Chapter 3: “Enemy Encounter”

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“Yue Er, don’t be upset, the matter of revenge can be put on hold. More importantly, wait till you’ve fully recovered and let your brothers escort you along when you go and to take your revenge. See who dares resist then! Whoever dares to resists will face their wrath, you can slowly savour the taste of returning those imbeciles the favour …and beat the living daylights out of them!” Sima Lie heartily said when he saw that his dear granddaughter had not spoken a single word since and thought that she was still angry. This was his manner of coaxing her.

However, Grandfather, are you sure this is the right way to coax anyone? Wasn’t this just digging a deeper pit than previously? Such encouragement would just spell more trouble for the future. However, in the past life, she was an orphan and after hearing the ‘encouraging words’ of Sima Lie, she felt a warmth emanate from her heart.

So this is how it felt like to have family..

Within minutes of eating the bitter medicinal pill, the immense pain she previously had all disappeared and within half an hour, all her injuries were fully healed! It was the first time she had experienced such a miraculous feat! This opened a whole new door of curiosity to this world she was now in.

‘Grandfather, this stuff is simply amazing!’ Sima You Yue’s eyes sparkled as she sat up. She felt rejuvenated and full of life!


“Haha, yes, not bad at all.” He chortled, nodding happily as he looked at her with an affectionate gaze. “Sigh.. if only someone from our family was an alchemist then you wouldn’t have had to suffer so long. Even getting this one pill took a bit of trouble.

“Don’t we have some alchemists working for us?” Sima You Yue asked indignantly, weren’t they the General’s Residence, what were some mere medicinal pills to them?

“We have hired a few and but only have stashes of the common grade tier one pills and only a handful of tier two pills. However those tier two pills we possess are not meant for healing, which was why I had to go to Master Shi and specially request for that tier two pill from him.” He looked apologetically at Sima You Yue. “Sorry, it’s all my fault. Tsk, but if it wasn’t for my fiery temper that caused a rift between our residence and the alchemists in the city, it wouldn’t had taken such a long time. Sorry you had to bear such pain for so long.” He looked down and said in a self-deprecating tone. “Grandfather! Please don’t blame yourself, if you want to blame, it’s all those alchemists own fault for being annoying and unlikable! Since you do not like them, I also do not like them! If I do become an alchemist one day, I’ll slap them in the face and show them what true alchemy is!”

“Haha, well then, I shall be looking forward to that.” He laughed in glee.

However, none of them seemed to have remembered at that moment, that one has to first be able to cultivate in order to be an alchemist. To concoct a pill, spiritual energy is used on the pill furnace and an alchemist requires one to not only sense the spirit energy but to have excellent control over it as well. Sime You Yue was not even able to sense a shred of energy, what more to fire a pill furnace with spiritual energy?

Due to the effects of the medicinal pill her grandfather got for her, Sima You Yue recovered quickly. The next morning, the curious and lively Sima You Yue went out alone to explore the streets.


Although she has memories of this place, she still wanted to see with her own eyes what this new world of intrigue was like.

“This world is really amazing!” Sima You Yue exclaimed in excitement. After visiting a couple of streets, she stopped in front of a shop which had on display a multitude of spirit beasts and gasped in shock when she saw one talking.

“Oh, is this not Fifth Young Master? Please come in Fifth Young Master! What would you like today? We have a few new Spirit Beasts in store today! Would you like to have a look?” A amiable shopkeeper stepped forward to warmly welcome her, evident that he was familiar with the Sima You Yue.

She quickly searched her memories for a moment and realized why that shopkeeper gave her such a warm welcome. Indeed, the Sima You Yue before often patronized this store and bought spirit beasts and gifted them to various Young Masters around town to please them.

Since she did that on a regular basis, she quickly became well acquainted with this shopkeeper.

“Fifth Young Master, please have a look at our latest arrivals. We have here, a fifth low-ranked firefox. We also have a sixth low-ranked wind wolf. How is it? Quite good, aren’t they?” The storekeeper smiled as he introduced the spirit beasts that were locked up in the cages before them.

Sima You Yue looked at the wind wolf that looked back at her without a trace of life or emotion, it’s fur was very full and glossy, something of high quality. “Oh, I have no intention to buy anything as I didn’t bring any money out with me today. Since I can’t even establish any contract with any spirit beasts, why do I even need to buy one?”

Who did not know that the General Residence’s Fifth Young Master was labelled as trash and could not establish any spirit link, how could he have any contracts with spirit beasts? To establish a contract, one must first have a spirit link stemming from the Spirit Master. Hence whenever the Fifth Young Master bought a spirit beast, it was always given away as a gift. However for the shopkeeper, it didn’t matter as long as he could make some business. “If Fifth Young Master likes it, you can bring the spirit beast back first and send someone to pay for it later. Oh! The last time Young Master Murong An wanted a wind wolf but there was no stock then. You have to quickly act on this or else it’s going to be sold out soon!” The shopkeeper prattled on.

If it was the Sima You Yue before, she would definitely have bitten the bait and bought the wind wolf in a heartbeat, anything that Murong An wanted, she would have no qualms about giving it to him no matter the cost.

However, Sima You Yue heard the words of the shopkeeper and simply replied: “Well, if I see him, I’ll let him know.”

Afterwhich she turned and left the shop.


For a few seconds the shopkeeper could not react. Only after she had left the shop did he touch his own forehead in stupor and muttered: “I don’t have a fever, how am I hallucinating? This Sima You Yue not only heard Murong An wanted it, he simply just left without buying it! And so calmly at that? Did the sun rise from the west today?”

Sime You Yue thought back of what just happened in the shop. Even a meager shopkeeper was using Murong An’s name to sell a spirit beast to her, how well known was she for liking Murong An?

Thinking back on the spirit wolf, she softly sighed again in amazement of this new magical world she now lived it. Although the previous Sima You Yue could not cultivate, but because of Murong An, she did some homework and knew a thing of two about spirit beasts.

This world has these spirit beasts and they ranked accordingly: Low rank, Saint Rank and Divine Rank.

Low Ranked spirit beasts had a bit of intelligence and could understand some human words and respond to simple commands, however a Divine Ranked spirit beast was very intelligent and completely mastered the human language and converse proficiently.

Spirit Masters could establish a contract with spirit beasts through sharing a spirit link. However because spirit beasts are caught from the wild, if they have not been tamed, their wild and frenzied spirit energy will try to take over the link and this might make the cultivator incur a backlash instead.

Beast Tamers had the ability to temporarily stabilize and curb the innate wild and frenzied spiritual energy of these spirit beasts and calm them down. This would make the spirit beasts docile before establishing any contracts and reduce any risks of backlash. This was the main reason why Beast Tamers were very highly sought after. After establishing a contract with the Spirit Master, the spirit beast will regain back its ferociousness, however due to the contract, they are not able to hurt their contracting Spirit Master.

After strolling around the streets aimlessly for a period, Sima You Yue decided to head back. As she was still thinking about the matters of a Beast tamer, she did not pay attention to her surroundings and carelessly ran into a person head on as she turned into a small alley.

“Who the hell has no eyes?! Asking for death?!” Exclaimed a man who was clutching his head, fuming away. When his eyes laid to rest on Sima You Yue, his lips curled up into a taunting smile: “So it’s our infamous trash! How are you still alive? It seems that my punches were too light that time!”

Sima You Yue was still dazed from the sudden collision but when she looked up after hearing the other person’s words, she narrowed her eyes.

This person was none other than one of the lackeys that had a hand in beating her up that day! Since she had promised revenge for the previous Sima You Yue, now, let’s just start with this person in front!