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The Leader of Evil Alliance (3)

Murderous intent swirled in the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s eyes. For him, the Celestial Demon was the type of existence that made his blood boil just by hearing her name. But beyond that, it was such a cheeky thing to say.

“I’ll kill you!”

The Leader of Evil Alliance screamed and ran toward him with a dark light swelling around his hands. The Black Heavenly Demon Technique he mastered gathered to form spheres, one in each hand. The energy started spinning and flew at Kim Bongpal.

However, Kim Bongpal didn’t back down but stepped forward, swinging his sword. The air current flowing over his blade smashed into the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s attack.



In the aftermath of their clash, Trail Force spread in all directions. The spheres that the Leader of the Evil Alliance fired were scattered.

It looked equal, but it wasn’t. It was Kim Bongpal who suffered a loss after their exchange, and the Leader of the Evil Alliance was ahead of him in terms of power. And realizing that, the Leader of the Evil Alliance rushed in again with a fishy smile.

Pang, pang-!

Kim Bongpal fended him off, ripping apart his foe’s Trail Force without mercy. However,


As soon as he thought the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s Trail Force dropped, it distorted and divided into several parts, twisting around Kim Bongpal.



“That was close.”

Kim Bongpal hastily pulled back. If he had been a second later, he would have been engulfed in energy, and it was obvious what the outcome would have been.


The Leader of Evil Alliance laughed.

Before he knew it, Kim Bongpal was surrounded by negative energy. In terms of strength, the Celestial Demon was definitely above him, but at least in the vastness of his energy, the Leader of the Evil Alliance was better. It rushed in without rest, and Kim Bongpal was forced to swing his sword.


Most, but not all of it, was blocked or scattered. What remained pushed through his self-defense force and struck Kim Bongpal.

“Show me the skills you’ve boasted about! Come on!”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance shouted. Blood flowed thickly from his monstrous eye.


But contrary to the fact that it seemed he was losing, Kim Bongpal remained calm.

“Is this all?”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance snorted a little.

“Ha-! You’re still good at bluffing.”

It wasn’t even funny. However, Kim Bongpal was completely sincere.

Kim Bongpal did not even understand himself now. The Leader of Evil Alliance was strong; that was undeniable. But for some reason, he wasn’t nervous at all. Rather, he felt that the time he faced the Monstrous Immortal was more difficult.

Of course, the Monstrous Immortal was not stronger than the Leader of the Evil Alliance, given he hadn’t even fully crossed the wall. However, what made Kim Bongpal feel that way was the distance between the current and him when he faced the Monstrous Immortal.

The conversation ended there.

The Leader of the Evil Alliance, tired of his calm façade, pushed harder. His vast energy devoured the space between them.


Kim Bongpal kicked off the ground. Instead of fleeing, he dug inward into his foe’s energy.

But it was when the Leader of the Evil Alliance thought so.

Baaang-The space trembled under a great force that even the Leader of the Evil Alliance could not ignore.

Baaaaang! Baaang!

The energy rising from Kim Bongpal’s sword crushed his attack. However, the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s attack didn’t end there this time either, but split into several branches and sought new avenues of attack. Soon, they turned into a storm of Trail Force around Kim Bongpal. However, the Leader of the Evil Alliance wasn’t smiling like before.


The moment when Kim Bongpal’s sword moved again.


The Leader of the Evil Alliance’s eyes went wide. At the tip of his opponent’s sword, a sphere of great force was swirling. It spun faster and faster, devouring the energy approaching him.


The Leader of the Evil Alliance radiated his power around him, and the sphere dispersed in it. A great wind swept the training grounds from the explosion, kicking up dust.

The Leader of the Evil Alliance went stone still.

“No way. You….”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance almost looked embarrassed. There was no way he couldn’t recognize that attack. However, he couldn’t finish his thought as Kim Bongpal now pressed his advantage.


Kim Bongpal stretched out his sword in a straight line.


This time, it wasn’t a technique that belonged to the Leader of the Evil Alliance but the one he copied from Chen Hua-lin. Kim Bongpal’s sword captured its essence. The Leader of the Evil Alliance’s energy swirled and tried to block it, but Kim Bongpal’s sword proved stronger.

“How come…?”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance couldn’t understand. Was he the Celestial Demon’s disciple? Had any of them reached Transcendence? There were none, as far as he knew. If so, had he reached this transcendental state while they fought?

But then, the martial arts he showed couldn’t be explained. He had never heard of Kim Bongpal among the Celestial Demon’s disciples.

