Chapter 996  : I’ll Definitely Look for You in My Next Life

No matter what, Wei Zhiqian would not give Wei Keli the chance to hurt Tan Mo.

Once the police had an investigative lead, they progressed very quickly.

From the evidence that the police now had, the biggest suspect was indeed Wei Keli.

Through the surveillance cameras near Yuan Keqing’s house, the police identified the people who had been wandering around Yuan Keqing’s house and even approached Yuan Keqing’s car.

The police speedily located these people.



After they confessed, it was finally confirmed that Wei Keli was the mastermind.

When Wei Zhiqian told Tan Mo about this matter, Wei Keli had already been arrested.

Tan Mo sighed a little.

In her previous life, it was Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing who caused Tan Mo’s death.

It caused the destruction of the Tan family.


And the two of them had gotten married. Instead, they became winners in life, stepping on the Tan family to get to where they were.

In this life, the two of them had paid the price for what they did in the previous life.

Her parents and brothers were doing well in this life, and her brothers’ careers were taking off, becoming the top players in the industry.

Compared to the tragic life in the previous life, this life made Tan Mo especially cherish it.

Tan Mo couldn’t help but fall into Wei Zhiqian’s arms, unable to describe what she felt.

It was just that when she thought of her past life, her heart ached.

Wei Zhiqian did not know why Tan Mo suddenly became despondent, so he could only hug and coax her, “Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing can no longer pester you. In the future, you, your parents, and Jinqi and the rest can all be at peace.”

Tan Mo nodded and did not mention anything about her past life to Wei Zhiqian.

Her past life had passed.

In this life, everyone was fine. That was enough.

In this life, everyone hadn’t encountered the bad experiences of their past lives. That was enough.

Tan Mo used more strength to hug Wei Zhiqian’s waist.


years later.

Tan Mo and Wei Zhiqian sat on chairs in the balcony and basked in the sun.

The two of them held hands and looked at each other, smiling from time to time.

Both of them were old.

Tan Mo was 81 years old, and Wei Zhiqian was 90 years old.

Both of their faces were full of wrinkles, and their hair was completely white.

Tan Mo narrowed her eyes and looked into the distance. Her eyesight was not as good as before.

Although they had many children and grandchildren.

But they all had their own homes.

Only they stayed by each others’ sides.

Thinking about it, she had known Wei Zhiqian since she was six years old. It could really be said that they had been together for a lifetime.

All these years, she had always thought that Wei Zhiqian was much older than her. She was afraid that Wei Zhiqian would go before her and leave her all alone.

Therefore, Tan Mo had been feeding Wei Zhiqian with her energy.

Wei Zhiqian did not allow her to do so.

Because it was okay to do this occasionally. However, if she did it every day, Tan Mo’s energy would be depleted. Her expenditure would easily become unbalanced, which would conversely be bad for Tan Mo.

However, Tan Mo felt that this was pretty good.

She wanted Wei Zhiqian to be healthy and live a little longer.

And she was young, so she could live a few years less.

If she controlled herself well, she could leave at the same time as Wei Zhiqian.

This way, neither would have to worry about leaving the other alone and living life without him or her.

No matter which one of them left first, the one who left first would definitely be worried.

Therefore, every time Wei Zhiqian was asleep, Tan Mo would secretly transfer energy to him.

Not too much, just a little bit.

She was afraid that Wei Zhiqian would notice if she gave too much.

After so many years, Wei Zhiqian was the same as her, he did not experience many ailments.

However, it could not stop the ageing of the body’s organs.

“Uncle.” Tan Mo held Wei Zhiqian’s hand and called out slowly.

Wei Zhiqian also slowly turned his head to look at Tan Mo.

Ever since the two of them were together, Tan Mo no longer called him Uncle.

Because she was afraid that others would misunderstand their relationship.

However, sometimes when the two of them were intimate, Tan Mo couldn’t help but call him Uncle.

Sometimes, Wei Zhiqian also took this as a bit of fun.

However, Tan Mo didn’t usually call him Uncle anymore.

Now that he heard her call him that, Wei Zhiqian actually found that he missed it very much.

He really wanted to go back to the past, when he and Tan Mo first met.

At that time, Tan Mo was so small that it was extremely difficult for her to even climb a chair.

He still looked like a young man.

Everything looked as though it was going so well.

He saw Tan Mo’s adult appearance, and he also became a staid young man.

The two of them were so compatible together.

Days passed, but they couldn’t go back anymore.

“I’ve always wanted to call you this again.” Tan Mo’s voice wasn’t as clear as when she was young, but Wei Zhiqian still liked to listen to it. “Anyway, there’s no one else here. There’s only the two of us. I still want to call you Uncle.”

“Although I’m no longer a little girl,” Tan Mo’s eyes suddenly became watery. “But I still want to call you this.”

“I haven’t heard you call me that for a long time,” Wei Zhiqian said slowly.

In front of him, Tan Mo’s aged face gradually overlapped with the young girl’s face in Wei Zhiqian’s memory.

“Moreover, you’re still a little girl to me, no matter how old you are or how much time has passed.”

Tan Mo laughed and scolded, “Disgusting.” Then she said, “I was thinking that we must meet again in our next life.”

She wasn’t sure if Wei Zhiqian believed in an afterlife.

They had never discussed this before.

But Tan Mo knew that there was.

Otherwise, why would she be here?

“Definitely.” Wei Zhiqian tightened his grip on Tan Mo’s hand, “I will still look for you in my next life, but I will definitely not let you call me Uncle anymore. I will let you call me Big Brother. Otherwise, when we grow up and change our seniority, it will be troublesome again.”

Tan Mo smiled, her gaze distant. “I feel like this life is really not enough.”

Her parents had left, and so had the brothers who doted on her.

She and Wei Zhiqian had also reached this stage.

But she still felt that her life with Wei Zhiqian was too short.

It wasn’t enough.

“I’ll definitely look for you in my next life.” Wei Zhiqian squeezed her hand, imploring her to believe him.

The sunlight was just right. Tan Mo was feeling warm.

However, the grip on her hand was gradually weakening.

Finally, Wei Zhiqian’s hand let go of her. He did not have any strength at all.

This time, it was Tan Mo who held his hand.

Tan Mo slowly turned her head and looked at Wei Zhiqian one last time.

You have already left. How can I still stay.

Tan Mo closed her eyes and took the initiative to release all the energy in her body.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t know that her life force also depended on that energy.

She could voluntarily transfer it to any living creature or plant.

Or she could directly release it, wasting it.

Tan Mo released all the energy and closed her eyes.

The two people on the balcony were silent.

The auntie came on time to the house to clean up.

Even though the two of them were so old, they still didn’t like having other people in the house.

Just the two of them would be best.

Seeing the two of them sitting on the recliner, the auntie didn’t think much of it.

Recently, both of them loved to bask in the sun like this.

As usual, the aunt greeted them with a smile, “Old Sir, Old Madam.”