I had a lot of things to do, I needed to prepare for the next mission, finally, I would be able to cross off at least 1 enemy name from my list, and with luck, I can cross off 2 names at the same time.

But I left the mission preparations to more competent people in this area, the trip that would take almost 1 year was difficult to accept, fortunately, the Spirits were working on something to help us.

I fought with my sister for 2 days in a row by my own choice and today will be the last day, but I'm afraid of causing something wrong and that's why I created a Territory on the Dungeon's training floor, so any kind of destruction won't reach the real world.

We were both in the star field in our Dragon forms, she is a little bigger than me, and her scales are also harder than mine, yet my teeth sink into her hand launching her into the distance while preparing another attack.

"< Breath of the Demonic Eclipse >" (I)

The Demonic energy building up in my throat seems to come to life as the Demonic Essence within me overflows with power that I manage to direct into my throat as I release black and red flames creating a sea of ​​fire in front of me consuming the stars themselves.

But like every previous time, Natasha flies between the flames ignoring any type of damage, I was slightly weakened after this attack for a few seconds, she reached me and her claws managed to pierce my chest.


"< Blood Curse: Life Drain >" (I)

I smiled as my blood rushed up her claws, and arms and spread throughout her body in seconds as she tried futilely to free herself, as soon as I activated the Curse the blood marked her entire body making an endless stream of vitality flow to me constantly.

Even so, there was no conversation between us, it wasn't necessary, just by looking we can understand each other and in a battle words are just another weapon used to distract your enemies.

Each strike of my claws distorts space as my sister's punches crash into space like an iron ball falling on thin ice, the two of us exchanging blow after blow without using any more skills.

My sister is someone simple who never turns down a challenge, with me stealing part of her vitality our regeneration was almost equalized, I knew that if I pulled her into a purely physical battle, she wouldn't back down or try to use other techniques.



Each blow of hers was loaded with waves of Divine Power that traverse my entire body before spreading to my Soul Perhaps this method is no longer useful for me or has already fulfilled its purpose, but I no longer feel any change in the Essences within my Soul.

The pressure of the Essences within me is now something that I can feel consciously since I know they are there, this has not changed and for this reason, I still feel this burden within me.

The Essences seem to have found a balance point and after today I will be able to use all the Essences almost as fluidly as I use the Blood Transmutation Essence, in the repeated battles I had against my sister, I focused on using only one Essence at a time to reach this stage where I am now with the last being the Essence of the Beast of the Apocalypse.Which helped me raise my Divine Incarnation from 72% to what I'm using now at 78%, I can now feel the power of Essence in my Aura and Authority using these two ways to manipulate the power of Essences.

But it seems that it wasn't just me who was taking advantage of these battles, my sister became stronger, and over time I was able to more easily perceive the power of her Essence in her Aura, it was by copying her that I got the hang of it so quickly.


I dodge an attack that I knew would be followed by another, at that moment I grabbed her wrist inserting my claws into her wrist first, then I used my Essences and Authority to take control over the blood, when I did that I realized the bitterness of losing in this way and even so I was happy since it was the first time I beat my sister.

With the fight over I wanted to return to my normal form by deactivating the Divine Incarnation, but I couldn't, and as soon as I tried to force myself to feel my Divine spark, as well as my Essences having their power sucked wildly into my Blood Core, this was Niryna, her egg was pulsing more and more as it stole my power as if it were feeding, my Divine Weapon serving as the conduit through which this power flowed into the egg, this lasted for several minutes before it stopped.

In the end, I was back to my normal body, I was on the floor covered in sweat with Natasha looking at me.

"I am fine."(I)

"I know that I felt the surge of power inside you sucking in Divine power, this was something starting to be problematic, this egg is about to hatch, and it seems to be missing one last thing, so it's trying to top up with the closest thing to what it needs."(Natasha)

"(You used the power of my Authority and Essences, does that mean you are waiting for me to get some Specific Essence? Maybe complete the last 2 Essences?)" (I)

I found a flaw in my own logic, that's because Callidora warned that I just needed to wait for Niryna to be born, she never said anything about Essences or Divine Power, so what just happened doesn't make sense other than that the Egg of Niryna has been influenced by my Essences since she has been with me since I collected the first Essence.

If that's true, then I don't know if I'm happy to lessen Callidora's influence on my daughter or worried about what might happen to Niryna now that things have gone off track.lightsnovel

After saying goodbye to Natasha I returned to the hut outside the Dungeon where the Dimensional Dragon was, we were still standing in the area where the Divine Tournament had taken place, I needed to know when we could leave this place, but an unparalleled sleep began to take over me taking my conscience away.


Pov Irius:

I, like all my brothers, left the Dungeon, none of us want to stay under our Father's protection forever, so the vast majority of us left, only Nicole and Hela decided to stay for different reasons.

Hela always wants to be at our Father's disposal, she considers herself more of a Servant than a daughter, something that has made our Father reprimand her many times for this.

Nicole, on the other hand, only thinks about her research and doesn't care about her own strength, she also doesn't seem to care about almost anything and that's why she remains in the Dungeon where she is locked inside the laboratory until someone takes her out.

"Where should we go? Are you sure you know the right direction."(I)

"It looks like it's in that direction."(Irina)

"You've been saying that for hours and still nothing."(I)


"Your perception is weak sister, I'm done."(I)

"< Sword of Shadows: Dark Execution >" (I)

My sister used to have stronger senses than mine, but in recent years she spends more and more time studying magic than fighting, thanks to this her ambush senses have become slower, at least it served to deceive our pursuers.

For the last 32 seconds, I have been using my Aura with great subtlety and control to draw magical circles in the shadows of the surrounding trees connecting everything in my shadow.

Soon dozens of dark swords come out of the shadows pointed at the many targets, thanks to this they became confident by believing in the numbers they have, now they will learn that in the face of absolute power, numbers are almost irrelevant.

One of the things I learned from Ibuki was how to use Shadows to my advantage, with this I located the blind spot of all targets, my shadow swords go through the heart and in some cases the head of all targets.

"One escaped."(I)

"Alright, I already marked him, let's see where he takes us."(Irina)

"< Sacred Tracking >" (Irina)

Once we checked the bodies of everyone I killed, there was nothing useful, so I let my sister track him while I prepared a spell to escape if absolutely necessary, our target this time was someone far above us in terms of strength and so If we do nothing, our defeat would be guaranteed.

It didn't take long for my sister to track him to a place far from everything and as soon as we entered that valley I felt his eyes on me, the terror that this person creates stains the land.magic

"Stay tuned, I would like to be the first pair to be able to take care of a target."(I)

lightsΝοvel "Don't worry, I can confirm he's here and I won't let it slip."(Irina)

"< Holy Blood Magic: Holy Blood Barrier >" Irina)

"< Selar >" (Irina)

As we walked on our way, blood flowed from our legs becoming part of the magic circle now.