Chapter 1512: Worlds (End) action

The Angel Avatar appeared next to Headmaster Loka and gazed at the three most powerful sea monsters. “My name is Abel. My true body is in the Tree of Life Valley. You can challenge me if you can break this defense!”

By this point the Nine-Headed Sea Dragon had lost all will to fight. Despite the World Tree’s temptation, it was not worth dying for! “Great Abel, we surrender. Please forgive us with your grace!”

The Angel Avatar waved his hand and replied, “Then off you go. I don’t want to have any more massacres happen in this world!”

The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon felt his heart lift. He bowed quickly, and flew away. The other two Top Ranker sea monsters followed.

All 283 God Rank sea monsters also bowed and flew away after their masters.

The war ended before it even started. This was the power of Abel!


Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael were dumbstruck as they remained behind, hovering in midair. Now what?

However, the Angel Avatar did not even look at them as he turned to the Dragon God and Wizards.

“Louis, sorry I’m late!” he bowed.

“You were right on time, and you surprised me once again!” the Dragon God smiled in return.

“These High Elves are not from this world. I Summoned them and they will return after this!” the Angel Avatar smiled.


The Dragon God let out a breath of relief. If those High Elves stayed around, the dragons would always be second-class beings. There was no comparison between them!

The Angel Avatar then turned to the Wizards and smiled. “You all did a good job, I will increase your resources and treat you with rewards!”

Although the wizards had been hesitant, they had still stayed on the battlefield.

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The wizards smiled. This was great news!


The ten thousand High Elves bowed, returned to the Golden Castle through the Teleportation Circle, and returned to the Dark World via Abel’s human body.

Afterwards, the Wizards returned to the Wizard Union and Abel’s Summons returned to their Kingdoms.

It all happened so fast, no one even batted an eye at Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael.

Both the Dragons and the Wizard Union knew their destiny was firmly in Abel’s hands. If Abel wanted to kill them, he could easily call on the High Elves to do so!

Taking into account the size of the Central Continent, the golden glow of the World Tree would cover every inch of land in a few days. At that point, there would be no place for Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael to hide!

“Basham, I’ll be on my way now!” Archangel Tyrael said vaguely.

“Where are you going?’ Wizard Basham asked in a tired voice.

“To find Abel. I can’t live like this, and I don’t want to run anymore. I should have died with the other angels back in the days!” Archangel Tyrael answered as he started to fly towards the World Tree’s energy.

He knew very well that there was no way for him to leave this world unless he came across another dimension crack.

It was also only a matter of time before Abel tracked him down.

At the same time, he had realized why Abel’s Angel Avatar felt so familiar after he had taken a good look at it.

Long ago, he had lost a small bit of his soul in the Dark World, and Hell had taken control of it. He had always thought it had been destroyed, but it had somehow reached Abel, and he had formed an Angel Avatar from it.

Since he could not run or win, he did what an Angel would do. He would sacrifice himself and help the Angel Avatar break through the limits of this world!

The creation of a World Class angel would be an honor, even if it was only an avatar!

Just like that, Archangel Tyrael had no regrets as he flew towards the end of his life.


It had been ten years since the World Tree had taken over the world.

Lorraine sat next to Abel and asked with her hands between her legs, “Brother Abel, how should I design my kingdom?”

She was a goddess now, but she did not create her divine body based on the Moon Goddess’s beauty. Instead, she kept her original appearance as a young elf.

Although it did not have the authoritative appearance a god should have, there was no need for that. By that point this world was slowly becoming another of Abel’s Inner Worlds.

After that happened, there would be no more danger and they would be able to live happily ever after.

It was the calm he had always wanted after countless adventures and battles.

Lorraine gently tapped Abel and complained, “Brother Abel, are you listening?”

“Ah, I like this!” Abel said, as a kingdom full of flowers appeared before him.

“No!” Lorraine shook her head.

“Then you should choose your own! It’s your Kingdom after all!” Abel added.

The two spoke softly. Even though there was almost nothing Abel couldn’t do, they still had a great time discussing the creation of a Kingdom.

But suddenly, Abel sensed something and said urgently, “Lorraine, keep discussing this with the Moon Goddess, I need to take care of something!”

“Ok!” Lorraine knew Abel would not mess around and just nodded along.

After Lorraine left, Abel stood up, his three Inner Worlds appearing before him.

The sensation he felt was coming from one that looked like the world he was in. It had the Central Continent in the middle, ten subcontinents around it, and a large patch of ocean.

The final stage of transformation had been completed. He had truly merged with this world, and he felt his body and soul growing even more powerful.

He was beyond the limit of any life form here. The only thing on his level was his Angel Avatar!

