Chapter 2  : The Qing Luan Rebellion

Two years ago, a shameful affair happened in the royal court. It happened after a royal banquet, where Fu SiNian (Minister of Military Affairs), You HanGuang (Sole Son of the Military General) and Pei JingZhi (Champion of the Yearly Royal Examinations), after getting drunk, gang-raped Princess Qing Luan.

The newly appointed king raged after receiving the news of his eldest sister’s disgrace, called for the execution of the three men. Unfortunately, the other high ranking ministers thought it would cause a huge disruption among the royal court to execute three high ranking ministers hence they begged the king to reconsider. The king, regretfully, had to turn to other options such as stripping them of their titles and locking them up in the royal prison.

Princess Qing Luan, on the other hand, had her reputation destroyed due to this incident, had now lost all respect from the public. (TNote: Ancient china is really uptight about women’s virginity and virtue uwu). She was almost bestowed a cup of poisonous wine as she had caused the royal family to lose face, but the king, her younger brother, protected her with all his might. She was hinted by the Queen Mother to self-exile herself and leave the royal family in order to protect their reputation.

The royal family sought to hush this incident as it was in a way, a shameful event for them. But somehow, Princess Qing Luan’s fiancee, Yan Gui He (aka Yan Wang) received news of this incident and was filled with rage and resentfulness towards the three main culprits.

He started a rebellion to save his fiancee from exile and to execute the selfish ministers who is corrupting the royal court with their self-interests. The rebellion was then named the “Qing Luan Rebellion”.

“Ahh... En...” Qing Luan, who was lost in thought with the past, cried out with a weak moan as she was brought back to reality by the rough and painful thrusting. Fu SiNian frowned, upset with the lack of reaction from the lustful body beneath him. He was intruding her softness with the might of a beast, inserting his whole hardness with each thrust. Her sweet nectar spilled out like an overflowed fountain everytime the hardness was pulled out.


She was fortunate in a way, as her body, sensitive to the rim, would jolt with pleasure with each thrust, slowly relieving her of the pain from getting her cherries popped so suddenly.

She remembered that she struggled and tried to avoid the unavoidable in her past life, but ended up igniting the excitement of the men, turning them into beasts. They took turns grinding and torturing her the whole night. Weak and struggling women tend to ignite the sadistic traits out of men.

This time, she would change it all. She would enjoy the whole process, if only to lessen the pain. This time, she would respond to the intrusion with enthusiasm, in hope that they will finish quickly and leave before anyone finds out.

She reached out and touched his spine softly. He flinched with a jolt of pleasure as he felt her gentle fingers caressed his spine, his hardness thickens in response. In that moment, even if he died from exhaustion, it was all worth it.

She moved her lower body, lusting for more, as she felt his reaction, unknowingly tightening up herself.

“What an alluring demon...” He rasped, as he controlled his hardness and held it in. He leaned down to kiss her lips but somehow missed. “Hug me,” She said in a shaking voice as she avoided his kiss, “I need more...”


“As you wish,” He growled as hugged her hard, as he started a new round of rough thrusting, at this moment, even if she wanted the stars or the moon, he would give it all to her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she leaned her cheeks against his burning and sweaty face. Her eyes scanning the room for the other two men.

She found one of them nearby on a chair, resting his head on his arm as he watched the live action with great interest.

He was a gentle looking man, with an elegant and calm demeanor around him. His face was expressionless and he looked somewhat bored, or so it seems, if it wasn’t for the humongous bump in between his legs.

He was observing them closely and immediately caught her peeking. Princess QingLuan, feeling a bit guilty from getting caught red handed, proceeded to shut her eyes and immersed herself in the aggressive movements from the man above her.

Minister SiNian, slowly mastering the lustful body underneath him, had found her tiny budding pea and started bumping it intentionally. She shivered every time he bumped it, he could feel her stress as he prolonged it.

Soon, her body started to shake and redness filled her cheeks as her lower lips contracted. Her legs tightened around his waist and arched her back as her warm nectar exploded out of her in an uncontrollable wave.

Minister SiNian felt a sense of accomplishment as he felt her warmness, watching her with deep eyes as he spilled his heavy load into her.

Princess QingLuan was half-unconscious, worn out from reaching climax as her arms slipped away from his neck. As he reached out to catch her from falling, a pair of strong arms snatched her body away from him.