The man’s secretive face didn’t reveal any expression. His originally lazy and drooping eyes suddenly looked up, and a pair of calm and deep eyes instantly gazed at Luo Qing Yun who was standing in the elevator.

The moment Luo Qing Yun came into contact with his gaze, she felt as if her heart had stopped beating and her hands and back were covered in cold sweat.

It’s him, it’s really him!

The man who had saved her brother’s life two years ago and ruined her innocence!

"The butler you are talking about, is she?" He opened his mouth, and his low yet extremely magnetic voice resounded. His gaze had already moved away from Luo Qing Yun’s body, and the expression on his face seemed to not have changed in the slightest.

Had he not recognized her?


Luo Qing Yun prayed in her heart.

Hearing that, Tan Yan immediately turned his head to look at the elevator, and saw Luo Qing Yun standing there in a daze, he immediately opened his mouth and introduced, "Mr. Su, this is the manager of the guest room, Luo Qing Yun."

"Manager Lo, this is the distinguished guest of our presidential suite, Mr. Su. The Mr. Su is a long distance, coming from the Y City and staying at our hotel, you have made our hotel shine with your presence. " At the same time that Tan Yan introduced his to Luo Qing Yun, she did not forget to flatter his.

Speaking of the Y City, he seemed to have thought of something, "Oh right, Manager Lo, I remember that your hometown is also from the Y City right? Look at you and Mr. Su or your old fellow townsman, how can you say such a thing? It is a joyous occasion of his life to meet an old friend in the country. "

Tan Yan was beaming with joy, but Luo Qing Yun’s heart was sinking deeper and deeper.

"In that case, let her be my housekeeper." The man’s voice sounded again, light and unhurried, not giving the slightest chance for rejection.


"Mr. Su, I’m from the Household Affairs, I’m not familiar with the housekeeping, I’m afraid ..." Luo Qing Yun opened her mouth to reject him. In the past two years, she had already abandoned him completely, and did not want to have any contact with him anymore.

This was also his greatest courtesy to himself.

However, before she could finish speaking, he interrupted her, "Manager Lo isn’t willing?"

Even though she sounded like she was asking her, her tone was cold, and it carried a trace of arrogance.

"Willing, of course we are willing, Mr. Su is willing to give her the chance to serve you, that is the fortune of our Lixing Hotel and Manager Lo, how can we not be willing?" Tan Yan didn’t wait for Luo Qing Yun to open her mouth to refuse and directly interrupted. As he said that, he didn’t forget to give her a meaningful glance to make her act smarter.

Luo Qing Yun knew that she could not reject, so she bowed her head, as though she had nothing to do.

After the elevator door closed, other than the general manager Tan Yan and the temporarily appointed butler Luo Qing Yun, the rest of the hotel management were all blocked outside by the important person’s assistant.

Upstairs, the elevator reached the top floor of the presidential suite.

Tan Yan raised his leg and wanted to bring them into the room, but he was stopped by the assistant’s big hands, "Tam Tam can send it here, the rest of the matters will be left to Manager Lo to handle, Mr. Su does not like to be disturbed by people, I hope that during the time he is staying in the shop, your esteemed inn’s security can take responsibility, and do not allow any unrelated people to come in."

With his astuteness, Tan Yan naturally understood the meaning behind the words of the assistant. Although it was embarrassing to be stopped, he still reacted quickly and nodded his head, "Understood, understood, Mr. Su do not worry, our hotel is the best hotel in City X. There will be no problems with our security."

"That’s good. Please take your time." After the assistant finished speaking, he waited for Luo Qing Yun and the BOSS to exit the elevator, then closed the door and watched the elevator go down.