These are the illustrations found in volume 1 of the light novel, which contains chapters 1-16. Be warned that there will be spoilers for these chapters.

(The cover, featuring a light novel-exclusive character. As this translation is for the web novel version of The Latest Game is Too Amazing, I will be excluding all illustrations featuring light novel-only scenes and characters aside from the cover art.)

(From right to left)

"This is a game, right?"

As soon as I pressed the switch, I lost consciousness and was tossed into a blank, white space.

"My name is Chaos."

"…I'm Cornelia."


The elf Cornelia has beautiful, doll-like features."And this is Emilia."

Emilia seems like an adult woman around 20 years old and has a gentle smile.

"Please don't make that face, Chaos. Thanks to you, I can finally pass on."

Elizabeth brushes her long hair out of her face and gives Chaos a complicated smile, which he returns stiffly.

"I'll cast support magic, wait just a moment."

"Hey Chaos, you okay?"


"Chaos! We'll help you out!"

Havoc chops down a treant, Emilia casts support magic, and Cornelia provides cover with her bow.

(Illustration from chapter 1.)

(Illustration from chapter 2.)

(Illustration from chapter 4.)

(Illustration from chapter 7.)

(Illustration from chapter 9.)

(Illustration from chapter 11.)

(Illustration from chapter 13.)

(Illustration from chapter 15.)