Chapter 845 Part 3

  Autumn is sunny and sunny.

  Yang Fuxuan married Ai Fu before the autumn harvest. On this joyous day, almost all the dignified people in Liangzhou City were dispatched.

The Yang Mansion is not a figure on the cards in Liangzhou Mansion, but who told them that their mud legs can climb up to Mu Wang Mansion? Dare to neglect.

It is not necessary for Tan Anjun and his wife to be present in the Yang Mansion, but some special people have to be entertained by them personally, such as Su Yongyuan who came here before the autumn harvest this time, or an old acquaintance sent by Emperor Changxing to oversee the army against all opinions Qi Xiang.

   This made Tan Anjun, who had a hard day off and wanted to be with his wife and daughter, full of resentment. Sitting in his position and wanting to be quiet for a day, these people always like to have nothing to do to find a sense of presence.

   nominally accompanied the guests, but Tan Anjun and his wife held a baby in their arms.


In a secluded courtyard of the Yang Mansion, Su Yongyuan looked at a certain man who kept his eyes on the baby in his arms from entering the courtyard door to sitting next to them, and said in a sour tone: "We have known each other for decades, and I have never Knowing that some people will become daughter slaves one day, from the moment they entered the courtyard, the eyeballs have not moved from the beginning to the end, and they are almost stuck in swaddling clothes."

   "You can't be envious of this." Tan Anjun raised his head and glanced at him lightly, and then moved to Yang Lan'er's side to look at his little girl Xiaoliu, furious.


  Su Yongyuan is angry. He got married a few years ago, and his wife is the daughter of a wealthy family in the capital that is comparable to their Su family.

  After marriage, the husband and wife respect each other as guests and have been getting along tepidly.

  The next year, his eldest son was born, and in the third year, his second son was born last year. Sons were born again and again, which improved the embarrassing situation of the small number of descendants. Su Yongyuan was always a little complacent about this.


  After seeing Tan Anjun's two twin daughters today, he is not calm anymore, his heart is sour

  Seeing this scene, Yang Lan'er and Qi Xiang looked at each other and smiled, then she lowered her head and teased Xiao Liu by blowing bubbles.

"Don't worry about me, we may be very busy today, so we don't have time to watch you **** off, so just say something," Tan Anjun saw that he wanted to retort, and then said, "Don't say you're just here to participate." For the wedding banquet, now you don't need to show face to my subordinates because of your status, come to his wedding banquet in person."

  Su Yongyuan glanced at Yang Lan'er, and retorted a bit like a villain: "This is your Yue's family!"

  Tan Anjun sneered at his provocative words, but still took it lightly: "Well, let's talk, I haven't seen each other for several years, why did I suddenly remember that Liangzhou government is looking at me this time?"

"Go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing. Since you can't see my sincerity, then I will take it back. Now let's talk about the utilitarianism of this long trip." Su Yongyuan shrugged innocently, and looked around at the few people in front of the stone table , and finally looked at Yang Lan'er and said: "Since the cement factory was taken back by the emperor's old man, I have always wanted to continue our cooperation. Can the prince and concubine give the little one this chance?"

  Hearing this, Yang Lan'er finally gave him a straight look, and asked with a slight smile, "Do you want to continue contracting land for real estate?"

"That's right." Su Yongyuan nodded, and it was rare for him to sit upright, and said with a straight expression: "This trip to the city has allowed me to see the prosperity of Liangzhou, the potential of Liangzhou City, and the wasteland behind the shops facing the street. "

  'Puff' Yang Lan'er laughed out loud: "Hehe, the land price in our Liangzhou City is not low."

  Su Yongyuan saw that there was a door, and said with a smile: "The price of land and house prices complement each other."

  The implication is that it is up to you to decide whether you want the people in your jurisdiction to live in high-priced houses or affordable houses.

"Nowadays, the land in Liangzhou City is very valuable. What's more, there is no tax exemption for noble officials in Liangzhou City. You have to think carefully." Yang Lan'er looked at him with a smile, implying that don't try to make friends She walks the door of convenience.

  Hearing this, Su Yongyuan laughed loudly: "Under the same circumstances, it is fine for the prince and princess to give priority to me."

   Now this is Tan Anjun's fiefdom, which is similar to private property. It is more realistic to let him subsidize him with money from his own pocket. It is more realistic to think about daydreaming.

A cunning flashed in Yang Lan'er's eyes, and she said in a clear and shallow voice: "With our friendship, please rest assured. The vacant land without houses in Liangzhou City has been marked, and you can go there these few days if you are free. Familiarize yourself, then we will organize a unique auction conference."

   "Auction meeting?" Su Yongyuan's face froze. Is it what he thought?

   "Yes, at the auction conference, every marked land will be auctioned, and the highest bidder wins."

  Of course, for the sake of the low-level people, they are also preparing to build affordable housing in specific peripheral areas, so that ordinary income families can have housing. Yang Laner did not explain this to Su Yongyuan.

  Su Yongyuan turned his head to Tan Anjun and said weakly: "You husband and wife are so heartless, you will have no friends in the future."

   Tan Anjun rolled his eyes at him: "Will you break up with me because of this?"

