Chapter 2911 End Times! I  

A time of death.

A time of unfathomable brilliance!

Listening to the words and prompts rising before them, all the chosen inhabitants of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven picked up the truly important things from them.

That today was the First Day of Mors Apokalypsis.

That those in the First Gradation of Extremity were now targeted.

Following this logic, it meant many more days of Mors Apokalypsis would follow as after the extinction of all those in the First Gradation…those above them would follow!


So they had to make their stand.

And seeing the Legions of Existential Apokalypsis Beasts descending, they moved to weave their own records.

They moved to weave their own stories!



At this moment, a clone of Noah's was floating valiantly at the very peak of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as near him, a cylindrical pathway that allowed Legions of Existential Apokalypsis Beasts to pass down stood.


The beasts rushed down with interminable purpose as Noah watched them pass by, gazing at his own people as he told them to weave their own stories.

Their own legends.

What was the life of a being other than a story?

A collection of records of how they lived their lives?


Around Noah's already blazing figure that was radiating throngs of vermillion flames, the weaving of a grand extreme began to stir.


Noah uttered out with sharp eyes as he looked at the throngs of his people flying upwards to face Legions bringing down an apocalypse.

Their records and existence would shine brilliantly as they forged their own stories.

And stories…held power.

The legend of the records of one's existence…held power!

HUUM! {The Extremity of Fables is coming to fruition!}


A new extreme emerged. freeweb . com

Its desire was boundlessly wide as it sought to encompass all of one's existence and records…into their own power.

One's story…could also be an extension of their power.

The grander their story was.

The more quintessential their fable was…

The more power they would have!

And whose story was more grand.

Whose story and achievements were more fantastical?!

{The Extremity of Fables vibrates with determination!}

A shocking brilliance erupted with Noah at the very center as a verdant light bloomed.

A light of life and brilliance.

A light that came with the thundering voice of the Extremity of Fables as he made a new extreme available to all his people through his lineage.

{Forge your own stories. Forge your own Fables…the stronger your legend is, the stronger you shall become.}


The lands shook with trepidation as all Entities in Noah's lineage felt their Existence burning with a profound intensity!

They felt the Culmination of their achievements come together and grant them strength as out of all of them…

A single entity's fable was supreme.

{Your Fable is an unfathomable one.}

{Your Fable is a Quintessential one.}

A Colorless light seemed into a budding verdant light.

Noah's existence became suffused with this brilliance as even the Vermillion colored light became painted with it!

{Your Fable is your staunchest supporter.}

{Your Fable is a Quintessential pillar of strength that holds up an unpredictable future.}

{Your Fable empowers the capabilities of the Weaver of Extremity.}

{Your Fable empowers the weavings of all of your Extremes!}


A verdant light akin to a nuclear bomb exploded.

And Noah's extremes seethed as he felt Infinity flare with brilliance, another ten thousand clones instantly being created. A few hundred of his clones appeared in the Nether Haven of Genesis as he observed throngs of Apokalypsis Beasts all around it, but the moment he was even about to will the weaving of an Existential Hyperversal Embodiment, a royal purple light already flashed and crashed down oppressively on all Apokalypsis Beasts as…

{The Extremity of Loot has extracted from the target 51,284,665 Fragments of the Endocarp of a Fruit of Existence!}

{The Extremity of Loot has extracted from the target 47,776,650 Fragments of the Mesocarp of a Fruit of Existence!}

{The Extremity of Loot has extracted from the target 42,635,999 Fragments of the Exocarp of a Fruit of Existence!}

{The Extremity of Loot has extracted from the target 34,625,887 Fragments of the Seed of a Fruit of Existence!}

All of the Apokalypsis Beasts that were roaming the Nether Haven of Genesis instantly perished.


All of Noah's extremes were supported by his grand legend- even his Existential Extremity Authorities as everything about his capabilities exploded upwards!

Outside of the Seven Havens.

Outside the scope of the endless Vacuous stretches of nothingness.

In the endless swathes of the Planar Palisades of Extremity where random Planes of Existence moved.

His will and clones stretched out infinitely as at this moment, Noah truly felt like he could cover this vast distance.

And so, he set out to do just that.

He set out to enact and progress his grand Fable that as of this day, it was only just beginning!

In a nondescript Minor Plane of Existence.

Across its cosmos and universes, within a small but developed world.

A metropolis could be seen with grand structures, some floating in the skies as flying cars and gravitating vessels could be seen with abundance.

In such a metropolis, millions moved and lives busily as among the throngs of people moving about in the neon streets, there was one man with a scraggly beard who was holding up a circular device that released a hologram above him, this hologram reading…

{The end times are here. Repent! Repent! Repent!}

The hologram pulsed with bright lights as all others passing him on the neon streets scowled and shook their heads at this man's waste of time!

Yet this being continued unfettered, a stern expression on his face as occasionally, he would even bellow out.

"The End Times are here! It's the End Times! Repent, and save your worthless souls!"

His voice was deep as it rang out across the neon streets, and just as he was about to increase his pitch while yelling at the skies…


He was dumbfounded to see the skies torn open as tens of apocalyptic beasts descended!

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