Chapter 1511: Power

Translated by Jim

Edited by RED

“My Dragon God, I won’t go!” Headmaster Eugene swore with certainty.

He had never rejected the Dragon God before, but this time he was determined.

“Headmaster Eugene, they are the Dragon’s future. I need you to take them away!” the Dragon God demanded with a shaking voice.

Although the Dragon God did not often interfere with the Dragon’s affairs, he cared deeply about every dragon, especially in times like this!


Suddenly an idea struck Headmaster Eugene. “I will take them to the Battlecry Plateau. Once Doff the War God notices me, he will be able to notify Headmaster Abel immediately!”

He knew Doff was Abel’s Summon, and they were bound by the soul.

“Then go, quick!” The Dragon God realized the same thing and waved him off.

Headmaster Eugene sped away, and soon teleported to the Battlecry Plateau with a group of dragons.

Meanwhile, seeing the irritated look on the Wizards’ faces, the Dragon God explained, “Everyone, Headmaster Eugene is just going to contact Abel!”

After all, those sea monsters were giving them a lot of anxiety. Some were even on the verge of a mental breakdown.


When the number of God Rank sea monsters reached 283, they finally stopped appearing.


The Dragon God felt his heart lift for a bit. 283 was a big number, but the Dragon God could still hold them down for some time in his dragon form.

He was a Gold Dragon, after all. He was the most powerful dragon, and his lightning energy made him as fast as a God Rank Wizard. It was too bad Gold Dragons were too rare, or else the Wizard Union would have had no chance against them.

Just when the Dragon God was feeling a little optimistic, three huge bodies with frightening energy appeared from the Portal.

“Louis, long time no see!” The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon smiled as soon as he appeared, but at the same time, his cold voice clearly showed the hatred between them.

The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon was called a dragon, but he did not actually have dragon blood. He was discriminated against by the dragons, and he had always hated them for it.

They had a lot of conflicts, and finally the Nine-Headed Sea Dragon had retreated to the ocean.

“Nine-Headed Sea Dragon, I was not expecting to see you!” the Dragon God said grimly.

“Louis, you should call me by my new name. The Nine-Headed Dragon God!” The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon laughed after he realized he was already more powerful than the Dragon God.

“But you are still not a dragon!” the Dragon God smirked.

At that moment, the giant sea turtle floating by the side interrupted, ” Nine-Headed Dragon God, let’s not waste any time!”

The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon sighed, “Armor God, Whale God, we can’t get onto land unless we kill that Dragon God!”

The whale let out a thunderous bellow, “Then let’s kill him!”

“Are you sure you want to offend a World Class?” the Dragon God said calmly, as he just needed to buy some time.

The Nine-Headed Sea Dragon was more informed about the Central Continent, so he asked, “World Class? Basham leveled up?”

He knew the Dragon God wouldn’t lie, as a being of his Rank.

“Basham? He is history now. The Wizard Union is now ruled by President Abel. He is a Dragon Headmaster, as well! There is no way the three of you can win!” the Dragon God declared grimly.

At that moment, two shadows appeared in mid air. It was Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael! “What if we join the party as well?”

They did not even make eye contact with the Dragon God as they bowed to the three powerful sea monsters. “Nine-Headed Dragon God, Armor God, Whale God!”

“Interesting, the old President of the Wizard Union is now on our side!” the Nine-Headed Sea Dragon laughed.

“The enemy of our enemy is a friend. Let me introduce him. This is Archangel Tyrael! Abel will definitely hunt us all down when he fully merges with the World Tree. Let’s work together and stop him!” Wizard Basham proposed.

“Sure, then let’s kill all these bastards and find that World Tree!” the Nine-Headed Sea Dragon signaled.

With so many God Ranks on his side, he was confident of that even without Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael.

He also realized Wizard Basham and Archangel Tyrael would not betray them, considering their situation.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere tensed and God Rank energy shot up.

Just as the God Rank Wizards were about to Flash away, the World Energy inside them suddenly triggered and they fearlessly unleashed their power.

They sensed it: Abel’s support was on the way!

