Chapter 2775  : Sister Nian Finds an Investor for the Movie

The director retracted his gaze. Coincidentally, Mu Yiyi also finished explaining her intentions. He coughed dryly and refused without thinking. “Yiyi, you weren’t willing to delete your post when I asked. Now that things have come to this, you’re telling me that you’re willing… Isn’t it a little too late? Besides, I’m just a director and don’t have any background. Don’t make things difficult for me! ”

On the other end.

Mu Yiyi felt that she had already apologized humbly enough, but the director still had such an attitude. It was obvious that he was mocking her.

She grew furious when the director Li added, “If you’re sincere in apologizing, your apology shouldn’t be directed at Jiang Li. Jiang Li wasn’t implicated by your selfie and scolded by others, right?”

Mu Yiyi was well-versed in the industry and immediately understood what he meant.

The director wanted her to apologize to Qiao Nian.


Niu Yiyi was enraged, and her face turned cold. “It’s fine if Director Li doesn’t want to help. I won’t force you.”

She did not want to speak anymore. “I’m hanging up.”

Hearing the beeping sound, the director pursed his lips, put away his cell phone, and walked back.

Jiang Li looked up and asked him, “What did she say?”

Director Li smiled. “What else can she say? She thought that you deleted her Weibo account and asked me to apologize to you and intercede on her behalf.”

Jiang Li was even more annoyed. He went to the fridge to get a bottle of water and placed it next to the girl.


“She doesn’t even know who the victim is!”

Director Li, on the other hand, said, “She doesn’t really want to apologize. She’s just in trouble and afraid it will implicate her career.”

He was in a worse state. It was only his first day here and he had already caused such a huge commotion. He still had to go back and discuss with the assistant director another female artiste to replace Mu Yiyi. Just in case Mu Yiyi caused trouble again and the production team was dragged into it.

In no mood to stay, he said to Qiao Nian, “Miss Qiao, thank you for booking the room. I won’t disturb your reunion. I’ll go back first.”

Jiang Li also knew the twists and turns that would make things difficult for the production team. He patted his shoulder. “I’ll find you later.”

Jiang Li did not lack money.

The Jiang Family also had a certain background in Beijing.

He planned to bear the losses of the production team this time and not make things difficult for the director and the other staff who were busy preparing for the movie.

“Alright.” The director’s eyes flickered with emotion. He placed a heavy hand on his shoulder and then put it down. “I’ll leave first.”

After he left, Qiao Nian wiped her hands and said, “Is the production team short of money? Aunt Yuan happens to want to invest in a movie. If you think this project is suitable, I’ll push you to her.”

Yuan Yongqin had Cheng Feng Corporation behind her.

This was someone who did not lack money.

Jiang Li was stunned. He did not expect her to notice what they were doing when she was eating so seriously. She also saw that Director Li was in a difficult position.

Then, he thought about it. Qiao Nian had always been like this. She looked like she did not care about anyone, but she was actually more meticulous than many people.

Jiang Li pulled out the chair next to her and sat down. His handsome face revealed a relaxed expression. “The production team is a little short of money.

“The director ran into some trouble and couldn’t get enough investments.” Otherwise, he would not have chosen a famous and demanding female lead like Mu Yiyi.

Jiang Li looked at her. “But it’s a good project. If Chairman Yuan invests in it, it’ll definitely be profitable..”