Translated by: Miss Ruby

Edited by: ShadowDog

* * *

Yuri figured she should get some work-out done for the first time in a while, so she decided to visit where the assembly for pseudo-religion was held.

“You need the exact location of the Horollala leader? Give me a minute.”

Five minutes after she arrived at Odin’s information agency, she got the exact location that she wanted.

“It’s because of that kid, isn’t it? Should I come with you?”


Odin offered in a lighthearted manner; he didn’t seem to think it was dangerous at all.

Yuri didn’t bother considering it and shook her head.

“No, I know you’re busy. Plus it might take some time anyway.”

She left Odin’s information agency alone, just like when she came in.

The sun had already set so the sky was dark.

She still had about an hour left before it was time to have dinner with Lakis. So this could also count as a pre-meal exercise.


Yuri headed towards the address inputted in her mind.

The nest of the pseudo-religion, Horollala was quite close to District 7’s new town where Odin’s information agency was located. It wasn’t that hard to find the office for the pseudo-religion.

The building where the Horollala leader had rooted himself looked ordinary, but a strange stone statue was erected in front of it.

It had a smooth, round head and tentacles that sprouted out in several directions. At a glance, it looked like an octopus or a squid.

Tsk, Tsk, Yuri clicked her tongue.

‘Of all ancient gods, why is it this one…I mean, of course, I respect his preferences.’

Apparently, they even planned to hold a meeting this evening.

And maybe that was why she kept seeing people with a black cloth over their heads, walking into the building, one by one. They were guards watching the surroundings, but Yuri easily entered the building.

The inside of the building was dark. From what she could tell, they had deliberately lit only a few candles to create a certain mood.

“Believers, please come this way. Those attending this assembly for the first time need to fill out their names right here.”

Yuri went to the auditorium where the believers were heading since she wanted to get an idea of the internal situation of this pseudo-religion.

People in black clothing were gathered there. It looked like roughly 50 people. Just like she’d heard, the Horollala religion had only emerged recently so it didn’t have that many believers.

Right then, a group of people walked onto the platform in front.

Judging from their attire, they seemed to hold quite important positions in this pseudo-religion.

“How many people came today?”

“We have about 10 more people than last time.”

“Hmm, that’s less than I expected. But I think we’re off to a good start. What about the tribute?”

“It looks like we got some useful stuff today.”

“Oh? Our leader will be pleased then.”

At first, Yuri thought that the man standing at the very front was the leader but after listening to his conversation with the people following him, she realized that wasn’t the case.

“We welcome all in attendance for today’s assembly.”

The man standing on the stage stretched out his arms and greeted the believers with a business smile.

“Now, let us recite the chant of blessing!”

And when Yuri heard the chant that the man yelled right after, she almost snorted.


The believers gathered in front followed his chanting.




“Put your chest into it!”


The believer’s heartfelt chants of blessing continued a few more times. Then, people in uniform clothing on the stage took an empty box in hand and went down to where the believers stood below.

“Before we invite our leader whose presence is like the sun and light, we shall first have an offering time. Show your heart of dedication to our Horollala god.”

Yuri looked away from the scene and changed location.

‘So they’re getting tribute and offerings now; are they going to have a pyramid scheme to sell drugs or items with the grace of the god Horollala later?’The hallway was quiet with the exception of maybe one or two believers being led to the main auditorium.

As Yuri pricked up her ears, her excellent hearing caught the sound of whispering conversation. When she moved a little closer, she saw people who were wearing the same clothing as those on the stage.

“The donations today are much bigger than before.”

“Hehe, there are many people too so I think we can sell a lot more things.”

The idea Yuri had a minute ago was correct. They were pushing a cart full of various things.


Yuri fell silent when she saw this.

Because the wooden carvings in the cart looked exactly like the statue in the front of the religion’s building. But unlike the decoration outside, the shapes were rough and messy like they were roughly carved, making it look more like a real octopus.

“I heard one of the tributes this time was an ancient relic. The leader really likes it.”

“I mean, it did look expensive. The entire ring was transparent, and I think it was made of crystal but it felt much lighter and high-quality, y’know? I heard the leader is going to the assembly today so…”

“You guys over there, hurry up and stop fooling around!”

“Ack, let’s hurry.”

After listening to their conversion, Yuri became curious. There was an ancient relic among the tribute given to the leader?

“Lord Leader, this way please.”

When she focused on her hearing, she learned that the leader was already heading towards the auditorium where the assembly was being held. Normally, Yuri would have searched their room before leaving but because of what she just heard, her interest had shifted.

“Here comes the sun and light that is our leader!”

“Oooh, Horollala!”

“Oooh, our great Horollala god!”

When Yuri heard the enthusiastic response of the believers from afar, she grew even more curious.


And so, Yuri stopped by the auditorium again and tried not to laugh when she saw the man who was standing alone on the stage.

‘What even is that.’

