The radiant being didn’t get angry; instead, it said happily, “It seems this world was about what I expected after all, hahaha…”

Even though this world appeared to be really weak, it was full of all sorts of mysteries. Ignoring everything else, even if another weaker world had a world barrier, how could it have possibly stalled their invasion for so long? And now, the miraculous skills displayed by this human further proved certain things.

Zu An was a bit confused.

He couldn't be bothered to think about that, though. He was worried that the other side was playing tricks on him, so he continued to use ‘what you lookin at’ to interrupt the enemy’s skills.

The Snow Lady found this scene rather comical to watch. These were clearly the two most powerful beings in this world, and yet they looked like little children play-fighting against each other.

The Snow Lady was stunned. She suddenly clutched her forehead. She felt as if some new memory fragments had appeared in her head. Zu An noticed how she was behaving, but he didn’t have the freedom to take care of her. He could only focus on finding an opportunity to attack.

Sure enough, after continuously replying ‘I’m looking at you, shithead’ again and again, the radiant being couldn't help but be driven a bit crazy as well. “Damn youngster… I’m looking at you, shithead! …Can you stop… I’m looking at you, shithead!... F*ck…”


You have successfully trolled the Shadow Monster King for +499 +499 +499…

Zu An thought to himself,

Even so, he quickly found a chance to attack. A red bow suddenly appeared in his hand. This being's light was a bit similar to the sun, so the Sun Slaying Bow could be effective.

The Star Shattering Imprint activated, increasing Zu An's power tenfold! He drew an arrow. Profound runes flickered all over the Sun Slaying Bow, and they converged onto that arrow. In the next instant, it flew toward the Shadow Monster King’s body.

Unlike the previous attacks, the arrow c layer afreatedter layer of watery ripples. It was as if the layers of space were experiencing intense pressure and chaos. The arrow wasn’t suspended in the air, but rather continued to approach the Shadow Monster King. Even though it had clearly slowed down considerably and wasn’t much faster than an ant, it still persistently closed in on the monster's body.

The Shadow Monster King stared at the arrow in front of it, as if it was using some kind of ability to defend itself. In the end, the arrow finally arrived in front of it. Even so, a second later, it crumbled away into ashes, as if it had been completely corroded.


In the past, the Fiend races had held the Sun Slaying Bow, but no Sun Slaying Arrows. Even though arrows could be condensed out of ki, the late Fiend Emperor hadn't been satisfied with just that. He had scoured the world for treasures, then gathered all of the skilled crafters of the Fiend races to refine some arrows. Even though those arrows couldn’t compare to the legendary true Sun Slaying Arrows, they were still the best this world could produce and weren't inferior to immortal-grade weapons. On top of t hat, with the additional support of the Sun Slaying Bow, their power already far exceeded that of ordinary immortal-grade weapons. However, even an arrow that sharp had shattered, and turned into scattered ashes no less.

The Shadow Monster King laughed at Zu An, saying, “I already told you it was impossible for your attacks to hurt me, and yet you insist on doing such futile things.”

At the same time, it was pretty shocked.

Even so, Zu An’s expression remained calm as he said, “I have a rough idea now. What flows around you isn’t layers of space; rather, you control the flow of time. That's why you are able to create this kind of effect.”

He couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated now. It was hard to say whether space or time was harder to deal with. Regardless of which one it was, though, this guy already far exceeded the level he could currently deal with. He knew fully well that it would be better to retreat while he still had a chance. Nothing good would come out of fighting further.

The prediction of guaranteed death from the divination he'd carried out before entering the sealed land appeared in his mind. At first, even though the others enemies were dangerous, they'd never really threatened his life. He'd thus felt as if that divination was just meant to scare him. But now, it seemed the prediction wasn’t directed at the other enemies, but rather this guy.Even so, he only hesitated for a moment before he calmed down again. Right now, he had the safety of an entire world on his shoulders. Whether it was the humans or the fiends, he had to protect them. If he feared death and backed down at a time like this, allowing the monsters to fully open the seal, more monsters would invade this world. Furthermore, if the world barrier shattered, the most powerful monsters would no longer be hindered. There would be even less of a chance of him winning then.

This was his only opportunity. Even though the difference between them was enough to cause despair, it was definitely the moment when their strength disparity was the smallest it would ever be. He had to stop this enemy here and seal the monsters away, even if he had to give up his life to do so.

In the past, when he'd watched heroes sacrifice their lives, even though he was moved, he'd never wanted to become a hero himself. His ideal lifestyle was that of an indolent ruler with three thousand members in the imperial harem. It would be even better if he didn’t have to deal with any of the court’s matters.

And yet, he'd never expected that when the moment truly arrived, he didn't feel there was much to fear about a sacrifice either. It was just that natural. Even if it wasn’t for the people he didn’t know, he still had to protect those at his side…

When he thought through all of that, Zu An only became calmer. At the same time, he mocked himself, thinking that he really couldn't do random divinations in the future, or else it would really affect his mentality and judgment. Then, he would be imperceptibly pushed toward the predicted outcome.

His expression grew serious. He drew the Sun Slaying Bow again, but he didn’t use the imitation Sun Slaying Arrow the Fiend Emperor had made, but rather the real, white-ribboned arrow he had obtained from the secret dungeon!

He was worried that the radiant being wouldn’t give him another chance to attack, so he immediately used Keyboard Come’s ability, calling out, “This arrow will shatter all skills!”

The power of the Sun Slaying Arrow was extremely great. It was even capable of shooting down suns. However, the enemy could control space or time around itself, so Zu An wasn’t sure if the arrow could hit it. That was why he immediately applied Keyboard Come’s effect to the arrow. He didn’t know just what kind of price he would have to pay to negate the temporal laws around the enemy’s body, but he didn’t have a choice left now. He couldn't gamble on this arrow failing. If this arrow was defeated, the entire world could be finished.

As soon as he said that, a solemn and divine air suddenly filled the world.

The Shadow Monster King’s expression changed greatly. Its entire body erupted with brilliance, and endless radiance covered the entire region, surrounding everything within a thousand miles.

Zu An’s pupils contracted rapidly. He discovered that his arrow had been about to fly forth, and yet it stopped a mere instant instant before it could! He'd been about to release it, and yet everything had stopped.

It was different from the experience of freezaing from being looked at. Right now, the enemy hadn’t even looked at him. Instead, it was as if a sun had engulfed the surrounding space, filling it with light. It was everywhere, impossible to resist and impossible to defend against. Regardless of how he moved, or even if he used the exchange skill, it was all meaningless, because all the space around him was surrounded by light.

He even noticed the Snow Lady’s appalled and heartbroken expression. She was also frozen. He could see a snowstorm that had been starting to move beneath her dress, noticing that she had been about to change into snow to evade, but she was frozen in that instant. He could see every intricate and beautiful snowflake clearly. Everything was clearly moving, and yet it was also frozen in place.

The blast waves of the battle had caused avalanches to descend from the nearby snowy peaks. The collapsing snow, however, had stopped halfway up the mountain. Nearby birds had been flapping their wings frantically in an attempt to leave this dangerous place, but they were trapped in their struggle while their bodies were frozen in midair.

The entire world seemed to have had the pause button pressed on it. Such a feeling was strange and terrifying!

Only one being could still move - the Shadow Monster King. It slowly walked toward Zu An as it said, “Even though I didn’t believe you had the ability to kill me, in that instant, I sensed the threat of death. I had no choice but to pay a great price to use Time Severing. You can now feel proud of yourself even in death.”