And there was another thing that defied explanation.

Baang! Baaang!

Why was Kim Bongpal able to imitate his martial arts? No, it couldn’t be.

A mere coincidence. It was just a coincidence that the enlightenment his opponent gained as he ascended was similar to his, and it must be.

…If not, this was more than unreasonable.


Kim Bongpal stopped for a moment to look at the Leader of the Evil Alliance.

“Uhm. As expected, it isn’t that good.”

“…What do you mean?”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance’s voice trembled.

“Your technique.”


His face also began to convulse. That ominous sensation welling inside him started to solidify.

“The Celestial Demon, compared to her, there’s a big difference in level. I don’t need to see it anymore.”

Kim Bongpal replied calmly. The Leader of Evil Alliance’s face bunched up into a grimace, but Kim Bongpal had already stopped paying attention to him. He was just thinking about his own battle with the Celestial Demon a few days ago.

“Aaaaaaargghhh! You! Youuuuuu!”

The Leader of the Evil Alliance charged.

Kim Bongpal continued thinking about other things, but he wasn’t distracted. His mind was much clearer than usual, and his body felt light.


Kim Bongpal’s sword and the Leader of Evil Alliance’s Trail Force clashed again. But this time, neither side was pushed back. That change was enough to further infuriate the Leader of the Evil Alliance. He continued to attack, raising the intensity bit by bit as the energy exploded from his body and pressed down on Kim Bongpal.


Baaang! Baaaang!Despite the increasing intensity, the battle’s outcome was still a draw. Kim Bongpal’s sword moved leisurely to receive the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s energy. And the Leader of the Evil Alliance…


He realized that his opponent wasn’t looking at him.

That’s right. Kim Bongpal’s eyes were directed at the Leader of Evil Alliance, but that was all. What he saw was someone else.

His sword’s energy condensed more to swallow the surrounding space.

Something vague passed through his mind. The movements the Celestial Demon showed before, as well as the essences contained within them, were things he absorbed but couldn’t do anything about. But they were sorted out through this fight. It wasn’t exactly what the Celestial Demon showed him, not quite hers but his own interpretation.

Kim Bongpal grabbed onto it.


His sword pierced through the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s energy and reached him, but Kim Bongpal didn’t stop there. He pushed forward, encroaching on the space controlled by the Leader of the Evil Alliance.

Now, their situation was reversed, and the Leader of the Evil Alliance was the one being pushed back.


He screamed. But before he spat everything out, Kim Bongpal’s sword drew close.

The Leader of Evil Alliance hastily withdrew. However, he wasn’t capable of complete evasion. A handful of flesh was ripped from his side, and his long dark robes were torn. This was the result of just being brushed by the blade.

Kim Bongpal didn’t chase him.

He pondered that question, but for now, evading came first. The Leader of the Evil Alliance, after running back using Alter Shifting Place, looked back at Kim Bongpal.


Boom- boom-

“Hmm. Would this have been better?”

Kim Bongpal stood still, waving his sword and tilting his head. It was clear what that action meant: Kim Bongpal was practicing against the Leader of the Evil Alliance. Not to deal with the Leader of Evil Alliance himself, but to practice dealing with someone beyond him.


The mad light in the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s eyes flared.

“Let’s think about it later. Eyeball Shit, I’ll finish you first.”

Kim Bongpal said. His words fell on ears deaf with rage.


But before he knew it, Kim Bongpal’s Trail Force hit the Leader of the Evil Alliance. He showed off the secrets of the Black Heavenly Demon Technique to prevent the attack, but each movement was done in vain.

Baaaang! Baang!

With a roar, all the attacks he fired exploded one after another. If only it were a day later, it would have been different if he had taken Wargen’s heart and escaped his humanity entirely. If so, he could have beaten up not only the opponent in front of him but also that bitch, Chen Hua-lin.

Such thoughts lingered in his mind. But as a result, the belief that the Leader of the Evil Alliance had built up throughout his life was disrupted. What had been cracked due to his second match against the Celestial Demon a few days ago was now crumbling out of his control.

That marked the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s defeat. The moment he abandoned himself as a warrior and was consumed by madness, it was decided.

“I felt it while fighting with you.”

Kim Bongpal started speaking. The Leader of Evil Alliance hadn’t heard his previous words, but now he paid rapt attention.

“…You are no fun.”

“Shut up! How dare you! How dare someone like you!”

“Damn it. You keep pretending to be strong until the end.”


Kim Bongpal’s sword pierced the Leader of the Evil Alliance’s flesh.