Chapter 1  : God decides Ones’ Fate

In the outskirts of City A, where there were green hills and clear waters, bolts of lightning flashed across the dark sky, like humongous dragons breaking through the cloud layers, accompanied with the roar of thunder.

In the midst of the thunder, a petite figure could be seen passing through, unexpectedly at a speed quicker than lightning.

If anyone was around, they would be able to clearly see that the lightning, as if alive, was continuously flashing towards the direction of that petite figure. Wherever the lightning hit, earth and rock shattered, producing a terribly scary sight.

Ji Fengyan’s pretty, delicate and small face turned slightly red as she leaped between the lightning strikes, the places she had passed through now in a mess. The lightning left her with many wounds bleeding profusely—as if earth’s surface had cracked open and could easily swallow a person.

“You petty fellow! If you are capable, you should just strike me directly!” Ji Fengyan pointed her middle finger at the sky arrogantly when she successfully evaded a lightning strike.


As the 24th century’s last immortal cultivator, Ji Fengyan had been learning the skill of immortal cultivation from her master since a young age. Today was the day of her last heavenly tribulation — as long as she survived these 99 strikes of lightning for her tribulation, she would be able to shed away her mortal body and be ranked as an immortal being.

The tribulation of 99 lightning strikes was the key to an immortal cultivator. In modern society nowadays, there were hardly anyone who believed in immortal cultivation. Ji Fengyan had already survived 98 lightning strikes and prepared herself—once she had survived the last lightning strike, her immortal ascension would be complete.

At this thought, Ji Fengyan felt a little excited.

magic Both her master and grandmaster failed their immortal ascension at their last lightning strike, and only she had come this far.

The last lightning was so fierce that the mountains shook, and the thunder was so loud that it could deafen a person. Ji Fengyan held her breath and looked at the huge bolt of lightning descending from the sky as her leg muscles tightened. When the lightning reached her, she transferred the Golden Core inside her and used all her powers to protect her body. She then jumped with all her might to avoid the lightning.

The moment Ji Fengyan jumped, a loud explosive boom could be heard from a tall sturdy building beside the mountain, followed by an intense shock wave.


Ji Fengyan could not believe it as her eyes widened in shock. Unable to withstand the incoming shock wave in midair, her petite body was forcefully thrust towards the 99th bolt of lightning she was trying so hard to avoid.

Her sight was enveloped with lightning. She looked up to the sky and bemoaned:

“Damn you, Heavenly Dao! Did you do that on purpose to fool with me?”


How did it feel to be struck by lightning?

The pain felt as if the body was slowly sliced apart with a hot knife and then tortured by burning in flames. This amount of pain was sufficient to cause a mental breakdown in anyone.

In the darkness, Ji Fengyan felt so miserable that she almost cried.

She had planned meticulously for two years just for the heavenly tribulation, yet the only thing she did not consider was a possibility that a building nearby would suddenly explode.