Hello new readers! This is just an introduction to the setting of the novel you're going to be reading.

First of all, Quick Transmigration. What is it? Basically, transmigration is a concept popularized in Chinese fantasy novels, where the protagonist gets transported to a different reality, and has to go through all the challenges that come with that.

This novel features quick transmigration, which means there will be multiple different worlds, that the protagonist will go through over the course of the novel.

This is basically an excuse to write several story ideas I have floating around in my head (and that will not.give.me.peace) but that don't really warrant full novels.Main facts:

- The MC will always have the same name: Xi Zirui, in every world.

- This is 1v1

- There will be a connecting thread through all the worlds.


Worlds:1st: Actor in a popular BL drama

nd: Imperial Concubine

rd: CEO's trophy husband

th: Shizun of a cultivation sect

th: Space deliveryman

th: Omega Consort to Dragon King [ABO]


th: ???