Chapter 2: This Is Lord  

The Lin family was a noble family and had been known for three generations in Yun Cheng.

Lin Qi was less than fifty this year and did not have the stoutness that people his age usually had. His youthful style, gentleness, and elegance could still be vaguely seen. His eyes under the gold-rimmed glasses always inadvertently showed the sharpness that had been honed from his years of business experience.

Even Qin Ran thought that Ning Qing was lucky to have married Lin Qi.

Lin Qi squeezed a cigarette in his hand, thought for a while, and then put it down. “Xiao Qing has already told me about Ran Ran. Don’t worry, I have already sent someone to arrange it.”

Chen Shulan was from the countryside and was not much cultured. She felt helpless and panicky at being in such a noble family for the first time.


Even if Lin Qi’s attitude towards her was good, she still felt slightly uncomfortable.

Lin Qi could feel it, so he smiled and accompanied Chen Shulan to drink tea. He occasionally made conversation to ease Chen Shulan’s awkwardness and waited for Ning Qing to come back.

Qin Ran leaned on the sofa and lazily pressed on her mobile phone while playing a game.

Her fingers were slender and beautiful and appeared extremely white under the light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Her eyebrows were low, and from the angle of Lin Jinxuan, he could see her long eyelashes fluttering slightly.

She seemed to feel him peeping at her and slowly raised her head.


She had clean and clear eyes, and there was no panic like Chen Shulan’s in them.

It was as peaceful as a cold lake, dark and deep.

% cold.

The remaining 10% was her stubbornness and banditry in her bones that couldn’t be covered up.

Lin Jinxuan’s hand that held the teacup paused for a moment. He didn’t have the embarrassment of being caught in the act and just smiled distantly.

Qin Ran looked away casually and changed her posture calmly. She continued to press on her phone.

Lin Jinxuan, who had never been given the cold shoulder, was stunned once again.

After a short while, he reacted and turned his brightly-lit screen off. Then, he leaned back and sneered.

He had a frivolous expression on his cultured and refined face.

Sure enough, as per Lin Qi’s description, she was a troublemaker.

She was incredibly arrogant.

Chen Shulan knew that Qin Ran loved to play and liked playing games when she was bored. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to control Qin Ran, but every time she looked at her with her pair of beautiful apricot eyes, the bottom of her eyes would turn misty.

Who could stand it?

Chen Shulan would then forget about her anger.

What else could she do?

She could just get used to it.

Not to mention playing games, even if she played truancy, Chen Shulan would still turn a blind eye to it.

It was the first time she doted so much on a granddaughter at her age.

But now, Qin Ran had already been expelled for a year, and Chen Shulan had also found out about her illness, so this time, she ruthlessly ignored Qin Ran and her coquetry. No matter what method she used, Chen Shulan made up her mind to send her to a school in Yun Cheng.

Lin Qi, the patriarch of the Lin family, was right in front of her. Chen Shulan wanted Qin Ran to make a good impression on Lin Qi. She had reminded Qin Ran more than once to stop playing her games and to perform well in front of Lin Qi.

She just... couldn’t be fierce with her.

Chen Shulan was worried. This was the Lord, who could cure her after she was gone?

Everyone in the room had their own thoughts and didn’t talk much until Ning Qing returned with Qin Yu. The atmosphere suddenly eased.

Lin Qi looked at Qin Yu, who was following behind Ning Qing obediently, and smiled warmly.

Aunt Zhang, who had always been cold to Qin Ran and Chen Shulan, greeted them immediately and took Qin Yu’s school bag from her hands. She said respectfully, “Madam. Miss.”

Everyone on the sofa, including Lin Qi, all stood up.

Under Chen Shulan’s stare, Qin Ran stood up lazily. She leaned against the sofa and stared coldly at Qin Yu and Ning Qing.

She was cold and proud.

She gave them a glance before lowering her head to look at her phone. She wasn’t playing games anymore and seemed to be chatting with someone.

Qin Ran’s resume was already incredibly inferior amongst ordinary people, let alone in front of the outstanding Lin Jinxuan.

At the thought of this, Ning Qing felt a little irritable.

How could Ning Qing have the face to talk about Qin Ran in front of the Lin family’s heir, Lin Jinxuan?

Wouldn’t it be a joke to mention it?

Thus, she kept talking to Chen Shulan and Lin Qi without mentioning Qin Ran.

“Yu’er was rehearsing for First Middle School’s celebration, so she came back late.” At the mention of Qin Yu, Ning Qing was flushed with excitement.

“Violin performance?” Chen Shulan also felt it was a rarity and looked at Qin Yu in surprise.

Aunt Zhang brought two cups of tea over and smiled at Chen Shulan’s words. “Miss has been learning violin since young. After passing the ninth grade, the school always invites her to perform whenever there’s an event.”

This sentence made Ning Qing proud and satisfied. This was the daughter she had spent countless efforts cultivating.

Chen Shulan was also very pleased, but she felt a little uncomfortable at Aunt Zhang’s purposeful tone.

The smile on her face faded a little.

After Qin Yu returned, she walked directly to Lin Jinxuan. She held his arm and smiled at him. “Brother, why are you back?”

“I have a project.” Lin Jinxuan narrowed his eyes and said in a rare tone.

After all, she was the only girl in the Lin family. So, Qin Yu was heavily favored and Lin Jinxuan also doted on her.

While talking, he glanced at Qin Ran, who had one hand in her pocket and the other holding her mobile phone while leaning casually against the sofa. Her eyes were lowered and her expression wasn’t clear.

Qin Yu saw Lin Jinxuan’s strange expression and tilted her head subconsciously.

On the way back, Ning Qing had already informed her beforehand, so Qin Yu naturally knew that Qin Ran was here.

She stared at Qin Ran for a moment, then glanced back very lightly.

The Nanny set the dinner quickly.

While eating, Lin Qi glanced at Qin Ran. After thinking for a while, he said, “Let her go to First Middle School. She and Yu’er can take care of each other.”

His tone was calm.

After Lin Qi said this, the atmosphere at the dinner table changed.

Qin Yu paused when she heard Lin Qi’s words.

She glanced at Qin Ran and looked indifferent. “First Middle School? Same level as me?”

Qin Ran was one year older than Qin Yu.

Even Aunt Zhang, who stood at the side, also glanced mockingly at Qin Ran.

Then, she quickly lowered her head.

Tsk, she had thought Qin Ran was here to attend college.

Ning Qing’s face was a bit stiff. She had never felt so shameful after coming to the Lin family for so many years.

Beside her, Lin Qi’s expression was the same. He said in a mild tone, “Your sister has to repeat her third year due to some matters.”

Her results couldn’t possibly be good if she had to repeat her third year.

“I see.”

Qin Yu smiled and said, “Oh.”

Then, she nodded and stayed silent.

All of the Lin family knew that Qin Yu had long occupied one of the top five positions in her grade.

Ning Qing finally reacted. She had intended for Qin Ran to be put into a private school and hadn’t expected Lin Qi to let Qin Ran go to First Middle School.

Everyone knew that First Middle School was the best school in Yun Cheng.

To put a person like Qin Ran with such a dark history and bad results into First Middle School, Lin Qi had to spend a lot of time and even had to owe the principal a favor.

First Middle School only had top students. A student like Qin Ran would be unusual.

“But it isn’t easy to get into First Middle School.” Ning Qing knew this. She felt depressed and immediately lost her appetite.

She paused and thought of something. “Ran Ran, I remember you were enrolled in a violin class when you were young? What level are you in now?”

First Middle School had art classes.