That day Archangel Tyrael had met him under the World Tree and made a request. Soon after, Abel’s Angel Avatar began to absorb his body, and his soul disintegrated into purest energy with a contented smile.

Afterwards, great changes had happened. The Angel Avatar became the second being to break the limit of this world, and had done so without the World Tree’s assistance!


Abel would never forgive Archangel Tyrael for killing four hundred million people, but Archangel Tyrael had never doubted his own actions. There was no moral standard to be held, killing was just a means to achieve his aims.

Still, there were souls in the Dark World that yet thanked Tyrael for fighting against Hell.

At this point, Abel knew he was truly invincible.

As he slowly let the merging process begin, he banished Wizard Basham to do physical labor in a gem mine for a thousand years as punishment for his sins.

Wizard Basham had no comment. He knew there was nothing he could do, and he was already thankful that he could stay alive.

At the same time, he knew there was no way he could break the limit of this world with his own ability.

After all, he had needed to use the forbidden Soul Sacrifice Technique just to reach Rank 45!

As time went on, his guilt and shame for the killing he had done only grew, and he could only distract himself with more labor.

During all that, the three Top Ranker sea monsters were also listening to Abel’s commands, and continued to manage their territories in the ocean.

As Abel’s senses slowly increased, he felt like he broke a barrier, and endlessness opened up to him.

He arrived at a dimension that he had never seen before, a dimension that held countless worlds.

He looked down at his own body. He was still in his human form, and the Dark World was floating next to him.

He looked ahead and saw there were many worlds surrounded by light. Some of the worlds were destroyed, and some were full of life.

It was at that moment, Abel heard a familiar voice call out,?“Abel, we met again!”

Abel quickly looked around and saw it was the Lord of Terror… and he was smiling!

However, he was not angry at all, even after Abel had chopped off his arm.

Abel raised his defenses and asked, “Lord of Terror, we should be enemies, right?”

“Abel, it’s trivial for beings of our rank to have conflicts. I have the Hell World on my side, so nothing can harm me. At the same time, you have the Dark World and that admirable world on your side. Nothing can harm you!”?the Lord of Terror smiled back.

If Abel had never met the Lord of Terror before, he would definitely have seemed like a nice guy.

Abel looked around, and realized the worlds around him all had World Barriers protecting them. However, only a few of them were as strong as the ones on his own worlds.

“This space is too lonely, not many beings can successfully reach here!”?the Lord of Terror sighed.

“So... there are others around?” Abel asked curiously.

“Yeah, but they are all far away, and it has been a long time since I last saw them!”?The Lord of Terror pointed into the distance.

Abel looked to where he was pointing. There were countless little glowing dots out there, but he could not see them clearly. Maybe they were too far away, but he sensed life.

Abel wanted to move and get a closer look, but realized his entire body was restricted.

“Abel, there is only one way to move around, and that is to take over the nearest world!”?the Lord of Terror informed him as he began to move around in his own restricted space.

Suddenly, a world far away caught Abel’s eye, and he stopped paying attention to the Lord of Terror.

That world felt familiar, the souls within it felt like family to him!

“Earth!” he mumbled, and his eyes began to tear up like the most beautiful crystals.

All of a sudden, he had a goal. He would take over every world on the way to Earth!

Even if it took him millions or billions of years, he wanted to see Earth again!

His family might have died long ago by that point, but as his power grew he knew he could find their souls and resurrect them. At the same time, he would be able to resurrect his Uncle Marshall’s wife!

“Lord of Terror, thank you, but I’ll get to work now!” Abel bowed and turned to the nearest world.

“If you are heading in that direction, I’ll head in this direction!”?The Lord of Terror saw that Abel was attracted by a particular world, and he had no intention of stopping him. After all, he knew how hard it was to break a World Barrier.

Abel let out his Angel Avatar, and his human body returned to the Golden Castle.

The Lord of Terror didn’t like Angels and wanted to complain, but he didn’t want his relationship with Abel to go sour. After all, his existence was way too lonely. Any other being would do at this point!

Although he could help the other two Hell Demons Rank up to reach his level, he knew it was the nature of demons to fight for power. He didn’t want to make himself more enemies!

“Abel, I still have some souls from the Dark World here, would you like them?”?he asked the Angel Avatar.

Soon, he and Abel’s Angel Avatar began to chat like peers. There was no hatred, it was a strange sort of friendship…


Author’s Epilogue:

This is a world I experienced in a dream. I had never written a book before and I know there are many flaws, but I just wanted to share what I experienced and tell the stories that came from it.

I’ve written five to eight thousand words every day for the pasttwo years. There has not been a single day where I stopped. I am not bragging, it shows that I was always consistent with my efforts.

I will take a break now, and prepare for an even greater universe. Please show me some support!

The end!


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