Chapter 4419: Complete text

However, there were still many legends about him in the school. He had also occupied the first place on the school’s most handsome guy list, and no one could shake it.

Qingsi stood below the male dormitory and looked at the huge poster of her and Yue tingfeng hanging on the wall. She nodded her head repeatedly. As expected, her brother was handsome no matter how she looked at him.

Qing si stopped a male student who was about to enter and said,””Excuse me, could you please call for Yue tingfeng who lives in Room 619?”

The male student looked at qingsi’s appearance and swallowed his saliva. Then, he subconsciously tidied his clothes.”You ... Are looking for ... Yue tingfeng?” she asked.

Qingsi nodded.”Yeah, is he here?”


“He, he ... Is, but ... Sister, I advise you not to suffer. That kid has a precious little girlfriend. There are at least eight to ten people like you who come to ask to see him every day. It’s not possible. Why don’t you go back?”

Qingsi bit her lip.”Oh ... I see. But ... Our photos are up there. He ... He’ll probably see me, right?”

“What?” The boys were surprised?

Suddenly, qingsi saw Yue tingfeng coming out of the dormitory building. She stretched out her hand happily and called out,””Big brother ...”

Yue tingfeng was stunned. And ...”

And dressed up so well.


Now, qingsi had grown into a graceful young lady. She was young and beautiful.

Everywhere she went, she was stunned ...

Yue tingfeng immediately looked around. As expected, the passersby were all looking in his direction.

Yue tingfeng quickly walked over with a straight face.””What are you doing here?”

Qingsi smiled.”Big brother, you’re about to graduate, but your little girlfriend hasn’t appeared yet. Isn’t that bad? why are you unhappy that I’m here?”

Qing si poked Yue tingfeng’s chest with a finger.

Yue tingfeng held qingsi’s hand.”You’re my ancestor. I wouldn’t dare. I’m more than happy that you’re here to see me.”

Qingsi wanted to pull her hand away.”Hmph ... Why didn’t I see that ...?”

Her hands were soft and smooth, and Yue tingfeng did not dare to grab them too hard.

Seeing that his hand was about to be pulled away, Yue tingfeng quickly put on a big smile and said,””Why did you suddenly think of visiting me?”

Qingsi bit her lower lip and tilted her head to look at Yue tingfeng.”I ... I have to let others know who your little girlfriend is, right? Otherwise, if someone else takes my brother away, what should I do?”

Qingsi’s face was slightly red. After she finished speaking, Yue tingfeng did not say anything. He was a little stunned.

What did qingsi mean by this? Was it what he was thinking?

Qingsi gritted her teeth and asked,”what?” You’re not willing? I’m only going to say this once. You’ll regret it in the future, but there’s no chance ... Hmph ...”

Qing si pulled her hand away forcefully and turned to leave.

Yue tingfeng wanted to chase after her but was stopped by the boy.””Hey, God Yue, who ... Who’s that?”

“I’m sorry,” Yue tingfeng said anxiously,”that’s my girlfriend ...”

With that, Yue tingfeng quickly caught up to her.””Qingsi ...”

He grabbed qingsi’s hand and pulled her into his arms. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear,””I’ve always been yours. No one can take me away from you. ”

The boys who passed by stopped in their tracks. They had grown some eyes today. To be able to make the cold and aloof God Yue look at them with such a gentle and doting gaze, even as a man, he felt that his death was worth it.

The acquaintances who passed by saw this and rushed forward to ask.

Yue tingfeng looked down at qingsi lovingly and said,””My girlfriend!”

When she arrived, the sun was warm and the breeze was just right.

Yue tingfeng lowered his head to look at her. She was the only one in his eyes and the world.

There had never been anyone else in their world!

To the two of them, their youth and the rest of their lives were yours!