Chapter 3  : Come Out and Accept Your Death

Bao Kun gestured angrily, full of grudge.

The seven or eight hunks standing next to him pounced at Ye Chen all of a sudden. All of them had unfriendly smirks on their faces.

Many of the spectators watching closed their eyes automatically as they witnessed the scene. They could not bear to watch that. To them, it was a sure loss for Ye Chen since he was outnumbered.

Wu Lan who was far away almost passed out from the scare, “Xiaochen!”

“Brother Kun, I’m begging you. Please get your people to stop. I’ll pay you. I’ll give you whatever you desire!” Ye Hai blocked the way before Ye Chen immediately while shuddering. Kneeling down before Bao Kun was the only thing that he had yet to do.

His son had gone missing for five years. Now that he had finally returned while his granddaughter had leukemia, he and his wife would die from depression if something were to happen to both Ye Chen and Mengmeng.


“It’s too late. Beat this old fart up as well!” Bao Kun sneered coldly, the corner of his mouths filled with an arc of brutality.

How dare you slap me? You must not know how to write the word ‘death’!

At that moment, seven or eight men were charging at Ye Hai with sticks and staffs.

Ye Chen pulled Ye Hai behind him swiftly and subsequently lifted his arm to block the attacks. The sticks and staffs that came smashing toward them broke with a crack all of a sudden. However, nothing happened to Ye Chen at all.

A couple of the men’s eyes were opened wide. They gaped at the staffs in their hands that were crushed into two instantly. They then looked at Ye Chen, feeling well and truly terrified.

Is…is that a freaking human?


The smile on Bao Kun’s face froze. He then roared immediately, “What the f*ck are you guys standing there for? I don’t believe that this guy’s head is made of copper while his bones are made of steel!”

The men thought that what Bao Kun said made sense. They shook their fists as they pounced at Ye Chen again after gulping their uncertainty down their throats. They seemed to want to tear him into pieces.

Those useless pieces of sh*t!

Ye Chen smirked in disdain. Although he had lost his cultivation base at that moment, he had the body of an immortal after all. Even the rip in space did not destroy his body. It was simply incomparable with an ordinary person’s!

He took a step forward instead of backing off. Then, he rushed into the crowd with just his body and flesh. Subsequently, a chain of devastating groans were heard. Everyone that he ran into flew out and were groaning painfully on the ground.

Dead silence filled the scene at that point!

Everyone stared at Ye Chen in disbelief with their eyes wide opened.

How was that possible!?

Bao Kun jolted, feeling a chill snake its way inside him. However, a ferocious gleam flashed on his face as he seemed to figure something out. He stretched and pulled a dagger out from his clothes before attacking Ye Chen.

“Go to hell!”

Ye Chen kicked out hard, making Bao Kun kneel onto the ground and curl up like a shrimp. Subsequently, Ye Chen picked him up by choking him with one hand. He hung him midair with a calm expression on his face. “Do you know how the word ‘death’ is written?”

“I-I’m Brother Leopard, Lin Tai’s underling. I-If you dare touch me, something horrible will happen to you!” Bao Kun flailed his legs everywhere as he hung midair. His face was becoming crimson like the color of a pig’s liver.

At that very moment, a sense of death rushed at him, and he finally began to fear dying because the young man before him had a murderous intent in his eyes!

The onlookers gasped when they heard the name Brother Leopard, Lin Tai. There was no other reason than Lin Tai being the underground overlord of Tiannan City. He was ruthless with a powerful background. Ordinary civilians aside, even the upper class could not do anything to him.

“Let go of him now, Xiaochen. Don’t be impulsive!” Ye Hai came to his senses and stomped his feet immediately.

The initial despair in Bao Kun now burned with hope. Subsequently, he began sneering. He was sneering his heart out even though he was being choked by Ye Chen.

They’re scared! The father and son are now scared!

So what if you can fight? Don’t you have to kneel when you hear Brother Leopard’s name?!

A smirk of disdain appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips. “Lin Tai, is it? Sure, I’ll spare your life today. However, you’ll have to pay the price to be in this industry. I’ll break your arm as punishment!”

A crack was heard as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. Bao Kun fell onto the ground and screamed in devastation while holding onto his right arm, “Ahhhh, m-my arm is broken! My arm is broken!”

“The reason why I spared your life is so you can go back and tell Lin Tai to come to me so that he can apologize before the sky turns dark. If not, he’ll have to pay the price!” Ye Chen scowled at Bao Kun in a condescending way with no emotions on his face. “F*ck off now!!!”

As the roar came, the hunks who were lying on the ground held Bao Kun up and fled like they were running for their lives. They were afraid that Ye Chen would change his mind.

The onlookers stared at Ye Chen blankly, the shock in their eyes lingering for a long time. Never had they thought Ye Chen would manage to fight and chase Bao Kun and the rest away all by himself.

“Xiaochen!” A choking voice rang out as Wu Lan walked to Ye Chen quickly while examining him up and down. “Are you alright, Xiaochen? Did you hurt yourself?”

“I’m fine, Mother,” Ye Chen smiled. After peeking at the people who were watching, he took the astonished Ye Hai back to the house. He only asked when he shut the door, “Father, what exactly happened?”

The reason why he initiated the fight earlier was that Bao Kun kept humiliating his father, calling him an old fart and even asking him to kneel. No son could tolerate that humiliation.

