Chapter 2: “Lost Memories”

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No words could describe how she felt at that moment as Sima You Yue laid on her bed, feeling choked by the multitude of complex emotions that welled up within her.


After sighing for the twenty eighth time, she finally accepted her newfound identity, and to accept her new useless body. But when she thought back to her previous self as the top assassin of the twenty first century, she did not believe that she would not be able to carve out a path of her own niche even if she could not train and practise the way people did here!

However, when she realized the type of personality that previous owner of her body had and the reason that had gotten her killed dawned upon her, she suddenly felt weak.

It must be said that her body’s previous owner was rather pitiful. She had only gone to bring some food to the Capital City’s most eligible Young Master, Murong An when she was seen to be a pest and Murong An’s lackeys had given her a good thrashing holding nothing back as they kept scolding her, repeatedly ridiculing her and calling her trash.


And the supposedly most cultured and refined, most eligible Young Master of the Capital City had just watched on as she was badly thrashed up, and had continued with his merriment with the fawning beauties all around him.

Her body’s previous owner had been beaten to within an inch of her life and when she was carried back to the General’s Residence, she saw her grandfather, Sima Lie and just managed to tell him she would exact her own revenge before she fell into a dead faint, and stopped breathing soon after.

Although she had promised to take revenge for her predecessor, however you looked at it, this all started from her own actions! Who had asked the previous Sima You Yue who kept pestering people to their breaking point until they felt extremely tired and suffocated? After appearing in front of the person whom had been relentlessly pestering you, it would be strange if that person didn’t do anything at all!

“But that Murong An actually watched on at the sidelines without any attempt to stop them. Well, do not worry, I will help you exact your revenge on those people.” Sima You Yue softly promised. “However, this body of yours really can’t cultivate? Those people are all geniuses of the Imperial Academy , if I can’t cultivate, seeking revenge would be very troublesome. I can’t even check your body now, damn, these injuries are really bothersome! How long more would it take to recover?” She lamented in exasperation.

As her injuries were too heavy, after grumbling for a moment she felt exhausted and fell into deep slumber. However, she did not sleep well at all, her brows were constantly wrinkled and her whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

“Ximen You Yue, so what if you are an unparalleled genius of the Divine World? You will still die by my hands today and your whole Ximen family can all go to hell and reunite there!”


“Ximen You Yue, do you know what this is? This is a high grade spirit artifact – the Soul Lamp Lock. Once your soul is sucked inside, you can never reincarnate. Even if you want to destroy your own soul, you cannot do that! Haven’t you always been suppressing me wherever you went? You can now take your time to enjoy this Soul Lamp Lock I’ve specially prepared for you! Hahahahahaha…” A shrill female voice suddenly rang in her head and her cackling slowly trailed off. Amidst a dense fog, Sima You Yue saw a woman holding onto a lamp.

“You’re missing a part of your soul? Even if you reincarnate, you won’t remember anything from this life! Even your strength will not be restored. Try to repair your soul, see what kind of miracles you can create.” Another voice echoed in this dense fog as the wind slowly stirred.

“Sima You Yue, who asked you to be so accomplished and recognised? Today, Boss is not around, whatever complaints you have, you can directly complain to the King of Hell! These are the most advanced explosives, dying by them can be considered your good fortune…”

“Sima You Yue…DIE!!!”


Sima You Yue suddenly jolted awake, breathing heavily as she gasped for air. Her entire back was thoroughly soaked in sweat and her damp hair clung onto her cheeks as she felt her whole body tremble, not sure if it was from fear or anger.

“Young Master, is everything alright?” A maid knocked on the door and asked from outside.

Sima You Yue took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and replied: “I’m fine, you can go.”

“Yes, Young Master.” After the maid replied and the footsteps trailed off, there was no further movement outside.

After taking in a few more deep breaths, Sima You Yue endured the pain that bore through her as she struggled to pour herself a cup of water. Her hands were trembling as she steadied the teapot and only after drinking three cups of water did she finally calm down.

