Chapter 1859   - 1859: Persuasion

“What?” Song Yu couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She pursed her lips tightly. “How?”

“Why not? If it weren’t for Su Yan, my husband wouldn’t have died, and our family would have become very rich!” Song Ling’s eyes were filled with ferocity as anger accumulated bit by bit. “My husband committed suicide not long after. My son became stupid because he saw my husband commit suicide. The Lu family owes me all of this. I’m just taking back everything the Lu family has.”

“How could this be…” Song Yu muttered softly, as if she had thought of something. She looked at Song Ling in shock. “Then were you the ones who kidnapped Sister back then?”

“Of course. I lost the people I love the most. I want Su Yan to taste the pain of losing her family. I wanted Qiao Nian to do a bone marrow transplant for your sister, Song Man, and kill Qiao Nian. I didn’t expect that little girl to be so lucky. She’s actually still alive.”

“What a pity.” As Song Ling spoke, she couldn’t help but sigh.

Song Yu sat there in shock for a long time.


Song Ling gently patted Song Yu’s hand. Seeing that Song Yu had come back to her senses, she smiled and said, “That’s what happened. We’re family. I won’t lie to you. You have to believe me.”magic

“Aunt?” Song Yu’s voice trembled, and her eyes turned red uncontrollably.

“Could it be that they really…”

“Yes, the Lu family is filled with liars. Back then, Su Yan said that as a forensic doctor, she would help us cover up all of this, but she turned around and betrayed us.” Song Ling looked at Song Yu with heartache and said gently, “After you left the Lu family, they began to attack you. Their family is filled with beasts that have human faces.

Song Yu lowered her gaze in disappointment.

Song Ling said softly, “Yu’er, we have a plan. Why don’t we…”


Things had changed in An City.

In the past half a month, the shares of the Lu Corporation had been falling again and again. Many shareholders had fled. Everyone suspected that the Lu Corporation was about to change hands.

The Lu family was discussing the Lu Corporation at home. At this moment, a servant walked in and said that a guest wanted to see them.

Recently, Lu You had not been in the country. Many things in the family were handled by Su Yan. She asked the servants to invite the guest in.

Song Ling was wearing a silver gown and high heels. She walked in elegantly and looked at Su Yan with a faint smile.

Song Yu and Auntie Cao followed behind Song Ling.

Song Ling glanced at the interior of the Lu family and smiled disdainfully. “Su Yan, the Lu Corporation is already mine. I own 40% of the shares. Your family has already gone bankrupt. Now, this house is also mine. You can get lost.” Su Yan looked at Song Ling and asked with a smile, “So it’s you.”

“Of course it’s me. It’s always been me.” Song Ling was no longer afraid. She walked up to Su Yan arrogantly. “More than twenty years ago, you didn’t save my husband. Now, kneel down and beg me. I’ll consider saving you.”

When Su Yan heard Song Ling’s words, her expression didn’t change. “I’ve told you many times about what happened to your husband. As long as he turns himself in, he’ll be forgiven.”

“You make it sound so nice. The person who’s going to prison isn’t your

husband. Back then, I specially came to look for you to ask you to help fake a

death certificate. Why didn’t you help me? But now, I will wait to see you kneel

down and beg me. If you beg me, I’ll let you live. Otherwise, this day next year

will be the anniversary of your death!” As Song Ling spoke, she walked to the

empty sofa and sat down, crossing her legs elegantly. “Kneel!”

Song Yu stood obediently at the side. When she heard her phone ring, she looked at Song Ling, who was sitting on the sofa. Seeing Song Ling nod at her, she took her phone and left.

Not long after Song Yu left, Qiao Nian’s phone rang. She walked to Su Yan’s ear and whispered a few words.

Song Ling looked at Qiao Nian’s cheap shot. She smiled disdainfully and said, “I really made a mistake back then. I actually didn’t kill you. Why? Are you going to drag the entire Gu family down with you now?”

Gu Zhou took a step forward, as if he wanted to protect Qiao Nian behind him..