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Abel did not expect that he would attract all the God Rank sea monsters, even though he was expecting trouble before he merged with the World Tree

That was why he had stopped all connections with the outside world. Even the Goddess temple couldn’t reach him, and the Druids were too far from the Valley of the Tree of Life.

However, Headmaster Eugene and the Dragons had arrived at the Battlecry Plateau. Since he was close to Doff, Doff had immediately notified Abel!

Abel couldn’t leave the Tree of Life Valley, so he went into his Golden Castle to examine what was happening on the ocean.

There were 283 God Rank sea monsters and three Top Rankers. There were also two familiar energies. Abel immediately grasped what the Dragon God was facing.

Abel quickly connected to his God Rank Summons and they began to appear from the Dragon’s Teleportation Circles.

The first was Doff, the God of War, followed by Thief God Milton, who disappeared as soon as he teleported in.

With fifteen gods and God Ranks One through Seven emerging, both sides suddenly paused.

When Little Bro appeared, Dragon God and the wizards felt their hearts lift.

But that was not all. Their spirits increased even more when the Four-Winged Angel Avatar arrived!

Abel was controlling it with half of his consciousness, but knew it was still not enough.

He turned towards the Dark World and thought about the High Elves. He had always been hesitant to use them because of the Central Continent’s suppression, but this was no longer the case since he had merged with the World Stone.

With a wave, the High Elves, led by Headmaster Lola, were Summoned to the Central Continent. Their energy would be fully unleashed without a single restriction.

Abel had no idea how powerful Headmaster Loka was when he was in the Dark World. It was only at this moment that he realized that Loka was a God Rank!

“My great god, Loka will fight for you!” His tiny body floated in mid air as he bowed.

Abel knew the high elves could fully unleash the full power of a God Rank even without the enchantments of an Inner World. This was the power of a being beloved by the world!

At the same time, Abel sensed the mana around him cheering for Headmaster Loka, almost like it would act freely at his command.

More and more high elves were quickly Summoned. The Moon Goddess was stunned when she realized thousands of God Ranks were emerging from her faithful ground.

If Abel wasn’t around, she would have fled to her Kingdom already!

The population of high elves in the Dark World was stable at forty thousand. It was the Law of the world: the Tree of Life would not create more High Elves, even after becoming a World Tree.

Soon, twenty thousand high elves had been Summoned, and half of them were God Ranks. The rest were Half-Gods!

After Abel sent the Half-Gods back into the Dark World, and the ten thousand God Rank high elves made their way to the ocean.


At the ocean, the Nine-Headed Sea Dragon kept a close eye on the Dragons’ Teleportation Circle, and neither side made a move. It had been two minutes since the Angel Avatar appeared, and he was thinking that was all Abel could do.

With a roar, thousands of ice spears appeared around him!

At the same time the wizards and the dragons made ready their defenses for this biggest battle in history.

As the ice spears shot ahead, a tiny body suddenly appeared from the Teleportation Circle. It was Headmaster Loka!

“Careful!” the Dragon God yelled.

However, what came after stunned everyone.

With a single wave from Headmaster Loka, all the giant ice spears came to a halt in mid air.

But that was not all. With another wave, the ice spears made a full turn and shot back towards the sea monsters!

“High Elves!” the three Top Rank sea monsters gasped.

The Dragon God was also shocked. The wizards didn’t have much reaction, in comparison.

That was because both the Dragons and sea monsters had a natural fear of High Elves. High Elves were the original rulers of the world!

Legend had it that the High Elves could control mana and the Elements. As long as there were High Elves around, none of them stood a chance!

All of a sudden, everyone went silent.

“Let me take care of him!” Archangel Tyrael began grimly, since he did not fight using the Elements.

But as soon as the archangel finished speaking, more and more High Elves began to emerge from the Teleportation Circle.

A hundred… two hundred… a thousand… five thousand… Finally, ten thousand High Elves had emerged, and everyone knew the end result if the battle continued!

The sea monsters were filled with fear. Save the three Top Rankers, all the other God Rank sea monsters lowered their heads in embarrassment.