   "No way."

   "This is the end."

  Yang Lan'er turned her head and blinked at Qi Xiang, and asked, "Although Governor Qi is a military governor, he doesn't stay in the barracks all the time. Do you want to form a construction team?"

  She still takes good care of her friends and comrades-in-arms.

  Qi Xiang was suddenly asked, and looked at Yang Lan'er in surprise: "Construction team?"

   "Hmm!" Yang Lan'er looked at him with crooked eyes and asked, "Are you interested?"

   "Liangzhou No. 1 Construction Company?"

   "Haha! Smart, you can understand it that way."

   As expected of a veritable money rake in the contemporary era, she can associate anything with making money. Qi Xiang glanced at her meaningfully and pursed her lips: "Do you have business to take care of me?"

   "Of course!" Yang Lan'er replied with super confidence, and first gave him the housing project.

  There is no free lunch in the world. Business is often more important than technology. No matter how good the technology is, you will still starve to death without performance. He understands this truth very well.

  So, Qi Xiang asked again: "How much do you want? Fifty percent?"

   "Princess Mu, I can also form a construction team, count me in, and I'll give you a 60% bonus." When Su Yongyuan heard such a good thing, how could he forget him.

  Yang Lan'er glanced at him with a half-smile, then shook her head: "You already have a goal, don't try to mess with everything."

   Too much to chew!

   "Friends for so many years, are you really going to leave me?" Su Yongyuan looked at the husband and wife resentfully.

  Yang Lan'er rolled her eyes in her heart, and refused mercilessly: "You are not suitable for the one we formed. Otherwise, you can form one yourself, and we all have no objection."

  Su Yongyuan jumped in anger: "Why am I not suitable?"

   "Don't try to mess around, if you say you are not suitable, then you are suitable!" Yang Lan'er had nothing to do with him, but her tone of voice was very firm.

   "Don't interrupt, Yang Lan'er, you haven't said how much you want?" Qi Xiang was not very interested when Yang Lan'er mentioned it, but at this time, when Su Yongyuan disturbed him, he became more interested.

  I thought that Qian Razi would say 50%, but Yang Lan'er just didn't care and suggested only 30%.

   "Thirty percent?" Qi Xiang plucked his ears in front of everyone, and then looked at the sun in the sky, with an expression of disbelief.

   Yang Lan'er was so angry that she couldn't get anywhere, she said angrily: "Don't look! The sun still rises in the east today, if you think I want too little, how about you 40% and I 60%?"

   "Don't!" Qi Xiang reacted quickly this time, raised his hands, glanced at Su Yongyuan provocatively, and smiled at her: "I will give you 30% as you said, and you are in charge of the business."

"Good idea!" Yang Lan'er was laughed angrily by him: "I'm just introducing some business to you in the early stage, and the company will eventually have to you to solicit business by yourself, don't rely on me for everything, otherwise I'm afraid I will be overworked He died young."

   "Haha!" Su Yongyuan raised his head and laughed, "Untimely death? Haha, this is the funniest joke I've heard this year."

  Yang Lan'er frowned slightly: "Could it be that my concubine made a mistake?"

As soon as Su Yongyuan heard that she claimed to be the concubine, Su Yongyuan knew that Yang Lan'er was a little bit of a precursor to anger from embarrassment, and the alarm bell was ringing in his heart. He hurriedly described it, and said very quickly: "Am I wrong? You look young at first glance." Pretty, people who don't know think that the girl is twenty-eight years old, you are talking about dying young here, is it ridiculous?"

  Yang Lan'er's face turned cloudy, and just about to say something, Li Chun came in and bowed to everyone: "Master, General Qi, Mr. Su."

   "What's going on ahead?" Yang Lan'er asked.

   "The welcoming team is almost at the gate. The old lady told the masters to go to the lobby. The new couple will bid farewell to their relatives in the lobby after a while." Lichun said.

   "Okay, today is the big day, let's go to the front hall first, and we will talk about the details later." Yang Lan'er got up.

  The most important thing today is her eldest niece leaving the cabinet smoothly.

   Everyone got up and walked out.

   Tan Anjun asked Lichun: "Where are the three treasures and the four treasures? Did you go to the front hall?"

  As for Yuer Kuner, when children grow up, they don’t need their parents to bring them with them all the time. They have their own social circle.

  Li Chun replied softly: "I have been very busy in the morning. The servant girl did not pay attention to the two young masters. The third and fourth young masters are accompanied by young servants. When they hear the firecrackers, they should remind the young masters to go to the front hall."

   There was still a certain distance between the welcoming team and the gate of the Yang Mansion, so the butler ordered the servants in the mansion to light the firecrackers.

  Accompanied by the deafening sound of firecrackers, the groom went through five passes in the Yang Mansion and finally received the long-awaited beauty.

   Ai Ziwen grinned the whole time, with joy from the bottom of his heart, bid farewell to his parents-in-law and left on a tall horse.

   With a basin of clear water poured out of the gate, the slightly sad family members of the Yang family were left behind.

   Today, she left the gate of the Yang Mansion, and if she came back later, she would go back to her natal family. She is already from the Ai family.

  (end of this chapter)