Once again when he opened his eyes, Zhou Yunsheng found himself lying on a soft king-sized bed, above his head was a white ceiling and a gorgeous crystal lamp. He sat up and found that the AI, which was bound to his soul, at this time was quiet on his wrist. Some writing emerged from the dark display, it was the details stolen from the Lord God of this new body’s life.

As a virus, to avoid the Lord God’s monitoring, Zhou Yun Sheng naturally will not attach himself to the main player in each dimension. As accurately measured by 007, his best choice was to become data that sooner or later would be destroyed, commonly known as cannon fodder. Changing the fate of cannon fodder, although it will not lead to the collapse of the dimension, it will cause an error in the Lord God’s calculations.

A series of data errors can cause more data errors, when he leaves, the world would be out of the Lord God’s control. Like in the gray area of ​​a brain, although it looks okay, but it was actually necrotic, and the more the necrotic area multiplies, the brain would sooner or later be paralyzed.

This was the result Zhou Yunsheng ultimately wanted.

After reading the information, the corner of his mouth raised slightly. The body was 16 years old, also known as Zhou Yun Sheng, and was the Zhou group’s first son. He was a first year student, he had two younger brothers, both fifteen years old, one called Zhou Wenang, and the other was called Zhou Wenjing. Zhou Wenang was Zhou Yun Sheng’s half-brother, but because his father preferred his mother Wenang was Zhou’s favorite son. Zhou Yunsheng’s true brother died when he was born because of hypoplasia of the heart.

Zhou Wenjing was born from a woman who was originally funded by Zhou mother. The woman was an orphan, but she was kind-hearted and always felt sorry for Zhou mother, after she gave birth she fell into depression, a few years later she committed suicide. The body was found by Zhou mother, its unknown whether that stimulated her, but the year after she jumped into the sea, her body was unable to found.

The protagonist of this world was Zhou’s second son Zhou Wenjing, he was suppressed by his family during childhood, persecuted by his brothers, and then final fought back and became a commercial emperor. He defeated countless opponents, experienced a thrilling business war, and then finally boarded the pinnacle of power and wealth. And Zhou Yun Sheng was just a stumbling block on the road of his life, he couldn’t even be called an opponent.



Zhou’s three sons, the first was calm and sophisticated, the second son was eccentric, and the third son was simple and straightforward. However the first son who looked the most outstanding and smart, in reality was the most stupid. He took care of Zhou Wenang to the point of stupidity, he even bullied Zhou Wenjing under the other’s instigation, and the eccentric Zhoufu did not interfere. Under the deliberate guidance of Zhoufu, he became a shield in defense of Zhou Wenang.

In the end, he not only had to bear the revenge of Zhou Wenjing, even his share of the family property was given to Zhou Wenang, and he died in poverty.

This was a standard role for cannon fodder.

After reading the information, Zhou Yunsheng lazily stretched his waist, then went to the huge floor window to bask in the dawn. The 007 was rapidly calculating how to change the fate of the original owner. Since this was now his body, he would seriously face life, would not treat it as a fantasy world and would not treat this game with disdain.

This was a world created by the Lord God, it was a collection of countless data and was different from the real world. However, he was also a string of data, or was the codified recreation of a soul, so to him the worlds felt no different from the real thing. The anger of betrayal, the sadness, the pain of being killed again and again, was no less than the real world. It even became deep rooted in the memory of his soul and was more profound than reality.


He does not want to be a puppet for the Lord God to have fun with.  Since he exists here, he will do everything possible to subvert the fate of his life. At that moment, the sun hid behind the clouds, the smooth glass windows reflected the teenager’s sharp handsome face.

“Shen-shao, breakfast is ready, time to get up.” Just then, the nanny knocked on the door.

Zhou Yunsheng put away his spirit, re-hung a gentle and elegant smile, and followed the original owner’s memory to change into his school uniform, wash his face and run downstairs for breakfast.

In the dining room, Zhoufu was sitting in the main chair to read the newspaper, Zhou Wenang  was lying on his shoulder, his neck stretched out, when he saw his father flip the page he quickly pressed the newspaper in one hand, shouting out that he was not done reading. Zhou father smiled helplessly, then lovingly pinched his son’s nose.

This kind of tenderness, did the eldest son Zhou Yun Sheng ever receive that? But he was brain washed by his father to always think that the best of everything should be given to his brother, taking care of his brother was his duty.

Take care huh? Zhou Yun Sheng will naturally take good care of Zhou Wenang. His mouth slightly raised up, so that the smile on his face became more gentle and sincere. Zhou Yun Sheng sat on his father’s left, casually glanced at Zhou Wenjing, whose head was down in thoughts only he could know.

“Xiao Sheng, drink a glass of milk every day.” Zhoufu’s personal assistant Du Xu Lang came out of the kitchen, a cup of steaming milk held in his hand, blocking his view of Zhou Wenjing.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s smile became deeper, his dark eyes quickly flashed a sharp light. He almost forgot, his current opponent was not only the protagonist Zhou Wenjing, there was also his best helper Du Xu Lang. Without him, Zhou Wenjing would not have accomplished so much in 10 years.

Basically – he was Zhou Wenjing’s biggest cheat, his biggest asset.



fu – suffix for a father

shao– more formal way of saying xiao(little)