Chapter 2: A Messy Night

The man had a refreshing smell that Nan Zhi liked, one that was full of manliness.

She nibbled on his cool, soft lips, then made her way across to his chin, his jaw. Her breathing was a mess, and a soft whimper left her flushed lips. “I feel really uncomfortable, can you help me…?”

The man was about to tell her to scram, when her lips pressed deeply against his again, restraining his words from coming out. Her soft, fragrant tongue slipped into his mouth, young and inexperienced, entangling him somewhat awkwardly.

Neither of them could see each other’s faces clearly, but they could both feel the boiling hot temperature exuding from both of their bodies.

Nan Zhi’s delicate arms wrapped around the man’s neck tightly. She did not know what she could do apart from kiss him. She buried her burning face into the man’s neck, and gave a painful moan.

“I was drugged. I feel really uncomfortable.”


Nan Zhi had no idea why she felt an inexplicable trust towards this man.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had been lying on the bed without making any movement at all. Or perhaps it was because he had not hurt her even after she had kissed him like that.

However, she had not considered the primitive instincts of a man.

When she moved to kiss the man once more, he jerked suddenly, turning and pressing her underneath his body, straddling her instead.

In the darkness, Nan Zhi could feel an extreme attractiveness present in the man’s cold and dark eyes as he gazed at her, drawing her to him like an endless whirlpool.

Nan Zhi could not help but swallow nervously. Her hands crept unconsciously into the man’s shirt, her fingers gently caressing, lightly dancing across his clearly defined abdomen. They started to have a mind of their own and moved lower instinctively…


It was painful.

It was so painful.

It felt like her body had been forcefully split open by an axe.

Despite all the pain she was in, her drug-induced body only wanted more. Her hands grabbed onto the man’s tensed muscles, demanding more from his taut, strong arms as her hands drew traces of blood scratched across his body.

In the Presidential Suite, the thick grey curtains were drawn tightly, with limited light filtering into the room, though one could still vaguely see the faint sunlight making its way from outside.

It was daybreak.

The room was filled with the overwhelming scent of sex.

Upon the bed, the young and delicate girl slowly opened her eyes. As her soft lashes fluttered open, they revealed dark black orbs that held a hint of confusion and disorientation, after having just woken up.

Her soft, thin waist seemed to be trapped under a muscular arm, full of strength and in perfect proportion.

A man lay behind her, his chest joined to her back in such a way that there was hardly any space between them. His breathing was light and shallow, as his chest heaved up and down rhythmically.

Nan Zhi felt an overwhelming fear in her heart as her she gradually recalled the memories from the night before.

Her tiny hand moved up to cover her lips. It was a long while until she was able to slowly come back to her senses from the shock and disbelief, incredulous over what had happened.

She glanced at the man behind her, before pulling his muscular arm away from her waist. Her body was threatening to fall apart, but she forced herself to get up and pulled herself off the bed.

After she picked up her clothes that were thrown haphazardly all over the floor, she fled the room as quickly as she could.

After a period of time had passed, the man slowly opened his eyes. There was no longer any trace of the girl beside him. As he lifted his hand, a pearl earring fell softly upon his palm.

The Nan family mansion was located in the last row of a residential area, which housed only the rich and affluent. Nan Zhi got out from the taxi painfully and dragged her limp, exhausted legs towards the living room.

She had barely reached the entrance when she heard cheerful laughter coming from inside.

“Shaoxiu Ge*, are you sure you can give me this pink diamond necklace as a gift? I’m not your fiancée. If Zhizhi found out, she would skin me alive.”


*Ge is a term for older brother, though you do not have to be related to call another Ge