Chapter 1013 Myriad Dimensions Extraordinary Body  

In the dark nebula, there was a palace as high as 3,000 light-years. The golden walls were dazzling, and the aura swallowed the universe.

Surrounded by a group of nebulas, it looked especially spectacular.

On the top floor of the palace, all the experts were gathered. The weakest was the Level 1 Primordial Saint Emperor.

Naturally, they discussed matters regarding the small universe.

This shocked the entire broken small universe of the universe. Once the majestic resources inside were obtained by others, it would definitely change the structure of the nine giants.

It was unknown what would happen in the future.


However, the Nether Void Kun knew his dominant position and would definitely be greatly affected.

After an intense discussion, the initial plan was formulated. The tense atmosphere was relieved, and the experts began to chat.

"Lord Nether God, Zhou Han's motive for coming here at this time is probably not pure!" A Nine-Headed Divine Turtle advised.

"To be taken in by the Universe Ancestral Dragon and taken in as a personal disciple, this child's talent can be seen!"

"He might have secretly received instructions from the Universe Ancestral Dragon to inquire about us!" Another Level 7 Primordial Saint Emperor said cautiously.

"You're right. I've considered it!"


"These are troubled times. The Universe Ancestral Dragon is not the only one coveting the small universe."

"The other giants have also arranged for many spies to investigate. If I want to monopolize such a shocking opportunity alone, I will definitely risk the world's condemnation and be jointly attacked."

Nether Void Kun stood up from the throne, his words filled with helplessness.

He had lost control of the current situation.

He could only use the geographical advantage to take the initiative and obtain more benefits.

"Zhou Han is only a Level 2 Primordial Saint Emperor. He can't cause much trouble. Even if he tampered with it secretly, it has nothing to do with the overall situation."


Nether Void Kun did not take this to heart.

"Lord Nether God is wise!"

"Lord is wise. You have great talent and strategy. You will rule the universe, destroy the Eight Kings, and rule the sea of stars. You will sweep through the world and be arrogant in the universe!"

"Who can defeat the Universe Hero? Ancestor Rang Soul? The Universe Ancestral Dragon? No, only Master!"

Many generals in the palace bragged.

However, in the next moment, a loud slap landed on the Nether Void Kun's face.

"Oh no, oh no!"

"Reporting to the Nether God, the entrance array of the small universe has been… cracked!"

Two secret guards flew over in a hurry, their expressions filled with great fear and panic.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"It was cracked? How is that possible?"

"Who is it? Who is it?"

At this moment, the Nether Void Kun had long lost the demeanor of an expert. If the Small Universe Entrance Array was really broken, he would lose the initiative.

All the planned plans would be completely disrupted.

He, who could have obtained great benefits, could only rely on his luck now.

How could the Nether Void Kun not be angry and shocked?

"It… it was Zhou Han who cracked it!" "I saw Zhou Han break the array with my own eyes. In an instant, violent energy poured out. Only cosmos-grade energy has that kind of power," the secret guard said carefully.

He could feel the suppressed anger of the Nether Void Kun, about to erupt like a volcano at any time.

"Zhou Han! It's actually Zhou Han?"

"I didn't expect you to give me such a big surprise." A cruel smile flickered on the Nether Void Kun's face, and the killing intent in his eyes gradually intensified.

"It's very likely that the Universe Ancestral Dragon has a mysterious and special method to crack the array. That's why Zhou Han came and numbed me. What a deep plan!"

"Hurry up and pass the order to the other seven giants!" Nether Void Kun shouted and gave the order. "Hmph, Universe Ancestral Dragon, you're courting death!"

At this moment, the Universe Ancestral Dragon was in a good mood in the Ancestral Dragon Hall. He had finally found the best inheritor.

He had no idea that there was a huge target on his back.

After all, Zhou Han and the Universe Ancestral Dragon were master and disciple.

Therefore, to outsiders, everything Zhou Han did benefited the Universe Ancestral Dragon.

Even if the other giants knew that it was not ordered by the Universe Ancestral Dragon,

But so what?

With one less giant, their benefits would increase.

"Begin parasitism!"

Zhou Han plunged into the small universe energy vortex. The Primordial Golden Body that had been enhanced 99 times was also fearless, tenacious, and unyielding in the face of a cosmos-grade energy strangulation.

The Inverse Cultivator cultivation technique circulated crazily in his body, establishing a connection with the small universe at a speed of nearly 100 million cycles per microsecond.

"I have to finish it as soon as possible. I can't delay!"

Zhou Han knew how shocking the commotion he had caused was. In less than fifteen minutes, those Universal Powerhouses would know that the Small Universe Entrance Array had been cracked.

Therefore, he had to feel that before the giants came, he had to refine the small universe into his treasure.

[System prompt: The current damage to the small universe has been detected as 23%. There is a certain chance of repairing it through enhancement. Do you want to enhance it?]


