Pov Irius:

I used our blood for a spell that seals an entire area with a barrier with the help of my sister.

Those who were attacking us suddenly began to change, their bodies became 3 times the size while their speeds increased greatly, their large size tore their clothes to shreds while even those I passed through with my attack were back on their feet.

"I'll leave them to you."(I)

"< Curse of the Space Sealing Barrier >" (Irina)

My Sister's Aura has been amplified by the barrier in this area as a unit of energy spreads from her to the surroundings until it touches the edge of the barrier, while the bodies of all enemies are immobilized where they are, whether running towards us or floating in a position strange in the air.

They all now have a barrier around their bodies separating them from the space around them, with no room to move they have no option but to stay where they are outside of mental effects, gravity, and everything, completely isolated in a curse that consumes their blood to maintain itself.


"They knew about us? How?"(I)

"I don't know, but it must be the Demonic God of Greed, we know he is on the side of the Apostles of Truth."(Irina)

"What do we do with them?"(I)

Separated from the rest of the universe they are very harmless, but they are also safe from us.

"We can use them in a ritual, Rakan has been studying a dimensional type magic together with me, but this magic needs certain requirements."(Irina)

"Anything we can achieve on this planet without asking for help from others?"(I)


"Yes, the requirements are to have a Territory, to have a sample to serve as a hook to attract others, we will also need a nucleus for the ritual."(Irina)

"And what would this Core be?"(I)

"A World Tree."(Irina)

"No, our Father isn't here, we don't have Sakura either and Freya is still a tree as far as I know."(I)

"We may have some goodwill from the Elves because of our Father, but the World Trees will not help, they do not interfere in the world."(I)

"I don't need any help, having a small part of this Planet's World Tree or performing the ritual in a nearby place already fulfills the requirement."(Irina)


"< Storage Barrier >" (Irina)

She raises her hand and a cube with distorted space inside appears before quickly moving between all the enemies, sucking them into it.

"Let's go."(Irina)


days laterWe were outside an Elf village, and as expected they even refused a meeting with the Elf King of that place, but other than that they were very respectful and treated us very well.

"Are you sure this will work?"(I)

"Absolutely, it will also be limited to that Planet, so it shouldn't bring many enemies."(Irina)

"All good."(I)

I let my sister set up the ritual since I'm not much help with this kind of thing, it's better to let a specialist take care of it alone, while this is preparing me for the worst, even if our Father isn't here, it's already become a custom for We're prepared for when everything goes wrong, which always happens when he's around.

"I'm ready."(Irina)

"You can start whenever you want."(I)

"Let's start with them."(Irina)

My sister once again calls that cube from which the same enemies still paralyzed in the same positions emerge, then spreads them out at various points in the Magical Ritual.

"< Territory: Imaginary Realm >" (Irina)

"< Eclipse Boundary >" (Irina)

My sister created the Ritual using our Blood and the Holy Power we have, when she created the Territory the two of us and the sealed enemies were pulled into it together with the Ritual Magic Circle.

The place where we are is a rock surrounded by stars with a golden Sun on one side, a Silver Moon on the other side, and above an Eclipse, between them, this devastated land and the countless stars in the sky.

"< Cursed Ritual: Dimensional Demon Abduction >" (Irina)

The Holy Power converts into Demonic power when consuming all enemies, and then black and red flames appear creating chains that cross space.

Soon the skies were filled with these chains before a large hand covered in star crystal scales grabbed the wheels, pulling them in one fell swoop.lightsnovel

At that moment, space shook as thousands of people and creatures crossed space, pulled by chains into my Territory, as such wheels focused on me in seconds, probably identifying me as the controller of that Territory.

Irina's Magical Ritual worked much better than I imagined, but I didn't know that this planet had such a huge infestation of pests.

"There are a lot more than I initially thought."(I)

"Yes, it looks like we picked the worst place."(Irina)

"Still, we'll find a way."(I)


Pov Magnus:

I was in front of my target, a Poisonous Insect World, the Apostles of Truth's base there.

"Sir, I don't think it's a good idea to go through with that plan."(Mabel)"If I could, I would make a different plan, but it's the Dragon Emperor's orders, I can't refuse."(I)

I was leading over 1000 Dragons, all of them are young Dragons who have never faced a battle situation like this.

We all agreed to do something for ourselves and so we turned to the Gods to find out how we could help, we asked the Goddess of Blood through Vanessa, and with this, we discovered that the entire Universe was a mess, the Gods, Demigods, and the many Heroes were always busy leaving from one bad situation to another.

In fact, some Gods were more than happy to use our forces, among these the Dragon God took me in, or perhaps I should say took me without speaking to me.

The Dragon God told me about this place, an enemy group was causing wars in a weak Star system, they were attacking 4 Planets at the same time, so the Dragon God sent the younger Dragons to gain experience in real combat.

I, who am young among Dragons, have had life experiences that made me mature as a Dragon and have had more experiences fighting strong enemies than these children whose only strong enemies were other Dragons placing a false sense of superiority in their minds.

"Mabel, when the attack begins we will have to retreat, prepare what I gave you before."(I)

"This is dangerous..." (Mabel)

"I know, but some things should be experienced for yourself."(I)

I gave the signal and the attack begins, as predicted, the young people attacked with full force without caring about their companions, as it was a surprise attack we reversed the initial advantage causing the Poisonous World to be heavily damaged, I myself was not attacking and just I waited.

Just as I expected, the Insects began to attack us, just as I knew, the Insects' coordination was impeccable as if they were parts of a single creature, it was at that moment that I launched a magical item that causes an explosion of Aura, from space and creating light, something I asked Nicole to create for me.

Soon Mabel uses a spell on her staff that teleports all the Dragons to a nearby Planet, many were injured by the Insects' attack, and now everyone must understand the true strength of their enemies.

"(They really are arrogant, before they were full of desire to fight because they thought they were invincible, but now this false image...)"(I)

"Let's continue."(I)


In the next few days, we did not attack the insect base in that place, what we did was attack the three Planets where they were at war with the native people, and then attack the Planet where they almost completely dominated.

As the battles went on, the young Dragons understood their strengths and understood that being proud of being True Dragonswas not the same as having unfounded blind confidence based on their own power.

After days, only 73 Dragons were seriously injured, but no deaths occurred as I was prepared to interfere on the side.

The young Dragons are now able to fight alongside each other, enough so that I let them fight alone most of the time only interfering when I see a creature rising up by merging the bodies.

I flap my wings heading into the fight with my Aura condensing into an even larger Dragon around me, each of my blows tears the enemies apart, but I remain focused on one of them that looked like Haku.

My fight against the enemies was a great fight compared to the others, but even so, after a lot of effort, I fell to the ground unconscious due to the lack of strength after the battle.


Pov Irius:

"Where do we go now?"(I)

"Let's go back and find the others."(Irina)

I was sitting waiting for my body to regenerate my legs, my body was pretty battered while my sister is already completely healed, her barriers were very useful, but there were still a lot of enemies.

lightsΝοvel All around us, the bodies of the enemies were falling apart as they burned in Starfire.

"What will we do now?"(I)

"Go back since we're done in this world."(Irina)

"It will be good to reunite with the others."(I)