Ye Hai forced a smile when he snapped back to reality. “We’ve spent all of our savings to buy Mengmeng’s medicine two months ago. Your father is useless, and I failed to borrow money from our relatives. I then heard a friend telling me about usury, but the interest is slightly higher than a bank loan. Mengmeng’s medicine was finishing, so I borrowed 10,000 yuan from that guy at once. I promised to return them 12,000 yuan half a year later. Never had I thought that they would ask me to return them the money less than a month later. They asked for 50,000 yuan directly, saying that the 40,000 yuan would be the interest.”


Ye Chen looked serious now, having finally found out what exactly happened.

Usury was so much scarier than drugs. The interest was unreasonable, and the debt would keep rolling. Even a family with a hundred million yuan in their bank could not handle such a game. Since Bao Kun and the rest knew about Ye Chen’s home situation, they then targeted his father.

“You foolish thing, the situation at home is already so bad and you went for usury. Are you trying to kill us?” Wu Lan pointed at Ye Hai and scolded him.

Ye Hai looked regretful. “There’s nothing else I could do!”

Seeing that his parents were going to fight, Ye Chen stopped them immediately. “It’s alright, Father, Mother. Fortunately, the amount isn’t much. I’ll pay them back later.”

Although he said that, he was smirking coldly inside. Why would he return the money that they borrowed in honesty? Furthermore, it was usury!

“Well, I guess that’s the only thing that we can do now.” Ye Hai sighed.

Wu Lan grumbled before heading to the kitchen to cook while Ye Chen and his father chatted for a long time on the couch. Overall, he was explaining where he had been these years, the reason why he did not contact his family, and so on.

To get rid of his parents’ suspicion, Ye Chen cooked up an excuse of being selected as part of the country’s special force. He had been training at a secret base all these years and could not contact the outside world.

Fortunately, Ye Hai did not ask any further. The father and son chatted more, but the duo’s attention was shifted to Mengmeng when she woke up.

“You’re home from work, Grandpa!”

The little girl jumped into Ye Hai’s embrace with joy written all over her face. She said sensibly to Ye Hai while giving him a back massage, “Thanks for your hard work, Grandpa. I must make more money to pay you back when I grow up.”

Ye Hai could not stop smiling when he heard her promise, but there were tears at the corner of his eyes. Sitting aside, Ye Chen was envious because the little girl ignored him completely. However, he did not want to rush things. He believed that Mengmeng would definitely accept him as her father after spending some time together.

Later on, the family had a joyful meal when Wu Lan served the dishes. The sky was dark by the time they were done eating, and Mengmeng had fallen asleep in Wu Lan’s embrace much earlier.

After his parents went to bed, Ye Chen returned to the room where Su Yuhan had been staying. Emotionally, he looked through the old items she left behind. He then sat on the bed with his legs crossed and rotated the Emperor Scripture while sensing the bleak spiritual energy between heaven and earth quietly.

Armed with the Emperor Scripture, the Emperor was also called the Heavenly Son. He punished the living beings on behalf of heaven as he held the right to decide one’s death. He possessed the power to conquer the four seas and was the master of all beings. He conquered the universe. He was the one and only Heaven Emperor of the generation before, so it was only natural that he was the equivalent of the emperor of all beings.

Time flew by. Four hours later, Ye Chen, who had been sitting motionlessly, had a sudden intense urge in his body. Subsequently, a faint golden gas was emitted from his body.

Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly and smiled after examining his body. “I’ve finally stepped into the cultivation threshold, the beginning of the Spirit Assembly. The Emperor Scripture is worthy of being called the knowledge of the Immortal World!”

Ye Chen created the Emperor Scripture by integrating the heavenly methods after he became the Heaven Emperor in his past life. One could only achieve the Emperor’s Energy by cultivating all the essence of powerful methods in the Immortal World.

The Emperor’s Energy was the king of all energies!

However, he was already cultivating some other method back then, so he taught his disciple, Yu Wenxuan, the Emperor Scripture. Never had he thought that Yu Wenxuan would have the intention of betrayal growing in him since then.

‘Since I’ve broken through, the first thing I have to do is to refine a Qi Blood Pill for Mengmeng since it can suppress her illness temporarily!’ Ye Chen stood up slowly in deep thought as he frowned. His train of thoughts became clear now. “But I must get rid of those imbeciles before I do that!”

As he thought, he changed and walked out of the house quietly. Powerful sovereignty was radiating from his body.

“Black Leopard Lin Tai? I’ve already given you a chance, but it’s you who didn’t seize it!”

It was midnight at the Hongtai Private Luxury Club in Tiannan City.

Ye Chen was stopped by two security guards when he arrived at the entrance of the club. The leading security did not look very friendly. “Stay right there. Who are you?”

Ye Chen said while grinning, “I’m looking for Lin Tai!”

“Do you have a VIP card?” the security guard proceeded to ask.


“If you don’t, go back from where you came from. This is a private club. Unconcerned parties and dogs are prohibited from entering!” The security took a good look at him and showed utter disdain.

Ye Chen stayed where he was, the smile at the corner of his lips remaining. “A watchdog will always be a watchdog. You’ll never stop depending on your master’s power and your snobbish behavior!”


As a loud thud came, the two security guards flew out. All the VIPs in the lobby of the first floor were stunned as they watched in horror!

Ye Chen maintained his normal pace as he walked in. He scanned through the entire lobby coldly and spoke loudly, so his voice filled every corner of the lobby, “Lin Tai, come out and accept your death now!”