Chapter 338   The Finale (Part II)

The Fiery Divine Tree wrapped its branches around the white jade vial. It was greatly shocked. “Is this... an Essence Pearl? Are you... are you imparting all your powers to her?”

Tianpi raised his brows. “She’s my disciple. So why not? If you won’t do it, I still have enough energy to destroy this forest. You must know that I’m half-demonized. Even you won’t be my match.”

The Fiery Divine Tree went silent. Then it sighed lightly. “Ah... Very well then, I shall make this trip for you. But... I’m still shocked by your act. This must be a penance over the Peach Fairy?”

“Old fellow, you’re a busybody!” Tianpi raised his brows, very displeased. A wicked smile hovered over his diabolically handsome face. “Set off at once. And don’t tell her it’s from me. Tell her it’s your gift to her. That bird and that stinking lad won’t know what it is...”

The Fiery Divine Tree silently departed. Once it left, Tianpi leaned against the gigantic tree, wearily shutting his eyes.

In fact, it was all his deliberate ploy. Even if it meant hurting Hua Qiyue, he must destroy all her good feelings for him.


He really did not want her to be in a dilemma. He had lived so long, he had almost forgotten his age. The most important reason was that they could never be together. So why stay by her side?

This must be the most perfect outcome.

When he thought of this, Tianpi’s slowly paling face started to show a satisfied smile. Qiyue, you ought to be feeling satisfied now. I have devised this scheme for you to be with him. No other reasons are needed...

Early the next morning.

Hua Qiyue was sitting under the Bodhi Tree, her small face flushing with a faint ruddiness. She sat there quietly, her fingers pinching that green jade gourd. She wearily shut her eyes.


The moment she shut her eyes, she would see Tianpi’s wicked and diabolical face. Scenes of the previous night would replay before her eyes.

The disordered garments, the pain of the rupture, the joy of consummation. All were not a dream.

The cold wind nipped her face like a blade. The pain on her neck reminded Hua Qiyue of Tianpi’s momentary cruelty and heartlessness.

“Mom, is dad alright now? Is he?”

Pulling a man robed in black, Tianci sprinted out joyfully. He was chuckling. Hua Qiyue did not raise her head. She only twiddled the green jade gourd silently in her hands.

Yun Shimo had recovered his former glow. His fleshy face resembled the blissful spring. Besides getting half of Hua Qiyue’s Purple Primordial Chaos Qi which had moisturized his body, his powers had increased twofold as well.

Yun Shimo and Tianci came before Hua Qiyue. They saw her gazing at the green jade gourd, lost in thoughts. Yun Shimo gently patted Tianci’s head. “Tianci, go and play with Uncle Hua Zun over there. Dad has something to say to mom.”

Tianci smiled craftily. “Dad, what’s so mysterious? Is it sweet-nothings? Not appropriate for kids. Hey, here I go!”

The little fellow scampered away at breakneck speed. Hua Qiyue sipped her lips and slipped that green jade gourd gently back into her pocket.

Yun Shimo had sat down by her side. He grasped her hand gently. Hua Qiyue wanted to pull it back but could not. Let it be then.

Yun Shimo gave a light sigh, pulling the expressionless Hua Qiyue into his arms. His voice was exceedingly tender. “Qiyue, we’re a married couple now. Why keep brooding over this? Tianpi won’t be back. It’s all his ploy to keep you from a dilemma... Regardless of how he has survived, we must live on well too.”

Yun Shimo knew of course that Tianpi had stolen his Extermination Bead. Yun Shimo could also guess Tianpi’s intention. Tianpi was not a bad guy, only that he was burdened by that demonic energy. Soon, he might no longer exist in this world...

Hua Qiyue lay in his arms in a daze. The moment she recalled Tianpi’s expression at their separation— its resoluteness and hate— Hua Qiyue’s heart could not help but break.

He must have hated destiny for making fun of him.

“Qiyue...” Yun Shimo also felt a pang of heartache. He gently caressed her hair and clasped her tightly in his arms. His warm aura enwrapped her so that no cold air could assail her.

Yun Shimo was about to speak again. He wanted to persuade her to go back for a grand wedding. Then he thought again. Perhaps they should wait until her serenity was restored.

The two embraced each other silently. In the near distance, Hua Zun cast them a glance. His heart was feeling such pain, almost as if it was torn. Yet he, too, felt consoled and fulfilled. His beloved could finally be with the man she loved.

After undergoing suffering in her three lives, she had finally attained true love. It was indeed something worth celebrating.

The days passed silently. Tianpi really did not return. Hua Qiyue sat every day under the Bodhi Tree. Yun Shimo too kept her company, waiting calmly with her for something to happen.

On the third day, the snowy ground before them suddenly shone with a crimson light. A tree flaming with crimson holy light had arrived. Both Hua Qiyue and Yun Shimo knew it was the Fiery Divine Tree.

The voice of the Fiery Divine Tree was quiet. It waved its branches, throwing Hua Qiyue a white jade vial. “A pearl from the eastern seas for my young mistress. Swallow it and you will look young forever. Haha, my little mistress, I’m rushing for time. Let’s chat the next time.”

With these words, the Fiery Divine Tree instantly vanished.

Hua Qiyue stared curiously at the spot where the Fiery Divine Tree had vanished. She unstoppered the white jade vial. Yun Shimo did not stop her.

Hua Qiyue trusted the Fiery Divine Tree.

If she did not, she would not have unstoppered the vial. The Fiery Divine Tree was after all Tao Xian’er’s masterpiece. It had taken her so much pains to refine.

“Hey, what a large and round pearl!” Hua Qiyue stared at the large, spherical pearl on her palm. It was glowing with a lovely, silvery light.

