[ Bonus Chapter - Happily Ever After ]

( Tower of Ascension, Floor 90 )

When the world around everyone changed, the Rajput family members whom Max had added to his list began showing up on floor 90 of the tower one after the other.

The world around them changed ever so suddenly and they seemed to be the only ones to remember the universe as it was with a floor pass hovering in front of their eyes.

The first to show up was Severus, followed by Ruby, Naomi, Anna, Asiva, Hazriel, Gopal, Leah, Judas and Kremeth Jr.

Everyone was surprised but equally happy to see Max and Rudra, as the two celestials began narrating the tale of what exactly was going down.

Ruby and Naomi once they were informed about how even in this universe Amy was happily married and Jake and Kartikeya were their children but were now serving a different role, became content with the status quo, as Rudra finally promised to be more of a family figure and live a balanced life from this day forward.


For them this was a dream come true, as having lived their lives as strong independent women, mad in love women and mothers, they knew that the best phase of their life was the part that they spent together with the man they loved.

Asiva and Hazriel had no reservations about the new universe as well, as their whole families seemed to be present here, however, Anna was a bit on the edge as she wished to confirm the status of her paternal elven family before her heart could feel at ease.

Nonetheless, just like Rudra, Max also promised to his wives and his kids, that his fighting days were over and that until it was absolutely necessary he would not lift a weapon ever again.

Max told his wives about his plan to build a new Rajput Capital here on floor 90 and while the wives could not freely exit that zone and would have to live on different floors of the tower according to their strength if they wished to move outside the house, they could always come to floor 90 at will and spend time with Max.

While not perfect, Max presented his emotions about how there was no happily ever after for him if he could not spend it with his beautiful family and how after beating the perfect warrior and reaching the summit of power he realised that none of it mattered without them by his side.

To him, they were the most important people, and he vowed to make a change and become a better family man in the future.


It was a very emotional speech and even Judas and Gopal felt moved by his words as they mentally accepted the fact that dad would be around more from now onwards and that they would have to now conquer a new world with new rules.

Leah was concerned about Mira and why she was not here, however, Max assured her that while Mira was not present on floor 90, she would most likely be looming on floor80 with her memory intact.

Max told Leah that he would find a way to contact Mira and bring her to floor 90 as soon as possible and Leah believed him because she could see the sincerity in his eyes.magic

There were still a few small hiccups to smoothen, however, for the Rajput family of chaotic warrior's and universe dominators, this was as close as they could get to a happy family life.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Severus whose family had been altered all of a sudden.

His wife was no longer Grisha, and he had a son now instead of a daughter making him feel extremely weird.

While he was still the lord of the Saint Maximus Clan, with the Saint Maximus Clan itself having the same abilities as before, everything else seemed to have changed and he was having a hard time adapting.Max sincerely apologised to Severus, however, he was kind enough to not take the matter to heart and forgave Max.

He said that he was thankful that Max brought him along and after confirming that Sebastian too retained his memories was happy that the deadly trio was in this mess together.

No doubt, it would take him time to adapt to this new world, but he was looking forward to it.

With old and new foes returning, the future was bound to be interesting to say the least.


( That night )

After spending quality time as a unified family together, Max and Rudra slowly briefed everyone about the tower and what they knew about this world so far, as once they were done narrating their tale it was Judas who sheepishly asked Max a question.

" Hey, old man….. Did you do it? Did you really defeat the warrior they said nobody else could defeat?" he said, mumbling silently as he stared at Max with a burning passion in his eyes.

" Yes, yes I did" Max said proudly as Judas hung his neck down and contemplated whether to say it or not.

" WOW DAD, Can you teach me how to be as powerful as you?" Leah asked Max first with the other kids following suit.

" Me too-" said Gopal

" Wait, even I want to become as strong as him. Those lessons he gave us before ascending helped me grow a lot" Judas said as all the kids seemed to have softened up towards Max.

A quick look at their mothers told Max everything he needed to know as they once again stared at him with stars in their eyes as they waited for Max to instruct his kids.

" Yeah sure, I'll teach you everything…. Everything including my strongest move" Max said with a smile as he officially accepted his role as a father and mentor that day.

He had his ups, he had his downs, he had moments where he had lost the chance to stay true to his family, however, with this great reset, he had a chance to start fresh. To build back the lost trust and excel in aspects that he lacked before.

He had already become the strongest vampire god, but could he now become the best version of himself and live a life without regrets?

Could he finally have a happily ever after?

We the readers, certainly hope that he does-

All the best Max!

Your story was fun to read while it lasted.


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