The Most Humiliating Reunion (1)

When Su Wanwan woke up, the sky was already filled with light. Sunlight filtered through the window and rays of light shone through, bringing warmth to the room. Her eyes fluttered open and she shifted slightly. An aching soreness spread throughout her body and the discomfort caused her to frown.

Hugging the quilt, she pulled herself up into a seated position. As she glanced at the different colored marks on her fair skin, images of her sleeping with Pei Munian the night before inadvertently popped up in her mind. Her grip on the quilt tightened as she bit down on her lips hard, her face turning slightly pale.

Pei Munian and I… slept together?

Yesterday, she and Pei Munian officially became a couple, but at the peak of her happiness, a bombshell was dropped on her. After that, she consumed a lot of alcohol and under the influence, she went to find him. And then…

What happened after that?

Su Wanwan’s mind was in utter chaos right now and her memories were fragmented and hazy. She only remembered that one of them embraced and kissed the other first, but she wasn’t sure who took the initiative. Then she and Pei Munian slept together just like that.


Filled with frustration, Su Wanwan’s brows knitted together even more tightly and her hands unconsciously grabbed her hair hard.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open and the sound of footsteps approached. Su Wanwan was startled. Before she had time to overthink, her expression swiftly changed and she sat up straight.

The man ambled in with an upright and refined posture. Even though he was only wearing a simple shirt and trousers, he still appeared cool and dignified. Although the sunlight outside the window was dazzling, it was nowhere near as breathtaking as him.

He came to a standstill in front of her. His black eyes fell on her beautiful face and they gleamed with an imperceptible tenderness. With his eyes half-closed, his lips pressed together slightly for a while before they slowly parted. “Last night, we…”

“Let’s break up.”

Before he could finish what he was saying, Su Wanwan abruptly interrupted with this sentence.


The rest of his sentence was lodged in his throat. Pei Munian’s brows furrowed as if he couldn’t understand.

She threw herself at me so passionately last night, yet now she wants to break up after one night of lovemaking?

Standing there, the expression on his handsome face remained unchanged, and even his voice remained indifferent as he uttered, “Why?”

Although his voice sounded indifferent, it seemed to strike Su Wanwan with an oppressive force. A wave of panic and fear crept up her heart and she even had the slightest inclination to back down.

However, when she recalled yesterday’s incident, fury bubbled up in her in an instant. Her grasp on the quilt tightened till her fingertips were practically white. Her lips curled up in a sneer.

She looked at him and said with a smile, “Young Master Pei, everyone says that you won’t spare a single glance for women and that it’s very difficult to woo you. I refused to believe that. I didn’t expect to be able to get with you so easily, and I even slept with you.”

After she said that, she clearly saw Pei Munian’s handsome face darkening and a dangerous fury gradually gathered in his eyes.

Unconsciously, Su Wanwan’s body trembled and even her voice quivered. However, she continued to brace herself as she enunciated each word in her next sentence: “Pei Munian, so many women have their eyes on you, but after sleeping with you, I think there isn’t much to you!”

As soon as the words left her lips, Pei Munian leaned forward and aggressively grabbed her neck with his huge palm. The force he used felt like he might break her neck in the next second.

While Su Wanwan thought she was definitely about to die, Pei Munian’s hand suddenly loosened and he hurled her back onto the bed. Looking down at her arrogantly, his black eyes were as cold as ice and he looked ruthless and harsh as he said, “Su Wanwan, don’t ever let me see you again!”

With a bang of the door, the door slammed behind Pei Munian as he stormed away.