[ Bonus Chapter - The Lore ]

Once universe four assimilated with the tower, everything began to change.

The 14 celestials who had left a deep imprint upon the history of the universe became the core reshaping its lore with their adventures at the centre.

All traces of Sigma were erased and the history of all planets existing within universe four, a.k.a the controlled universe was altered such that The Tower Of Ascension always existed on it, with those who were chosen to enter the tower being given the tag 'Climber'.

Every planet had the same basic Lore.

The tower existed since time immemorial and every few years, it spilled out a monster tide that ravaged through the planet.

Those chosen by the tower to enter its grounds, became existences that transcended mere mortals and through climbing higher and higher up the tower, they became stronger and stronger.


Planets such as Dombivli, Zandar, Green planet, Ixtal, etc.

Where Max and Junfred had a heavy influence, had their history rewritten such that all vampires existing in the new universe worshipped either of the two as their patrons, as while Junfred was called the progenitor god, Max was given the title 'Blood God' with the lore of the new universe portraying him as an unstoppable force of nature who resided on floor90 of the tower.Every vampire clan in existence, such as the Aurelius, Titus, Saint Maximus etc, either chose Max or Junfred as their patron gods, however, despite there being two of them who were hailed as the ultimate deities, every clan respected and worshipped both gods with there being dedicated rituals offering blood and sacrifices to both with there also being dedicated festivals and culture around their mythologies and rumoured persona.

In this version of the universe, Max had conquered the direct descendants of the progenitor god Junfred, the primordial vampires and had become the first unified vampire king in his early days as a climber, before ascending to floor 90 as a blood god.

The Bloodfall clan was the holy clan of his direct descendants, who were considered the protectors of the church.

And in this version of the universe, Kremeth jr was the pope of the vampire church, with him residing on floor 70, having the exclusive ability to visit Max on floor 90 at will.

While this was only possible for Kremeth because of his floor pass, the Lore of the universe depicted it as a miracle and as a proof of his holy bloodline.


Similarly, in this new world, Rudra was considered the main patron god of planets where he had the most influence such as Radiance, Earth and other parts of the True Elites and Won Knight Territory.

He was hailed as the ultimate strategist in this timeline as well and retained his title as Shakuni The Terrifying as the history books portrayed him as a strategist who had never lost a war.

The common saying amongst the mortals was that if Shakuni had decided to influence a war then it was over before it even started and together with Max as his sword, he was depicted as the ultimate warrior.magic

Since his pet was a nine tailed fox who loved milk, his religion evolved to worship him by offering his idol fresh milk and with owning nine tailed foxes as pets to be considered the ultimate sign of nobility.

Most of his human origins and struggling days were erased from the memory of the universe, with his real origins and bloodline shrouded in mystery.

The only known thing about him became the fact that he had three kids, who were fierce floor masters guarding his empire within the tower and that he was one half of the legendary brother duo, the Gemini brothers.

Finally, the lore of the Gemini brothers together was what transcended their individual achievements as pretty much every other planet in the universe, regardless of whether or not they worshipped another god or not, had heard about the Gemini brothers and worshipped them.

Hailed as the strongest duo, Gemini brothers were given the tag 'God Of Adventurers' and irrespective of what guild one belonged to. Every mercenary and adventurer from universe four prayed to the Gemini brothers for safe hunt and success, with Rudra and Max becoming the most important figures in the history of universe four, overshadowing the importance of all other celestials.

Of Course this lore was not a fluke and was made so by design, as together the two brothers had 44.14% role in defeating the perfect warrior, which accounted for more than what everyone else contributed combined, since if one excluded Odin their share was less than 40%.

The most interesting part about the new universal lore was that the history of whom Max and Rudra had killed was altered greatly.

In the new universe, Regus Aurelius, Vega Titus, Lucifer, Karna,Thor and many more prominent figures were back to life.

However, some mythical figures like master Kremeth, God Agni, Angakok and Bavuma remained dead.

The history of master Kremeth and his role in making Max what he was became one of the most important works of literature in the history books and Max's revenge against Angakok the tyrant shaman was documented as a war between king Max and the necromancers alliance lead by Angakok.

Although there were some minor discrepancies between the lore of the Gemini brothers, it was mostly consistent throughout the universe except for one popular event called the 'Clash Of Brothers'

The clash of brothers was a historic event which according to the history books was when the duo clashed against one another in direct combat to figure out who was superior amongst the two supreme warriors.

Different parts of the universe believed different version of this lore with some believing that Max won and others believing that Rudra won.

It was a dividing point between many Gemini believers, however, conclusive evidence regarding what exactly happened at the end of the clash of the brothers was never found out as the result remained up for debate and differed depending on different interpretations of this event existing amongst different believers.