Chapter 2612: The Grand Finale

Jiang Yan had long known about Ning Yuan’s pregnancy.

Now that she saw that Ye Yu valued Ning Yuan and the child so much, she felt relieved.

Ye Yu hugged Ning Yuan’s slender shoulders and looked at the eyes of his family looking at him. He said in a low voice, “Yuanyuan is pregnant.”

The moment she finished speaking, everyone’s eyes were filled with joy and excitement.

Ning Yuan’s pregnancy was not a secret in the royal family.

Although he did not dare to say anything to her face, there would be people who would say something about this in private.


In this world, the hardest thing to stop was gossip.

Now that Ning Yuan was pregnant, there was no need to explain anything and those who gossiped would naturally shut up.

Nan Zhi went forward and held Ning Yuan’s hand with a smile.

“Why are you so sudden? Are you feeling unwell? I’ve been staying in the palace recently. I’ll make something delicious for you.”

Faced with Nan Zhi’s concern, Ning Yuan’s eyes turned red unconsciously.

It was said that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were the public enemy and were the most difficult to get along with, but the Queen doted on her like a mother.


This made her feel touched and happy.

“Mom, everything is fine. Don’t worry.”

Ye Tian, Bo Cixue, and the rest came to congratulate them one after another.

Everyone had dinner at Crown Palace and several dishes were cooked by Nan Zhi.

Ye Yu had drunk a lot and so had Gu Yang.

On the way back to the Princess’s palace, Ye Tian supported Gu Yang, who was staggering a little, and asked worriedly, “Why did you drink so much? Can you still walk?”

Gu Yang stopped and looked at Ye Tian, her fingers lightly brushing the tip of her nose. “Not only can I walk, but I can also carry you.”

Ye Tian glared at him. “I don’t want to. You can’t even walk stably yourself. Won’t you fall if you carry me?”

Gu Yang’s tall body stepped forward and squatted in front of Ye Tian. “Come up.”

Looking at his broad and handsome back, Ye Tian went forward and punched his shoulder lightly. “Stop it, walk properly.”

Ye Tian went around him and walked forward.

But after a few steps, her delicate body suddenly rose into the air.

She was carried up horizontally.

“Gu Yang, put me down quickly,” she called softly.

Gu Yang had no intention of putting her down and carried her forward steadily.

Seeing his insistence, Ye Tian looked up at him.

He was no longer as frivolous and unruly as he was in high school. Now, he was handsome, mature, reserved, and charming.

It also made her even more fascinated.

Ye Tian put aside her shyness and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her pink lips kissed his firm chin.

“Ah Yang,” she called him softly.

Gu Yang looked down at her. “Hm?”

“What do you think about Second Sister-in-law being pregnant?”

Gu Yang raised her eyebrows. “How can I feel when Second Sister-in-law is pregnant? Of course I’m happy for her and Second Brother.”

Ye Tian puffed up her cheeks and glared at him. “Of course I’m happy for them. I’m asking if you’ve ever thought about…”

Gu Yang already understood what she wanted to say. He smirked, his smile devilish. “Do you want to have a baby with me?”

Although they had been together for many years, she could not help but blush every time she heard his straightforward words.

She buried her face in his chest and hummed softly.

Gu Yang kissed the top of Ye Tian’s head and said in a low voice, “Don’t give birth yet. I haven’t spent enough time with you. I don’t want the baby to come out and steal your attention. Let’s have another one later. There’s no hurry, hm?”

Ye Tian nodded obediently. “I’ll listen to you.”

Gu Yang’s smile deepened. “You’re so obedient.”

Under the night sky, his thin lips approached her.

Their breaths intertwined with each other.

Happiness and sweetness spread all around.