Zhou Han was overjoyed and inexplicably excited.

He did not expect that it could even enhance the universe.

The SSS-rank talent, Infinite Enhancement, was really terrifying.

However, the number of enhancement points consumed to enhance the small universe was indeed extremely shocking.

Fortunately, Zhou Han had harvested more than a million years in the Spacetime Sea. The enhancement points accumulated were also astronomical. Now, they came in handy.

[You have activated the Talent—Infinite Enhancement. Congratulations, your small universe has been successfully enhanced 1,200 times!]

[Your small universe has been successfully repaired and has been enhanced by 80 million trillion times of energy!]

[The number of enhancements has not reached the limit. Please continue to obtain enhancement points. Work harder!]

"Hahaha, good! That's great!"

"After enhancing, my refining speed has actually increased to such a level?"

Originally, it might have taken ten thousand years to completely refine it.

At this moment, it would only take a few minutes.

This was really awesome!

"Ancestral Dragon, come out, you old thing!"

"You dare to monopolize a small universe alone? You're quite ambitious!" A furious voice echoed in the Ancestral Dragon Hall. Countless soul shadows enveloped the starry sky, and every soul shadow had the aura of the Primordial Saint Emperor.

"Ancestor Rang Soul! You're too impudent. Is my Ancestral Dragon Hall a place you can come and go as you please?"

The Universe Ancestral Dragon emitted a violent aura and confronted Ancestor Rang Soul.

His intuition told him that something big had happened.

Otherwise, Ancestor Rang Soul would definitely not have charged into the Ancestral Dragon Hall.

The two of them were both peak Level 9 Primordial Saint Emperor experts. Once they fought, both sides would definitely suffer losses and the other giants would reap the benefits.

Therefore, Ancestor Rang Soul's actions revealed a huge abnormality.

"Ancestral Dragon, you really know how to pretend!"

"How dare you secretly instruct Zhou Han to crack the Small Universe Array? You broke your promise. You'll definitely die today!"

"Let's cut to the chase. Prepare to suffer the wrath of the eight of us!"

"Hahaha… I can finally take revenge today!"

In a breath, the eight giants gathered in the Ancestral Dragon Hall to suppress them.

A cruel smile appeared in everyone's eyes. When they thought of dividing up the resources of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, their hearts burned.

"Zhou Han broke the array? He actually has such methods?" The Universe Ancestral Dragon did not know whether to be happy or depressed.

"This… is really a problem!"

At this moment, the Universe Ancestral Dragon had no time to think too much. He hurriedly explained, "Listen to me. I didn't order Zhou Han to do anything. I've never thought of going back on my word."

He tried to ease the anger of the eight giants.

"Heh, stop pretending! He's just a Level 2 Primordial Saint Emperor. How can he have such ability?" The Storm Goddess berated.

"The outcome doesn't matter. In any case, you have to die today!" The Star Sea Shark Emperor's eyes were extremely dark.

"Hehe, I want his Ancestral Dragon Unparalleled Sword. You can distribute the other resources!" The Eternal Dao Lord licked his lips and shouted excitedly.

"I heard that the blood essence of the Ancestral Dragon can strengthen the physique. I happened to take some wine!"

"Come on. If you want to kill me, be prepared to die together!"

"I won't let you have it easy!"

The Universe Ancestral Dragon knew that there was no need to explain. It immediately erupted with all its strength and attacked first, fighting a bloody battle.

However, the eight giants were used to storms and would not be frightened by a few words.

In an instant, everyone reached a tacit understanding and launched a siege, constantly consuming the power of the Universe Ancestral Dragon.

The counterattack of a peak Level 9 Primordial Saint Emperor would definitely be extremely terrifying.

The eight giants were not rash. No one wanted to stand out.

It was the safest to slowly consume it.

Zhou Han sat cross-legged in the endless darkness. It was as if countless trillions of years had passed, but it also seemed to have happened in the blink of an eye.

There was nothing here. There was no space, no time, no light.

But it was all-encompassing.

Suddenly, the void kept alternating with countless dimensions and changing rapidly.

With a bang, it suddenly exploded, as if the chaos had just opened. The myriad forms returned, and the darkness dissipated, or turned into a dawn light that entered Zhou Han's dantian.

[System prompt: Congratulations, you have successfully refined the small universe! You have obtained the Universe Law—Myriad Dimensions Extraordinary Body!]

"I've finally refined it. I can actually comprehend the laws of the universe!"

Zhou Han was pleasantly surprised. The rules of the universe were universal powers.

Originally, it was impossible to comprehend the rules of the universe by refining the small universe.

However, after Infinite Enhancement, the original dilapidated small universe had long undergone a qualitative change. Although it was slightly different from the Primal Universe in terms of size, the essence of the core was already on the same level as the Primal Universe.