Pill

“Second place? Impossible!”

Zhu Xiaotian’s eyes widened as he looked at every word on the ranking list in disbelief.

Impossible. What’s going on? How did I become second?

I should be number one!

Although he had an ominous feeling when the top ten was announced, he was unwilling to believe that his ranking would fall by one position as well.

He could not understand how this could have happened.

After his rebirth, everything that he had experienced was no different from the trajectory of his previous life.

But why was there such a significant change in the Heavenly Dao Rankings?

It suddenly frightened him.

It was as if everything he knew got overturned suddenly, and everything he saw had suddenly become bubbles.

He thought he would control everything in his new life and predict the future.

However, he never expected that something beyond his control would suddenly appear here at this point.

“Who is it? Who stole my first place?!” Zhu Xiaotian’s pupils trembled as he stared at the rankings in the air.

Yi Caidie was also shocked, and her eyes were filled with surprise.

The Zhu Family people below were in an uproar.

Zhu Xiaotian was not at the top!

Then who would be the number one?

Everyone outside the Qingyuan Restaurant was in an uproar as well.

“What’s going on? Even Zhu Xiaotian from the Zhu family isn’t the first?”

“No way, if he’s not even at the top, then who could be at the top!”

“The epitome of the Xia Dynasty’s younger generation are all on the list already. Who else can it be?”

“Perhaps there’s a hidden genius?”

“To be able to surpass the Zhu Family’s Zhu Xiaotian, just how monstrous is this child’s talent?!”

“It can’t be someone from the fiend sects again, right?!”

“That will be bad! Half of the top ten have been occupied by fiend sects. If the first place is also obtained by the fiend sects, then…”

Those people were not the only ones shocked and worried.

Even Murong Xingqiao, Ye Qiu, Lin Chen, and Perfected Yu Hua had the same doubts and worries in their hearts.

Please don’t be a member of the Netherworld Demon Sect!?Perfected Yu Hua muttered in his heart.

If the top spot was seized by someone from the demonic path, it would be a huge blow to the entire orthodox sects of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Where would their reputation go!

In the sky, the golden light on the golden scroll suddenly flourished. As light patterns flowed, a few golden words surfaced slowly.

Those words were twice the size of the rest.

Everyone held their breaths and focused their attention on the golden words.

Hidden Dragon Rankings #1: Li Yu

Origin: That’s Quite a Large Sect

Age: 17

Reward: Heavenly Spirit Pill

Additional Reward: Chongming?Bird1?Fledgling

“Who is Li Yu?”

At the same time, this question arose in the hearts of everyone that were paying attention to the Heavenly Dao Rankings, and they were even more puzzled by Li Yu’s origins.

That’s Quite a Large Sect? Which sect is that?