Chapter 301  : Epilogue – 3. THE END.


He felt sorry for Jaehwang’s calm and desolate voice.


Dong-cheol looked at Jaehwang with surprise and sympathy, considering that he’s already being overwhelmed by two kids. Now, their legs were so tense that they’re getting into trouble every day. He’s getting a headache every single day, and there were twenty-seven of them in this house.

Looking closely, he could see dark circles around Jaehwang’s eyes. Jaehwang, who faced tens and millions of monsters alone, didn’t change his face at all but now, he seemed to have surrendered to that noisy army of kids.

It’s fortunate that Goongi came forward and took the lead and disciplined them.


“It must have been hard.”

“Whoa… don’t even talk about it.”

When Dong-cheol and Jaehwang were sharing their feelings for each other, Kwon Je couldn’t take his eyes off the boy who was using the invincible skill a little while ago. He only saw a couple of movements, but as the founder of invincible rights, the kid took the perfect action.

Besides, he was said to be only one year old. That meant that he’s trained for less than a year. Greed for a talented kid flamed around his eyes.


“Yes, grandpa.”


“May I… may I live here?”

“What?” Jaehwang leaned his head at the sudden suggestion of Kwon Je.

“No, I mean… there are so many kids that there are not enough adults to teach them manners… Hmm… If I take care of the kids, you or your wife could rest…”

“Well, it’s going to be hard. In many ways…” Jaehwang, who read Kwon Je’s mind, shook his head and answered. His greed for talent had been well known since Jaehwang was a four-star hunter but no matter how powerful the top three in the world were, the impossible existed. Of course, Jaehwang would love some help but no matter how hard Kwon Je tries, it would be hard for him to control those kids.

“It’s hard… but they’re only children.” Jaehwang swallowed a bitter smile at Kwon Je’s answer.

“Only children…”

At Kwon Je’s words “only children”, Jaehwang had a quick flashback of the past year.

It was really good at first. Although she skipped all the childbirths and childcare that he heard about, Goongi’s belly went from a ball to normal and the adorable toddlers came crawling to him.

But that ended in just three days…

The twenty-seven plagues, who had been walking around as soon as they were born, began to fly and destroy the whole house on the third day. The buildings of the Martial Arts House Goongi and Jaehwang had rebuilt fell flat after a day in the chaos of that disaster. Well, that was pretty good too, but still, it was the fruit of love between him and Goongi.

After a month, that idea was wiped out. The speed of their children’s learning was terrifying. They began dividing themselves according to their genders and began to fight fiercely with the martial arts they had secretly learned from Jaehwang and Goongi. The couple had long forgotten how the days went by.

After half a year or so, they gradually became calm after being forced by Goongi. Maybe if Goongi or himself left the house for a day, they would show off their true colors right away.

Now, Goongi and himself could control it, but what about two years and three years from now?

He was sure that Kwon Je will run away – well, would he be able to run away?

“I have one more thing to discuss.” Jaehwang changed the conversation, trying to stop Kwon Je’s reckless challenge.

“What is it?”

Jaehwang nodded slightly at Kwon Je’s reply and a moment later, the two entered a small building behind the Martial Arts House. Unlike the other buildings in the Martial Arts House, it had a stone fence that separated its interior from the outside.

Stepping into the fence, Kwon Je suddenly stopped in a sensation of horror. “What is this?”

Jaehwang answered Kwon Je’s question with a nod. “This is Ruler.”


Kwon Je stepped back in dismay at Jaehwang’s answer, he knew how the world shook when Jaehwang fought Ruler. Later, Jaehwang said that without the help of his best friend, Babel, and Baeklin, it would have been hard to win the final battle, but he said that Ruler was here.

“Why is it…”

“His body was killed, but his essence was of a god… Goongi said that a being in the ranks of God… she said that we cannot destroy him by simply killing his body. Goongi and I gathered his divinity and sealed it here because she said it could be revived if it was mixed in with the earth’s reincarnation ring.”

“I see.”

“Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t get on with the world. The problem was that his divinity is getting stronger again. You recently opened a new Dark Earth gate, right?”


When Kwon Je nodded, Jaehwang, touching the inscriptions of the seals carved on the rocks blocking the entrance of the building, said, “I’ve also told Irumi this before, but as the number of Dark Earth gates grows, the risk of Ruler being revived increases.”

Gate… the exit to this world… It was now their only way to acquire the status of Mana Stone, which leads to the world’s development. It’s an endless source of clean energy that couldn’t be left out in life. Kwon Je shook his head at the thought of announcing Ruler’s existence once again.

There was an alternative called Elus, but Elus was more set in harmony than conquest. Recent experts said that reckless Monster Raids could have an adverse effect on Elus. That’s why they’re working with the Dark Earth gates but then, it increases Ruler’s chances of being revived as well.

“Is there no other way?” Even the energy he felt outside the building was terrifying.

“I don’t know when, but I’m going to find a medium with my wife to seal this guy.”

“Who would that be?”

“Well,” Jaehwang replied with a bitter smile to Kwon Je’s question.

To be honest, there was none. They’ve identified nothing on Earth, Dark Earth, and Elus that could do the job. After studying with Goongi, he came up with one thing that could be used as a medium of the seal, but it’s hard to get it out of his mouth. That’s why he had to find it no matter how long it takes.

“If we go on like this, we’re going to face him once more. I’m going to stop that.”

Kwon Je answered Jaehwang’s remark with a low sigh. “I am ashamed.”

Kwon Je told himself that it’s over now and was having a comfortable retirement. He was now ashamed of himself – his grandson was still sacrificing himself to protect the Earth. His war was just beginning. No, it will be a more lonely war than before. Maybe then he should fight the Earth, not the outer dimensions because those greedy humans would never let go of the Mana Stones. They would not realize how foolish they were until they were at the brink of destruction.

“Let’s go. There’s more to talk about.”