Chapter 1012 Heavenly Fate Eight Ring Array  

In the Universe True Scripture, it was recorded that the universe that had been cultivated inversely was called a small universe. The greater the energy contained in the small universe, the stronger the Inverse Cultivator.

'This is a godsend opportunity!'

'I was worried about not knowing which planet to parasitize, but now there's news of a small universe. The heavens are really helping me!'

Zhou Han was overjoyed, but he did not show it on his face. He asked, "What's the situation in that small universe now? Did anyone from the nine giants enter?"

This was his main concern. It would be a huge pity if someone beat him to it.

Although Zhou Han was confident that the others had obtained an Inverse Cultivator cultivation technique, after all, even someone as strong as the Universe Ancestral Dragon could not become an Inverse Cultivator.


However, the universe was so vast that there were all kinds of strange things. There was nothing absolute.

"There's a strange array at the entrance of the small universe. It comes from other universes. The Primal Universe has never appeared."

"In order to avoid the destruction of the small universe, it's impossible to forcefully break the array. We can only slowly consume the energy of the array. This is the result of the discussion of many giants," the Universe Ancestral Dragon explained.

Zhou Han nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. As long as no one beat him to it, he still had hope.

Many small universes would set up self-destruction arrays. When they were invaded by unfamiliar energy, they would destroy themselves.

Therefore, it was reasonable to consider this.


"Master, I want to go to the Nether King Star Domain to take a look at this broken small universe!" Zhou Han said bluntly.

"That's the focus of protection now. You have to be careful. I have other things to do, so I won't go with you. I'll greet the Nether Void Kun. Teleport over directly!"

The Universe Ancestral Dragon naturally agreed to this small request without hesitation.

The Nether King Star Domain was under the Nether Void Kun's rule. Be it Level 2 Primordial Saint Emperors, or even Level 8 Primordial Saint Emperors, they did not dare to teleport rashly without the Nether Void Kun's agreement.

However, since the Universe Ancestral Dragon had spoken, the Nether Void Kun naturally had to give him face.

After negotiation, the matter of entering the Nether King Star Domain was settled.

"Thank you, Master! Take care!" Zhou Han cupped his fists and bowed, stepping into the teleportation passageway.

The Universe Ancestral Dragon nodded slightly and waved his hand. His figure slowly dissipated into the sea of stars.

At this moment, the teleportation distance was more than ten trillion light-years. Without the agreement of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, ordinary people did not have the right to use such an ultra-long-distance teleportation array that crossed thousands of starfields.

Ten days later, the spatial passageway flickered. Zhou Han stepped on it like a dark starry sky.

It was not difficult to understand why it would take ten days of teleportation at such a distance.

"Nephew Zhou, welcome!"

The cry was bright, thick, and long. Its body covered the sky, and the entire sea of stars seemed to be trembling at this moment.

It was one of the nine giants, the Nether Void Kun, who had come to welcome him.

"Uncle Nether, you're too polite!"

"Sorry to disturb you. Please forgive me!" Zhou Han was not arrogant and smiled. Zhou Han knew that the Nether Void Kun was so polite on account of the Universe Ancestral Dragon.

"I heard. You're here to check on the small universe."

"We can't enter yet. I can't see anything. Just the entrance array needs to be burned and worn down by the Grand Pure True Fire for hundreds of years, not to mention who knows if there are other array formations inside!" The Nether Void Kun reminded him in a low voice.

Zhou Han could feel that the Nether Void Kun did not want him to approach the small universe.

However, he still said calmly, "I'm just taking a look. It's only for fun."

"Inverse Cultivators are extremely mysterious existences that don't belong to our Primal Universe. There must be many special aspects!"

"Master also supports me in wandering the starry sky and increasing my experience."

At this point, he stopped and brought out the Universe Ancestral Dragon, secretly pressuring the Nether Void Kun.

"Hahaha, Nephew is indeed young and promising. It's only a matter of time before you dominate the universe!"

"Ancestral Dragon took in a good disciple…"

"No, no. Uncle Nether will step into the Level 9 Primordial Saint Emperor Realm sooner or later…"

After some pulling and feigning civility, the Nether Void Kun could only agree to Zhou Han's request.

As long as he was afraid of the power of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, he did not dare to be too rash.

'Hmph! What am I worried about?'

"But what can a junior do?"

