Chapter 2912 End Times! II  


The defenses of the metropolis instantly activated as lasers and railguns boomed out, a thin barrier rising as under the descent of the white apocalyptic Beasts, raging white flames thundered down and destroyed everything!


Shock and horror quickly spread as…

''It…it was actually happening?'

The doomsayer himself was shocked while the sign above him continued to blare with the words of end times, his expression rapidly changing to joy as he spread his arms out while bellowing with a trace of madness!


"Haha, I was right! I was finally right! You fools!"

He spread his arms out wide to welcome death.

While others were scrambling chaotically around him, he was laughing freely as white flames burned the skies themselves thundered down!


A Colorless light flashed.

And the raging white flames disappeared.



The doomsayer blinked as he gazed at the skies again.

And there, he saw a flash of purple light as a moment later, the heads of the ferocious apocalyptic beasts bent down and their bodies then turned to dust!


Those scrambling gazed up in shock.

The doomsayer was incredulous as while gazing up, he barely saw the outline of what seemed to be a man appearing far above them. His eyes stung as if he were looking at a burning sun, and a moment later, he felt a vermillion light cover everything around him, the neon city lights fading from his view as when he next opened his eyes….

He was looking at an endlessly blue sky.

In the skies, serene floating landmass could be seen as blue waves of light trickled down from them gorgeously as if they were waterfalls.

And he himself…was on a similar floating island along with hundreds of thousands of others as the futuristic lands they knew were gone, verdant grasslands at their feet and overflowing blue rivers in the distance as around them…a heavy and potent atmosphere of energy was present!

To the extent that the doomsayer and hundreds of thousands of others in this landmass alone felt as if their bodies were drinking something akin to a tonic- as if their very selves were being enriched as…


Explosive lights bloomed from each of them as they felt…a source of energy flowing through them.

As they felt…Mana.

And in front of their eyes, blue prompts began to rise for the first time in their lives.

{You have awakened!}


In shock and incredulity, they felt their bodies continue to drink up the heavy concentrations of energy in the surrounding atmosphere as the reserves of Mana in their bodies only became more potent, nexus points of origins beginning to form at the core of their being as they began to change into entirely different Lifeforms!

This…was an example of a few hundred thousand existences from a Metropolis of a small world among many worlds in the Cosmos of a Minor Plane of Existence in the Planar Palisades of Extremity.

The influence of the Extremity of Fables was spreading across many worlds such as this. Many cosmos such as this.

Many Planes such as this.

The number of entities saved from the burning white flames of Existential Apokalypsis Beasts was rising by millions of quintillions at every moment!

And he was just getting started.

The Planar Palisades of Extremity were vast.

The Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains were even vaster.

On this day, the myriad of Existences across these domains would all become intricately connected to the Weaver of Extremity, only a distinct few losing such a favor due to their own actions.

Within Dissolution.

The figures of Extremity Blue, Seer Amestris, and the Avernus Extremity Overlord gazed around with blank expressions as those they considered the Ones Above Extremity…had abandoned them and were nowhere to be seen.

Their existence felt hollow and drained as if they would never be able to easily cross the Gradations of Extremity again, their fate tumultuous as likely…a very obscene end was coming. Far from here, in the region outside of Vitalis and Vacuous where Legions from both sides clashed.

The visage of the Prime Devourer could be seen amidst the core of the Legions of Vacuous Hyperversal Domains as he stared with a dull look towards the legions of descending Existential Apokalypsis Beasts whose terrifying reign was put to a pause as a single being appeared.

The figure of a single entity made his entrance as many had seen him before on this same battlefield!

But his appearance now was undeniable.

His gaze masked interminable weavings as many could instinctively feel like his appearance here…was to put an end to this war.

With a flare of brilliant Vermillion flames and a glint of purple light, the words of this being were heard throughout.



Emperor Shao and others of the Vitalis Hyperversal Domains watched with expanding pupils.

The pressure of these words descended on the Apokalypsis Beasts as they began to tremble and shatter.

The pressure of these words also pressed on the visage of the Prime Devourer as he felt it.


Heavier than anything he had felt before.

And he felt it wrap around his body here, and his body that had lost the guidance of the Celebrious Ones in Anarchos. He felt the weight of this single word wrap around the weavings of his very records and existence as it began…to grind everything to dust!

With a dazed expression, the eyes of the Prime Devourer dimmed as his head bowed, and he didn't even bend halfway before his body shattered into ash and dust.

It was the first few seconds of Mors Apokalypsis.

And already, many grand changes were occurring.

The grandest change of all…was something that the Weaver of Extremity who moved across the Aeonic Annals of Extremity at this moment had far, far from his grasp just moments ago presenting itself to him.

It was the construct and concept of the Fruit of Existence he had only learned of from the weavings of Records and Existence.

He had attained all the pieces required to make not just one…but many, many of these critical constructs!