Chapter 2: Did I, Gu Juexi, Just Get Dumped?

The executive suite of Gu Enterprise was in pin-drop silence.

The documents on the table were stacked in neat piles, three fine Parker pens arranged side by side, waiting to be used.

There was another document lying in the middle of the table.

Gu Juexi tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table but PA Wen felt as if Gu Juexi was tapping on his heart.

He knew Gu Juexi too well. This happened when he was holding in his anger.

“Divorce?” asked Gu Juexi. There was a hint of elegance and sexiness in his deep voice, just like the person himself.


“Looks like it,” said PA Wen with a subtle nod.

Gu Juexi smirked. He stopped tapping his fingers on the desk and flipped open the divorce papers. It was a two-pager with her signature at the bottom. She had very neat handwriting.

“How long have we been married?” Gu Juexi asked.

“Your third-year anniversary was the day before.”

Gu Juexi nodded. “So it’s the fourth year now”.

How could he have married her if it was not for his mother?


Gu Juexi continued tapping his fingers on the divorce papers.

Not being able to read Gu Juexi’s mind, PA Wen felt suffocated.

Despite the numerous love rumors, Gu Juexi had never really cheated on Mrs. Gu. Having said that, it did not seem like he loved Mrs Gu very much either. He did not think of her and did not remember her most of the time. They did not get married because of love anyway.

“Ye Yuwei wants a divorce,” Gu Juexi said to himself, as if it was a joke to him.

PA Wen nodded.

“Mrs. Gu said she can go to the registry for the divorce anytime at your convenience,” PA Wen said cautiously, not knowing what Mr. Gu was thinking.

“Are you saying that I was dumped?” Gu Juexi asked monotonously.

PA Wen’s legs turned jelly. He would love to say yes, but then he might be the one getting dumped–off this eighty-eight storey building.

Gu Juexi put away the documents. None of the Parker pens was used.

“Have I not given her enough to spend?”

“Three million for pocket money every month, transferred to her account on time.”

“Have I not given her enough to wear?”

“Mrs. Gu receives all latest couture from Paris, no later than three days from its initial release.”

“Have I not given her a good life?”

“Seven maids altogether in the mansion, a personal driver, and a decent job at Gu’s personal bank. Mrs. Gu is the head of the branch.”

Gu Juexi nodded.

“Then why the divorce?” asked Gu Juexi.

PA Wen paused. He did not know the answer to that. In fact, who was he in their relationship to answer that?

“Why the silence?” Gu Juexi frowned and asked, not satisfied with PA Wen’s silence.

“I don’t know why.”‘Not like it’s my wife who wants a divorce.’

PA Wen did not know the answer, but Gu Juexi did. It was another annoying trick of Ye Yuwei’s.

Comparing to him getting dumped, he was more prone to believe that Ye Yuwei was using reverse psychology on him.