"The current small universe is wrapped in an array formation. The nine of us have joined forces but haven't thought of a good countermeasure. Can he be stronger than us?"

A thousand thoughts raced through Nether Void Kun's heart. Soon, he did not take this matter seriously.

After knowing the exact coordinates, Zhou Han cupped his fists and bade farewell.

The Nether Void Kun gave him a look. The two secret guards understood and followed Zhou Han's traces, secretly monitoring him.

With his super powerful divine sense, all of this naturally could not escape Zhou Han's eyes, but he did not take it seriously.

These two secret guards had the combat strength of a Level 3 Primordial Saint Emperor.

Zhou Han, who had undergone extreme enhancement, was confident that he could easily insta-kill them.

After retracting his thoughts, the Spatial Power stirred. Zhou Han quickly shuttled towards his destination.

In a few breaths, the Nether King Star Domain was in sight. The nebula formed flickered with slightly black and purple starlight.

When they retreated and approached, Zhou Han could see the appearance of the huge Star Domain.

It was vast and more than ten million light-years long.

Zhou Han's gaze was attracted by the pillar of light in the center of the Star Domain. Nine-colored light circled and curled, forming a virtual passageway in the shape of a door.

Above the passageway, strange and majestic energy spewed wantonly, dancing and surging.

"The energy of an Inverse Cultivator…"

"This is a small universe!" Zhou Han had long become proficient in Inverse Cultivator cultivation techniques and could circulate them freely. As soon as he sensed it, he could confirm that this was the territory of the small universe.

He was immediately a little excited. As he flew, he was blocked by an invisible energy wall and could not take half a step forward.

"Heh! You ignorant kid, how dare you barge into an array formation in an alternate universe?" A sneer sounded. It was one of the secret guards arranged by the Nether Void Kun.

"Kid, don't overestimate yourself. Fortunately, this array formation didn't take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, it would be difficult for us to explain if you died here!" The other secret guard's face was also filled with mockery and disdain.

It was mainly because Zhou Han was the personal disciple of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, making them extremely jealous.

Why was his strength so trashy but he could obtain the care of the strong?

They were so strong, but they could only become guards. The treatment was simply worlds apart.

Therefore, they were secretly delighted to see Zhou Han suffer.

"Oh? This is the array for the entrance?"

"How difficult is it to crack it?" Zhou Han did not mind and said casually.


"Don't think that just because you're the personal disciple of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, you can boast like this!"

"I really suspect that the Universe Ancestral Dragon has been fooled by you!"

The two secret guards clearly did not believe him. They finally found an opportunity and kept mocking Zhou Han.

"How can a sparrow know the ambition of a swan?"

"I thought that after reaching the third-grade Primordial Saint Emperor, your eyesight would not be too bad. However, I didn't expect you to be frogs in a well!"

Zhou Han shook his head and chuckled. He did not care about their subsequent mockery.

At this moment, all his attention was focused on the array.

In the next microsecond, all information about this array appeared on the virtual interface.

"So it's called the Heavenly Fate Eight Ring Array. The location of the array gate…" Zhou Han said softly as he looked over.

According to the notification on the virtual interface, he could instantly find the core of the array. It was easy to crack it.

Thinking of this, Zhou Han chuckled and raised his sword to stab.

"Hahaha, are you trying your luck? It's useless. This is a top-notch array in an alternate universe. I've never seen it in the original universe. You can't crack it. Don't waste your effort."

"How ridiculous. Aren't people like you afraid of embarrassing the Universe Ancestral Dragon?"

"Don't show off. You—"

The mockery was suddenly drowned out by a loud roar.

The entire starry sky trembled for a long time.

Boundless energy seemed to pour out from somewhere, turning into an energy vortex. The billions of planets around it instantly turned to dust.

"Is this the power of a small universe?"

Zhou Han's expression changed slightly. He was inexplicably shocked and felt his scalp tingle.

"That's right. No matter how powerful your stars are, when facing the universe, they're just fireflies to the moon. It's not a difference of a dimension."

Although there was a certain difference from the real universe, this power was equally destructive and despairing.

"You… you really did it?"

"How can you do something that even the nine giants can't do?"

"No! Impossible… absolutely impossible!"

The two secret guards roared hysterically, unable to believe what they were seeing. How unbelievable was this? It was completely illogical.