“Humph, don’t eat anything so carelessly. What if it is poison?” The Sun Moon Deity by the side was a little jealous. Although it was acquainted with the Fiery Divine Tree, the tree had ignored it, not even deigning it a glance and had run away.

Even the thought of it made it upset.

Hua Qiyue smiled and softly swallowed the pearl. Instantly, she felt a fresh scent suffuse her body. The pearl had turned into a clear spring, permeating Hua Qiyue’s limbs and organs...

Hua Qiyue could instantly feel the energy inside her to have surged. Soon, her entire body was coursing with boundless energy!

Hua Qiyue started. She pointed out her middle finger and a little anima energy streamed out. She executed the Celestial-slaying Finger. Although she had only used a little spiritual energy, she caused the snowy ground before her to explode, leaving behind a massive crater!

Yun Shimo and the Sun Moon Deity were stunned immobile. They stared flabbergasted at the huge crater and then at Hua Qiyue. They both sighed. “Good heavens, this is no pearl. It’s clearly an energy seed!”

Hua Qiyue could sense a familiar Qi well up in her heart. She stood up resolutely. She could still recall her first meeting with Tianpi. It was the same Qi, so nebulous yet with a self-engendering power, supporting her!

She gazed at the distant mountains and forests, her eyes brimming with hot tears. It must be him, this gift must be from him! He’s still alive!

“Qiyue... are you alright?” Yun Shimo saw Hua Qiyue’s despondent look and pulled her lightly into his arms, consoling her tenderly.

The Sun Moon Deity and Hua Zun exchanged glances. They soon left silently. On the side, Tianci was gamboling happily with the spirit animals...

The sky was so blue, the sunshine so mild. Spring would soon arrive.

“The demonic energy inside you is increasing. Tianpi, you must remember not to destroy this forest under my charge!”

Within the extensive forest, the Fiery Divine Tree gave a light sigh, expressing his worry.

Tianpi smiled and finished nibbling the last of his fragrant roast chicken thighs. “Don’t worry. I will settle this now!”

Her favorite food was also his favorite. There was nothing left in this life worthy of his love.

As long as she was happy, he would be satisfied.

Tianpi’s body immediately floated up, swiftly rising to the mid-air. The Fiery Divine Tree’s branches stiffened. It stared astonished at Tianpi in the mid-air.

“Lad, what are you doing?”

The Fiery Divine Tree stared at the calm and contented Tianpi, asking in bewilderment. After a few seconds, its heart was overcome by melancholy and grief.

If it had guessed right, Tianpi was about to implode himself. In the future, he would no longer exist in this world. Nor would he cause another catastrophic bloodbath in the continent.

“If you see her, tell her that I’m fine.” These were Tianpi’s last words. His diabolically handsome face carried a calm yet rueful smile. He dripped the Extermination Bead stolen from Yun Shimo with his blood, injecting it with spiritual energy—


A loud boom. A stunning red rose unfolded in the sky. Soon, the rose disappeared, disintegrating into dust and mist, carried away by the wind.

Everything resumed its former calm. All the animals were merely alarmed but not hurt.

The Fiery Divine Tree remained where it was, stupefied. It gazed at the pellucid blue sky in the horizon. No traces of Tianpi had remained.

After a while, the Fiery Divine Tree finally came to itself. It gave a faint sigh. “What a hopeless karmic debt from the past! Since they aren’t fated to be together, separation is inevitable. Hopefully, on the Rock of Thrice Rebirths, your name and hers will be inscribed, Tianpi...”

One year later.

Under the Bodhi Tree, a woman and a youth were playing Go.

The warm breeze blew and the youth pouted. He said, displeased, “Mom, you’re not letting me win again!”

Hua Qiyue started to chuckle. “It’s you. Your attention wasn’t focused. What were you thinking of?”

The youth replied, “Mom, dad says that he must return to Changjing Kingdom. I’d like to go back and take a look too. Why don’t we return together? You two are a married couple and ought to visit grandma. Do you mean you aren’t ashamed to stay on here?”

Hua Qiyue withdrew her smile. The voice of a man resounded behind them. “Tianci, no nonsense from you!”

Tianci playfully stuck out his tongue and scurried away immediately. Yun Shimo walked over and sat down. “Don’t listen to his nonsense. I’ve never mentioned these matters to him. You may stay wherever you like. There’s no need to heed anything.”

Hua Qiyue placed the black seed in her hand down. She stared at the magnificent palace and remembered her stunned surprise when she first came here with Tianpi. She thought again. Things were the same, but the people around her had changed.

“Is he doing fine?”

An inexplicable melancholy arose in her heart. She did not wish to leave, simply because she was expecting Tianpi’s return one day. She would only feel reassured if she saw that he was fine.

“Qiyue? If you don’t wish to return, we can remain here all our lives. We can let Father and Mother come here instead.” Yun Shimo lightly held her slim waist, speaking in a low voice.

Hua Qiyue nodded and said nothing. Yun Shimo watched her red attractive small face and could not restrain the impulse in his heart. He held the back of her head and was about to plant a kiss down.

Hua Qiyue pushed him away. “Hey, behave yourself. Someone’s watching...”


“Hua Zun...”

“Humph, let him look if he wants. I don’t mind. But let’s go back to our bedroom. There’s more we can do there.”

“You rascal...” The woman’s slightly angry, helpless and yet affectionately annoyed voice rang out. Yun Shimo hoisted Hua Qiyue up to his shoulder in one lift and headed back for the Ice Palace. Her body upturned, Hua Qiyue could see nothing but a moving snowy scene before her eyes. The sky was an endless expanse of blue. Yet his figure seemed to be everywhere...

“So long as you are well, I will feel at ease too.

“Master, I hope that you are still in this world, so that we can meet again someday...”