Their expressions changed slightly. If they had been hit by that pillar of light, even if they didn’t die, they would only have barely survived, right?

“Oh? You actually avoided it? That move was quite interesting,” the radiant being said, continuing to look in their direction.

Just then, Zu An had been brought away by the Snow Lady and escaped the enemy’s line of sight. He subsequently recovered the ability to move. After seeing the radiant being's attack, there was no way he would give the enemy another chance. He grabbed the Snow Lady and flew elsequere.

“You actually managed to move faster than me. Hm, it seems to be an instant movement skill,” the radiant being said, sounding a bit surprised. “I didn’t expect this low-level world would have such an ability. It really doesn’t make much sense.”

Zu An didn’t respond to it, and thought about how to win instead. Not even such a powerful sword formation had been able to injure it. Spacetime around the radiant being seemed to be abnormal. He wasn’t confident he would be able to injure it even if he used some more of his trump cards.

The radiant being looked in their direction again, but this time, the Snow Lady tacitly moved in a different direction from Zu An. That way, there was no way the enemy could attend to both problems at the same time.

Zu An had his instantaneous movement skill, while the Snow Lady could turn herself into wind and snow, and that was what this place lacked the least. Comparatively, it was actually Zu An who would be a bit easier to catch. Sure enough, the radiant being didn’t chase after the Snow Lady, and stared straight at Zu An instead.


Fortunately, Zu An already had complete mastery over his Grandgale ability, with Mo Xi’s skill occasionally reducing the cooldown of its next use. Besides, with his current cultivation, he was extremely fast to begin with, so he could just about deal with the attacks.

As time went on, Zu An felt less pressure and sighed in relief. Even though the enemy’s attack was powerful, as long as he was prepared, he would be fine as long as the enemy didn’t look straight at him. Thus, he found an opening to teleport right next to the radiant being, and attacked with the Tai’e Sword’s Domain of Power.

The radiant being’s figure trembled slightly, clearly affected by the domain. However, when Zu An’s sword was three inches from the enemy, it stopped cold.

By then, the radiant being reacted and turned around, but Zu An had already anticipated that. He immediately moved several kilometers away. He naturally knew that the sword likely couldn't hurt the enemy, and had just wanted to test the waters from up close. It was as he'd expected. Even though it looked as if there was only three inches between them, in reality, when he slashed with his sword, he had felt as if the target was infinitely far away.

“This sword of yours seems to be a bit special. It's not a bad weapon, even across the universe’s various realms,” the radiant being said, looking at the Tai’e Sword in Zu An’s hands. Its voice carried a bit of admiration, as this was clearly outside of its expectations.

“Not bad, huh…” Zu An muttered, noticing the wording it used. In this world, the Tai’e Sword was already a deity-grade weapon. It seemed the many realms of the universe really were vast.“There's no way for you to defeat me. I advise you to surrender earlier and cease this meaningless struggle," the radiant being said.


“You don’t have a way to catch me either, right? You make it sound as if everything is under your control,” Zu An said disdainfully while avoiding its line of sight.

“I merely let you run around to see your abilities. Do you really think I have no way of dealing with you?” the radiant being asked, looking at Zu An again.

Zu An was about to move when he heard the enemy say, “This attack will inevitably land.”

Zu An was stunned. He discovered that even though he used his instant movement skill, the radiant being’s eyes still landed on his body. He was instantly frozen in place and unable to move, leaving him speechless.

He had a similar skill in Keyboard Come. However, he had to pay a heavy price to use the skill, while his opponent seemed to be able to use it at will!

“Do you now know regret? It's a pity that it’s too late for you.” The radiant being sneered, as if it really liked seeing its enemies' expression in these situations.

In order to guard against the Snow Lady’s rescue attempts, it waved its hand and cast endless light all around Zu An’s location. If the Snow Lady dared to come close, she would only die with Zu An. Sure enough, a burst of wind and snow nearby scattered and exposed the Snow Lady’s real body. She was really anxious, but she couldn't break through the layer of light. She couldn't save him at all.

The radiant being didn’t pay her any attention. In its eyes, even though the Snow Lady’s strength wasn’t bad, everything was already in its grasp. She wasn't as much of a threat as Zu An. As such, it didn’t hesitate and immediately attacked Zu An with killing intent.

The Snow Lady sensed the light of annihilation fire at Zu An. She had witnessed the power of the light earlier, so she couldn't help but feel a bit of despair. It seemed as if Zu An was now finished. Suddenly, however, her vision blurred and she lost sight of Zu An. Afterward,the radiant being was left standing where Zu An had just been.

The radiant being was also a bit stunned, clearly not expecting this predicament. Before it could even react, the destructive light had already smashed into its body. A dazzling ball of blinding radiance erupted. The Snow Lady couldn't help but close her eyes. Only after quite a bit of time did the light dim a bit. She quickly looked at the scene of the battle.The radiant being was still standing there, not destroyed by the destructive light. Of course, it wasn’t completely unaffected. The light around itself had clearly become much dimmer, and they could now clearly see a black humanoid figure within. But apart from its eyes, no other features could be seen on its face. Its outline looked like a rippling black flame. It seemed more like some kind of energy being than a human.

“An exchange skill? Not even I could stop it. This is a top-tier divine skill even among the various realms. I never expected to have discovered such a thing here in this world.” Even though the radiant being was injured, it now sounded even more excited.

As he stood in the distance, Zu An frowned. He had actually expected the earlier attack, so he'd been baiting the enemy to use its most powerful attack, and hadn’t even hesitated to put himself at risk to do so. He hadn’t expected the enemy’s own strike to not be effective.

“I’m really reluctant to kill you now. I have to imprison your soul and slowly interrogate you for these skills of yours,” the radiant being said excitedly. It hadn’t expected to receive something so great from this world.

“It’s still hard to say who will kill whom.” Zu An harrumphed. He moved continuously around the radiant being’s surroundings like a bolt of lightning. He continued to test it out, trying to find its weakness.

No matter what a skill was, there had to be a way to defeat it. He refused to believe that this radiant being was completely without weaknesses. The laws of the universe wouldn’t permit such a ridiculous being. The most important thing now was how to find these weaknesses.

As it watched Zu An dart around it, the radiant being said with a hint of mockery, “It’s useless. Facing me, all of this evasion is futile. This trick of yours will inevitably…”

Midway through its sentence, it heard Zu An say, “What you lookin' at?!”

“I’m lookin' at you, shithead!”

The radiant being was stunned as soon as it said that. It had never expected such a thing. That didn’t seem like something it wanted to say!

However, it was experienced and knowledgeable, quickly exclaiming in shock, “You actually know soulspeak techniques?”

This human had brought it too many pleasant surprises. Even though he wasn’t weak in this world, his strength didn't amount to much in the boundless cosmos, and the radiant being had seen too many beings who were stronger than him. If not for this world barrier’s hindrance, it could easily have picked out some of its own subordinates who were stronger. Even so, this guy’s skills were each more dazzling than the next. Even the radiant being was starting to feel a bit of desire.

When he saw that his skill had worked, Zu An finally felt at ease.

He had always thought that ‘what you lookin' at’ was always kind of silly, but now, it seemed to be the very bane of soulspeak. As long as the enemy spoke, it would always be interrupted by ‘what you lookin' at’. Then, they naturally wouldn’t be able to use their soulspeak ability anymore!