You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain prologue

This is crazy. I almost uttered a swear word without realizing it. I calmed down and confirmed the address on the nameplate.

[44 at Gray Parrot-B04]

It’s definitely my house, but why is he here? It would be impossible for anyone else to tell that the good-looking man sleeping in front of the door was someone from Carnot, a criminal hotspot. Hiding my bewilderment, I lean down to examine his condition.

OnlyThe streets of Jeanie are narrow, and the smell of blood fills my nose. His whole body is covered in blood, but I doubt all of it is his. I really don’t want to, but I use my powers to check his body, releasing a translucent white thread from my fingertips which penetrates the man, scanning over his body. Although the injury is severe, I don’t think he’ll die immediately. I rise again after looking at his face. It appears so gentle, like an angel, that it’s almost impossible to believe he was the king of the dark world. Turning away, I look around quietly, and fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any rats in the area.


I lift my foot and push the man’s body next door. The beautiful woman living there is the good lady who can help him to be the main character.


So in a nutshell……You’re at the wrong house, Mr. Villainous Servant.

T/N: hope the chapter wasn’t too brain numbing to read,, since google translate isn’t really reliable. if only i knew korean *sigh* its gonna take me ages to translate all 90+ chapters…

the narrow street part doesn’t really make sense.. i think thats a translation error so ignore that??

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