Chapter 1739  : The best wife-chasing strategy in history

Murong Mian only showed them the back of Ji Mianmian’s head. He could not bear to let those crazy fans see her face.

He just wanted others to be envious of him. He wanted to tell everyone that he had a wife, that he was married, that he was a man who had been labeled.

Murong Mian extended a hand and waved at the camera. Goodbye!

Just as a group of people were screaming and wailing, spitting blood all over their faces, and strongly requesting to see the face, the screen turned black, and the live broadcast ended.

Yes, it ended. It ended when he said it ended, and he quit when he said he quit.


There was no hesitation or reluctance.

Murong Mian flicked her sleeves and left with her wife, leaving behind a group of crazy girls.

Millions of people watched the live broadcast at the same time. After it ended, they wanted to go to the rooftop in groups. On such a cold night, they were fed so much dog food, and there was such explosive news underground. Were they going to let them sleep well this week?

Murong Mian’s sudden live broadcast, her announcement of her marriage, her withdrawal from the entertainment industry, and her decision to never step foot in the entertainment industry again-all of this made a huge wave of people in and out of the industry wonder why he was doing this.

He had already made a good start. As long as he put in a little more effort, he would be able to thrive in the entertainment industry in the future. However, he chose to retire at the height of his career. Moreover, his reason was so open and shameless. It was all for his wife.

It was really interesting.


Murong Mian let go of Ji Mianmian and pressed her forehead against hers. She smiled and said,””Alright, it’s settled. Let’s eat.”

Ji Mianmian saw that the smile on his face was genuine, and there was no trace of displeasure in his eyes. “You’re finally happy. ”

At this moment, Murong Mian’s smile was filled with joy from the bottom of her heart.

Murong Mian felt as if she had lost something that she had been unwilling to carry for a long time. She was no longer a celebrity, she was just an ordinary person.

She no longer had to go out and be chased by a group of fans. She no longer had to worry about them being picky with Ji Mianmian. She did not have to go out with her, and she had to be wrapped up tightly as if she could not meet anyone.

Murong Mian didn’t care about the circle that many people would fight to get into.

Goodbye, entertainment industry.

No, it should be said that there was no need for them to meet again.

Ji Mianmian was infected by his good mood. She raised her head and kissed Murong Mian on her chin.”Miss mai must be dying to see you right now and strangle you to death.”

Murong Mian’s face was full of innocence.”I can’t help it. I just want my wife, not my future.”

He said it so naturally. His career was Ji Mianmian. The most important thing was already by his side. Did he still need to hold on to those unnecessary things?

“I only want to be labeled as one and only, and that is ... Ji Mianmian’s husband. I don’t need anything else.”

He didn’t need too many tags, one was enough.

Ji Mianmian wrapped her arms around his waist.”Me too,” she said,”I’m ... Your wife.”

Murong Mian was done with her public display of affection and the bomb, and she was having a sweet and loving meal with her new wife. She turned a deaf ear to the storm he had caused.

Putting aside how much miss mai wanted to kill Murong Mian right now, Weibo was already in an uproar.

The top ten most searched topics were all related to Murong Mian.

#Married #,#live show of love #,#quit the entertainment circle #,#face-smacking Fang Yuanyuan #,#The strongest wife-chasing man in history #... And so on, all kinds of keywords appeared on the hot search list.