Chapter 4927: In The Remaining Lifetime (107)

Pudding really couldn’t guess what Liao Muchen was thinking.

Because he was such a weird person, temperamental, and unpredictable.

While Pudding was still in a daze, Liao Muchen ran up the stairs.

He gently kissed Pudding’s freshly washed face…

Yes, just gently…


However, it was this kiss that satisfied Liao Muchen’s heart. He also intended to put an end to the story of his one-sided love.

From now on, Pudding would only be the boss and not the person he liked…

That Daoist priest was right. In life, one should be content and happy. Why should one find trouble for oneself and always ask for things that one could not get?

Therefore, Liao Muchen gave up, especially when he heard that Wei Yunchu was at the scene and met Pudding.

He knew that he had no chance of winning…

That was why he wanted to give a special goodbye to Pudding.


With Pudding’s temper, she was obviously furious after being kissed and taken advantage of.

Just as she raised her hand and wanted to give him a tight slap, she noticed that Liao Muchen had tears in his eyes.

At that moment, she was stunned… She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“Boss… from now on… you will always be my boss.”

Liao Muchen licked his dry lips and turned around to leave…

Looking at that figure, Pudding felt a little sad.

Then, she slowly lowered her hand…

She knew what Liao Muchen meant by his last sentence. Yes, she was his boss, and she would always be his boss.

It was better not to repeat the same mistake as Su Yu. After all, she couldn’t bear to see another Su Yu appear.

Hence, it might not be a bad thing for Liao Muchen to find Liang Huan and form a couple.

Pudding stood there in a daze for a while before walking out to continue having fun with everyone…

However, Liao Muchen had already left South Hill Manor. He thought that he would never come here again.

In the future, he would be a celebrity, earn money, get married, and have children…

Just like everyone else, sometimes, being ordinary was bliss.

At night, all the other guests left, leaving only this group of people behind.

Because of his identity, the professor secretly left the city that night.

Qin Chu ordered people to set up a bonfire party at the top of the mountain and they started roasting lamb.

A large group of people was drinking, chatting, and eating mutton freely.

The children were also carefree…

Wei Yunchu with Pudding, Gao Boyuan with Little Bean, and Tang Tianjiao surrounded Qiao Tuantuan.

Qiao Yuanyuan and Qin Guoguo, who didn’t have a couple to match with, became the assistants.

One was responsible for roasting the lamb while the other was responsible for mixing the wine…

Everyone looked up at the starry sky and felt that life was so satisfying.

While the atmosphere was good, someone suggested, “Pudding, sing a song for everyone.”

“Why me?” Pudding was confused.

“Because you were the one who benefited the most today,” Tang Chuan teased.

“I think it’s Yunchu.” Pudding actually learned to be mischievous.

“Yes, yes, yes, both of you… Then you two can sing together.”

As soon as Tang Chuan started cheering, everyone started clapping…

Little Bean was even worse. She said, “Sis, why don’t the two of you sing the ‘Coolest Ethnic Song’?”

“Do we need to dance together?” Gao Boyuan interrupted.

“Go to hell…!”

Pudding was furious at what Little Bean said. She grabbed the rock in front of her and threw it at Little Bean. She was always so full of ideas.

“Forget about the ‘Coolest Ethnic Song’, it’s not suitable for such a scene… Let me sing a song for everyone.” Pudding was in a great mood. She slowly stood up and cleared her throat.

Wei Yunchu seemed to know what she was going to sing.. He took out his phone and said, “I’ll play the accompaniment for you.”