Chapter 1665: Chapter 1665 Princess Shu Yang (15)

There were no changes in the ten counties of three provinces. Ming Shu found the place where she separated from Ming Xi.

For cultivators, a thousand years was not a long time. However, that incident should have been sealed. Ming Shu couldn’t find out anything.

Just as she was about to leave, someone called out to her.

It was an old woman.

“Why are you asking about Prince Ming Xi?”There was something wrong with the old Granny’s eyes. When she looked at people, she narrowed her eyes so that no one could see the emotions in her eyes.

“He… is my relative.”Ming Shu hesitated.


“Relative?”The old granny held her walking stick and suddenly said angrily, “Nonsense! Prince Ming Xi’s relative died a long time ago.”

Ming Shu:”…”

“But after so many years, someone still came to ask Crown Prince Ming Xi… I almost don’t remember.”The old woman sighed. “Little Girl, Ming Xi died a long time ago.”

“How did he die? Who Killed Him?”Father and mother said that he was not less talented than her, so he couldn’t die.

The old woman’s eyes narrowed so much that there were no gaps. Ming Shu let her look at him.

After a long time, the old woman asked, “Are you really Prince Ming Xi’s relative?”


Ming Shu didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

The old woman told Ming Shu about what happened after she left.

Ming Xi learned that her father and mother were dead. She went back to the imperial city without any hesitation. When she heard that her sister was still alive, she wanted to save her sister.

However, her sister was not saved. Instead, she put herself in danger.

“You… are?”

The old woman coughed twice and said a name as if she was deeply moved. “Xin Jing.”

Ming Shu looked at the old woman. She remembered the woman who was supported by Brother Xin Yu when she returned to the imperial city last time.

Xin Jing, Brother Xin Yu’s sister.

Before the accident, she married someone. Her husband changed sides very quickly, so he was not involved..

Ming Shu stood outside the imperial city with a cold expression.

The old woman’s voice kept echoing in her ears.

Ming XI was caught by the new king and was sentenced to death for colluding with demons.

Compared to her father and mother, Ming Xi didn’t spend much time with her, but she still felt heartache. Those were her family.

They killed her family.

Her family fell in front of her one by one..

The scene was like a nightmare. As long as she closed her eyes, she could see it. She hated how weak she was at that time.

She regretted her actions even more.

But nothing could be changed.

Her family members couldn’t come back.

All she could do was to avenge them.

Ming Shu reached out her hand. The snow fell from the sky and melted in her palm. Coldness spread from her palm to her entire body.

The last time she came back, it was the same weather.

The Ming family was still in power. It was the throne that she obtained by stepping on the blood of her parents.

Ming Shu took a deep breath and entered the palace.

The first place she went to was the Imperial Tutor’s residence.

The imperial tutor had already abdicated, and the new Imperial Tutor didn’t know where he was.

Ming Shu brought the imperial tutor into the palace in an overbearing manner. The palace was even more extravagant. Ming Shu fought her way in, but not many people could stop her.

Of course, it could also be that after such a long time, her strength was no longer comparable to that of ordinary people.

After all, she had a spirit in her body that was said to be unique.

It said that as long as they were connected with their minds, they would be the most powerful in the world, and no one would be their match.

The king was no longer the same person as before, but he was the eldest son. Ming Shu captured the king.

She didn’t capture everyone, but only a part of them.

She stood on the high ground and looked at the people who had thrown away their armor. “Go tell them that Ming Shu is back.”

She took them to the cloud dream platform and left behind people who could report to her. She asked them to call for people.

She asked the people who betrayed her father and sent them to the cloud dream platform to live.

The cloud dream platform was white and flawless, without any filth.

But the blood of her family had once flowed there.

She had promised, she had promised… as long as they were safe, she would do anything.


Why did she have to kill them!

The people who were caught by Ming Shu were now huddled together in fear.

This girl directly killed her way into the imperial city. The guards in the Imperial City were like radishes in her eyes. They raised their hands and cut down effortlessly.

There was a dark aura on her body, as if she had crawled back from Hell and was asking for their lives.

The people who were still alive came quickly. Ming Shu looked at those vaguely familiar faces and felt dazed.

Ming Shu’s face was similar to that of the Empress. She could recognize them at a glance.

The group of old family members suddenly felt like they were facing a great enemy.

“Ming Shu… how did you come out!”

“Shouldn’t You Call Me Your Royal Highness?”Ming Shu stood on the cloud dream platform. Behind her were the people who were captured.

Someone sneered. “What do you want to Do!”

“What do I want to Do?”Ming Shu’s heart was full of hatred. They actually had the nerve to ask her what she wanted to do.

“Don’t you know what you’ve done?”Ming Shu smiled slightly. She thought of the Devil in the Abyss with malice and hatred.

“Let me help you remember. In the 49th year of Yuan An, you killed 639 people here. Have you forgotten?”

The old guys on the other side had ugly expressions.

“If you’ve forgotten, I’ll let you remember today.”

“They are innocent!”Someone shouted angrily.

“Hehe…”Ming Shu laughed softly and finally burst into laughter.

“Innocent… how dare you say that to me? When I begged you, why didn’t you think that the people you killed were innocent too?”

Were her family not innocent?

What did they do?

“There is a devil in your body. We did that for the sake of the entire continent! If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for having the bloodline of the celestial race. You were born in the Ming family and are the eldest princess. This is your responsibility!”

“Okay, for the sake of the whole continent, I am the eldest princess, and this is my responsibility… Then why did you kill my parents? I have promised you that I won’t resist, I Promise!”

Ming Shu’s eyes became misty, but she was forced to back down.

She raised her hand and pointed at the group of people, her words sharp as knives. “It was you who betrayed the trust and killed the innocent. For the throne, you killed my parents, my brother Xin Yu, and even Ming Xi.”

“Only by cutting off your dreams in this world can you…”

“Ha.”Ming Shu interrupted the man. “The blood in your body is also the blood of the Ming family. In this case, you should die too.”

Ming Shu’s body exploded with a fierce aura, forcing the people on the opposite side to take a step back.

Ming Shu turned around and looked at Yun Mengtai.

“Ming Shu!”

Someone shouted behind her.

“I don’t know anything, please spare me!”

“Let us go, we don’t know anything.”

“Yes, they don’t know anything either, but they still lost their lives. If you want to blame… blame yourself for following the wrong person.”Ming Shu looked at the person and returned the sentence to him.

The corners of Ming Shu’s mouth rose slowly. That smile appeared in everyone’s eyes, and their fear multiplied.


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