Chapter 2: Gossip Queen (2)

Tian Yuan was confused and wondered why Sister Jiang Nian was behaving strangely today.

Tian Yuan left with Ming Shu and the two walked for a while. She found that her employer seemed to be a little different. Sister Jiang Nian was nice, but she only smiled when there was someone watching—unlike now. Now, she had a faint smile on her face all the time.

She looked easygoing, but…

What was amazing was that Ming Shu had eaten a lot, which astonished Tian Yuan. She tried her best to stop Ming Shu.

“Sister Jiang Nian, don’t eat anymore. Sister Aileen would kill me if she found out I didn’t stop you!” Tian Yuan jumped up to grab Ming Shu’s slice of cake, but Ming Shu was much taller than her. She couldn’t take it and even cried in anger.

The passersby looked at them curiously.


This little girl jumped up to grab a slice of cake from a dazzling woman’s hand, but that woman, smiling the whole while, only lifted the cake higher and watched the girl. They didn’t know whether it was just their imagination, but they swore they saw pink bubbles around the two.

Because Tian Yuan was being so demanding, Ming Shu put on her sunglasses. She didn’t wear a mask if she was going to eat.

But she might be recognized like this.

“I’ll die if I don’t eat.” Ming Shu’s hand was on top of Tian Yuan’s head to stop her jumping. “It’ll be fine as long as you don’t tell Sister Aileen. Just let me eat this last one. Stop! If you keep doing this, we’ll be spotted.”

Tian Yuan immediately turned her head to look and found that some people were watching them and even more were edging closer.

Tian Yuan almost cried. With a sad expression, Tian Yuan said, “Sister Jiang Nian, you’ve said this is the last one too many times!”


Following the full and drunk Ming Shu, the downhearted Tian Yuan returned to the film set. She had already foreseen how Sister Aileen would scold her. It was going to be horrible!

When they came in, the main set was crawling with people. But Ming Shu, sucking a popsicle, didn’t care about that. It seemed that what was going on wasn’t nearly as worthy of attention as her popsicle.

Tian Yuan worried that Jiang Nian’s inelegant behavior would be photographed by someone. She ventured to snatch away the popsicle from Ming Shu’s hand and righteously said, “Sister Jiang Nian, stop eating! If you keep eating, I’ll call Sister Aileen.”

Glancing at the half-eaten popsicle, Ming Shu tried to persuade Tian Yuan: “Now, the country encourages diligence and frugality, so since I’ve eaten half, I should eat the other half.”

Obviously, Tian Yuan knew exactly what Ming Shu really wanted. She quickly threw the popsicle into the trash can.

Immediately afterward, Tian Yuan felt that she had overstepped. She looked at Ming Shu fearfully, but Ming Shu only had eyes for that trash can and didn’t pay Tian Yuan any mind at all.

Tian Yuan held her cell phone tightly and thought, Sister Jiang Nian really is weird today.

Will I need to call Sister Aileen?

“We’re not finished!” With this sharp shout, the people in front of them backed off and scattered. The woman who’d slapped another charged out angrily, dirt on her clothes and a slightly discomfited look on her face.

A woman in a white dress ran after her, aggrieved, and said: “Sister Manman, it really wasn’t on purpose.”

Song Man suddenly stopped and turned around. With a ferocious expression, she pointed at the other woman and said, “Ning Keqing, don’t think I don’t know how you joined our film crew by sleeping with someone. This isn’t over.”

Ning Keqing, the villain.

After her rebirth, Ning Keqing pretended to be a white lotus all the time and secretly exacted vengeance on those who had offended her in her past life.

“Sister Manman, how could you say that? I was just careless and got your clothes dirty,” Ning Keqing explained desperately. “They all saw I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“You were careless?” Song Man was extremely angry. “Ning Keqing, don’t pretend to be innocent. Who do you want to see your innocence?”

Ning Keqing pretended to be innocent on the surface, but there was scorn and contempt in her eyes. Maybe Song Man had seen that and became infuriated, and so returned to berate her.

Such a horrible woman. I’m so angry.

Ning Keqing was very good at pretending to be a white lotus. She’d been hit by Song Man several times, but that was only because she deliberately allowed it. Well, it was certain that the spectators would villainize Song Man and sympathize with Ning Keqing.

Such scheming!

Right then, Ming Shu stopped staring at the trash can and walked toward the noisy crowd.

“Sister Jiang Nian, Sister Jiang Nian…” Tian Yuan was astonished and asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Ming Shu glanced at her and chuckled— I’m certainly going to earn hatred.

She picked up an unopened juice box that some unknown person had set aside, opened it, and drank slowly. Then she grasped Song Man’s shoulder, gently pushed her out of the way, and poured the remaining juice on Ning Keqing.

Everyone instantly quieted down.

The smell of orange juice was thick in the air. Ning Keqing’s white dress was soaked, her lace underwear revealed.

She was perhaps too shocked after having juice suddenly poured on her. After a pause, she crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself.

Ming Shu placed the juice box in the hand of Song Man, who was just as shocked. Then she smiled and said, “Is this all because she dirtied your clothes? What’s the point of arguing? Just dirty her clothes too.”


It was so simple and rude!


Superstar Jiang Nian, did this have anything to do with you?

No one dared to even breathe loudly. At first, this was an argument between Song Man and Ning Keqing. Song Man was a first-rate actress while Ning Keqing was a third-rate actress, but it was said that she was supported by a Money Boss. For these reasons, they were all unwilling to offend the two.

Therefore, when the actresses quarreled, they only pretended to intervene.

But Jiang Nian was different. She was a superstar actress now and could easily get many scripts. As such a superstar actress, why did she get involved in this matter?

She was making things worse!

“Sister Jiang Nian… Did I offend you?” Ning Keqing lightly bit her lower lip, tears glistening in her eyes, delicate and touching.

Ning Keqing really didn’t remember when she offended Jiang Nian. Even in her last life, she had little to do with her.

Jiang Nian was tactful and slick in every interaction. She wouldn’t offend anyone even if they were unimportant.

So Ning Keqing didn’t know why Jiang Nian suddenly poured juice on her today.

“You’re bothering me,” Ming Shu replied with a smile. In the next second, she started acting. “Do you know how much an hour of my time is worth? You wasted time arguing here. Do you know how much of my money you wasted? Money equals time, time equals life, and therefore you’re wasting my life.”

“…” Is it really that serious? Everyone had the same thought.

Obviously Ming Shu wanted to say more, but Ning Keqing spoke before her. “Sorry, Sister Jiang Nian! I’m sorry for bothering you. I really didn’t mean to.”

It was Ming Shu that poured juice on Ning Keqing first. But now Ning Keqing readily apologized and bowed her head. Others would think Ming Shu was bullying Ning Keqing.

Great. After your rebirth, you should be smarter.

Ming Shu smiled wider and patted Song Man, who was still shocked, on the shoulder. She said to her, “Don’t just spout evil things, it’s useless. You should counterattack at once or wait for another opportunity.”