The leader was a man much younger-looking than she expected. There was a row of candles behind him almost like he was purposefully trying to create a halo effect. So it looked like light was shining from behind the leader’s head.

“Horollala! My loyal believers!”

The leader stretched his arms wide towards the believers. His shiny, bald head made him look even more radiant.

Indeed, the leader was bald. However, his luxurious mustache and beard which looked like they were painstakingly cared for, were twirled in several directions like tentacles.

Seeing that, she couldn’t help but think of the stone statue erected in front of the door.

‘They look alike.’

Yuri convinced herself and shook her head.

“I, Horollala god, grace all of you who have gathered here…”



At that very moment, the wall next to the leader burst open with a loud noise.

The leader flew and tumbled down the floor.

The congregation was stunned by the sudden development.

“You filthy cockroaches…”

A man walked out of the dusty haze.

Yuri felt a very distinct sense of déjà vu.

“What gives you the nerve to spread this shit on my land?”

The person who appeared with a terrifying aura was none other than Lakis.

“Lord Leader!”

“W-Who are you!”

It was impossible to live in Carnot without knowing who Lakis was, but it seems they couldn’t see his face properly because of the dust covering the stage. Perhaps they also said that because they had no time to think and the situation was so bizarre.

Lakis looked at them and sneered.

“F*cking low lives.”

His following words were arrogant.

“I am the god of this land.”

The believers who were immersed in the pseudo-religion gasped and sucked in a breath.The leader, whom they held up like a god, had fallen to the ground and fainted because of Lakis. At those words, someone yelled as if they had found a light in the darkness.

“Ho, Horollala?!”

Thwack! Bang!


But that person was quickly sent flying and ended up in a similar state as the leader.

“Horollala my foot. F*** that. All of you bastards are getting some sense beaten into you today.”

The men that Lakis brought with him held down the members of the organization.

Lakis approached the leader brimming with murderous intent. When he saw a sparkling ring on the leader’s finger, a vein almost popped on his forehead.

He wondered how to kill this trash as painfully as possible.

Just when Lakis, who was truly angry, was about to cut off the leader’s entire hand…


A familiar figure flew down a white thread from the ceiling and landed in front of him.

“Mr. Lakis.”

“Ms. Yuri?”

Lakis was very startled. He was so distracted by the cockroach-like leader that he didn’t notice that Yuri was nearby.

“Ms. Yuri, what are you doing in such a dirty place?”

“Someone I know was affected by this cult. I didn’t expect to meet you here but nice timing. I’ll give this to you.”

Yuri moved her other hand and pulled the things that were bound to her thread. It was the evidence of the things deceptively obtained by the Horollala religion; she had gotten it when the leader’s room was empty.

Lakis unconsciously accepted it.

Frankly, Lakis planned on wiping out all the people in here even without such evidence but since Yuri gave this to him, he decided to take good care of it.

Right then, Yuri’s gaze fell on the leader who was fainted at his feet.

“I heard there’s an ancient relic among the tributes given to the priest. That must be it.”

Lakis flinched at that moment.

Yuri didn’t notice and stared at the ring on the leader’s hand for a moment.

“That ring…Ehem. Do you like it?”

Lakis asked Yuri while studying reaction somewhat impatiently.

“You mean this thing?”

Yuri laughed, not realizing why Lakis was asking that question.

The ring that the leader was wearing was certainly an ancient relic. But it was not as expensive and valuable as the cult people thought. Because it was just a simple, plastic toy ring.

It might seem novel to others because this world didn’t have plastic these days, but it wasn’t like that for Yuri. Once she realized what the tribute was, Yuri was a little deflated.

“No. I’m too old for toys, I guess a kid might like it.”


Lakis fell silent.

His chilly gaze moved to the side.

One of Lakis’ men, who was managing the believers some distance away, suddenly felt a cold draft behind him and trembled. He was the very subordinate who recommended the ancient relic ring to Lakis, as a gift for Yuri. It Was at this moment that his dark future was forecasted.

“Looks like it will take a while to be done here, Mr. Lakis.”

Yuri looked at the mess around them and said.

She seemed to be wondering if she should go home first since Lakis was working. Lakis was about to say they could just go back now and leave his men to handle everything. But before he could say anything, Yuri turned back to him and said.

“I’ll wait till you’re done. Let’s go home together.”

“…Even though it might take a while?”

“That’s fine. I won’t be bored watching you.”

Lakis’ lips immediately relaxed.

He didn’t know why he felt so ticklish inside when she said she would wait for him no matter how long it took.

Lakis’ mood brightened, and he smiled at Yuri.

It looked like it would take a little more time to find a wedding gift that suited Yuri…

“There isn’t really anything I have to do, we can go now.”

“We can do that?”

Of course, they could. After all, he was a king who could do anything he wanted.

Like that, the two of them left the strange pseudo-religion group and walked down the road under the cover of the darkness.

To their cozy home at the end of the road.

[The End]