Thinking back on her dream, why were there two names?

“Sima You Yue…Ximen You Yue…” She murmured the two names. “Who is Ximen You Yue…?”

Why did her heart wrench in pain when this name was mentioned?”

After struggling back to bed, Sima You Yue quietly stared at the antique mosquito net with her big eyes, her mind kept replaying the memories of the dream she just had. Also, what did that strange voice mean and who was that woman? Who was this Ximen You Yue?

The voices of the maids were getting louder as they approached her room.


“Has Fifth Young Master awakened?” A slightly raspy elderly voice could be heard. “General, the Young Master just screamed a moment ago and when I enquired, the Young Master replied that he was fine and asked me to retreat. There’s no sound of movement inside, he may have fallen asleep again.” The maid replied.

“Alright, I’ve got it, you two can go now.”

“Yes, General.”

The door creaked open and Sima You Yue quickly closed her eyes, only to hear the sound of footsteps slowly walking towards her, and stopped at the bedside.

“Well, enough of this pretense, I know you’ve woken up.” Sima Lie looked at the person in bed who still had her eyes shut tight.

She’s been discovered…

Sima You Yue slowly opened her eyes and peered at the elderly man standing by her bed, watching him quietly.

This was Dong Chen Kingdom’s strongest man, he looked exactly like her memories, a head of grey hair with an astute build and eyes full of vigor. He looked at her affectionately, however his eyes also reflected a tinge of distress.

“Does it hurt very badly?” Seeing that You Yue was quiet, he moved to sit by her bed gently as he asked her in a voice full of concern.

Sima You Yue nodded her head. It was really painful! So painful that it felt as if her bones were being crushed and grounded into powder.

As if performing magic, Sima Lie flipped his hand and a jade bottle suddenly appeared in his hand. Sima You Yue was startled. Although she knew that interspatial rings existed in this world, seeing it working before her still shocked her.

In Sima Lie’s hands was a jade bottle which he had retrieved from his interspatial ring.

“This is the 2nd tier medicinal pill that Master Shi refined. It would speed up your recovery, quick, eat it and it won’t hurt anymore.” Sima Lie coaxed as he opened and a black pill rolled out from within and he stuffed it into Sima You Yue’s mouth in a practised manner.

As soon as she swallowed the black pill, a strong bitter aftertaste assaulted her mouth. Before she could say anything, Sima Lie quickly followed up by stuffing something sweet into her mouth.

“Master Shi said that the pill may be bitter but this is good stuff, it’s a 2nd tier medicinal pill, so bear with it and you’ll get better soon.”

Sima You Yue was aware that elixirs with miraculous properties existed in this world. It was just like the western pills from her past life, but its effects were so many times better than those pills. The types and varieties were many and myriad and they had all kinds of uses. For example, just like the one she just ingested was used to treat injuries, there were also others that helped regain Spirit Powers, those that helped regain strength, endurance and many others.

The elixirs were also segregated into tiers, first tier, second tier, third tier and so forth. The first to third tiers were termed common grade pills, fourth to sixth grade, medium grade pills, while the seventh to ninth grade were advanced grade pills. Alchemists similarly had a ranking system, primarily divided into three ranks – Rudimentary, Medium and Advanced.

The efficiency of each pill also varied with each tier and were further divided three levels, namely low, medium & advanced.

Needless to say, the higher the level, the higher the efficiency and that effectively equates to a higher price.

Sigh, the previous soul did not really understand much of these as her mind was completely filled with faces of handsome men. Since she could not cultivate, she spent all her time and effort thinking of men, she only started 2 days of classes at the Imperial Academy and stopped attending henceforth. Sima Lie doted heavily on her and spoiled her silly, and even left the matter of attending school in her own hands, never once forcing his own opinions on her. Since she did not want to go to school, he did not force her to attend. However, this had in turn made her even more ignorant and her literacy and knowledge was stuck at the the bare basics.