Chapter 3 First encounter

“Did you see me naked?” The beauty was apparently annoyed, but still dangerously charming.

“Yes, I never miss anything in front of my eyes.” Shi Yan nodded, not even bothering to deny it.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Skin like porcelain, breasts like flowers. I’d say it was a feast for the eyes.” Shi Yan was strangely honest.

“You want to see some more?” Mo Yanyu was furious. She had never met such a shamelessness man.

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind taking your pants off, and don’t mind me staring at you, then yes, I would love to take a closer look.” Shi Yan smiled.


Apparently, Shi Yan didn’t want to pretend to be somebody he was not. Before he came to this world, every time he finished some extreme sport, he would have to find a woman for pleasure. Extreme sports was his biggest enthusiasm, while women were the most important spice in his life.

Mo Yanyu almost jumped up and down on her feet.

Who the hell is this guy?! What a bastard! Looks like a ghost and came out of nowhere. Every word he says is so shameless and he even seems to be proud of himself. If there is a competition for shameless bastards, he would be holding the crown.

Mo Yanyu had to take a deep breath before she began to talk again, while her beautiful breasts heaved up and down, a surge of rage bloomed in her chest. Surprisingly, she laughed, “Nice! Good! Very Good! ”

Hearing her say this, Shi Yan was even happier, and a horny smile appeared on his face. “Wow, it seems you don’t mind at all. Well, please go ahead. I am really looking forward to it. I didn’t pay much attention the last time, but this time I won’t miss anything.”

Mo Yanyu was completely shocked by Shi Yan’s response. After she figured out he wasn’t teasing, she couldn’t control her rage anymore. “Won’t miss anything my ass!”


Cursing, Mo Yanyu crossed her arms. Her hands were suddenly surrounded by shining green light. She spread her arms, shooting a green beam as sharp as lightning towards Shi Yan.

[Verdant Crescent Slash][1]

Within seconds, a green light flashed by. All things between the two were cut into pieces. With an unstoppable force, the green lightning struck Shi Yan’s right in the chest.


Shi Yan was lifted off the ground and tossed backwards. His skeleton-like body couldn’t balance himself and fell hard into a thicket.

His chest was badly lacerated to the point where bones were visible. Feeling such a searing pain like that, he almost felt like dying.

Following the [Verdant Crescent Slash], the path between the two people was clear. Everything in between had been turned to dust.

Mo Yanyu made her move towards Shi Yan, her face as cold as ice.

Shi Yan finally came back to his senses. The intense pain in his chest made him realize that the girl in front of him wasn’t easy to deal with.

In the world where he came from, even if he did the same thing, the worst case scenario the girl calling him an asshole or filing a lawsuit against him; nothing like this.

He was still new to this place and was not used to the cruel way of life here.

Especially in the Dark Forest! Because this forest was not subject to any country’s jurisdiction and also contained a large variety of demon beasts as well as precious and exotic herbs, warriors took the forest to be their training grounds, while mercenaries and merchants saw this place as a natural treasure trove.

There were no restriction and no rules in this forest. Due to the demon beasts and precious herbs here, robbery and murder were never strangers in this place. Betrayal and back-stabbing were also old friends within this forest. What an insane place!

The law of the jungle ruled the Dark Forest. The strong devour the weak.

This was exactly why he got hit so hard. He let his guard down, never expecting a girl like her would attempt to kill him for such a trivial reason.

Shi Yan’s mind was suddenly crystal clear.

The weak remaining Profound Qi inside of him gradually gathered around his wounds on his chest and began to heal him. With his Profound Qi moving around his body, the searing pain lessened.

Footsteps on the wet ground indicated that Mo Yanyu was approaching. Shi Yan jumped up nervously, calmed his mind, and looked straight at the girl walking slowly towards him.

“You intended to kill me?”

“Still breathing?” Mo Yanyu frowned slightly, and stopped about 25 meters in front of Shi Yan. She took a curious but careful glance at him, and thought, “There is Profound Qi inside of him. A novice warrior. It seems I should have hit him harder...”

Shi Yan got serious this time, with no more teasing or joking. He focused his attention on the girl because he knew that she’d strike again soon.

He could feel his Qi was more concentrated than ever. This was a matter of life and death. He couldn’t afford any mistakes. Shi Yan quickly adjusted himself and returned to the coolheaded state he always maintained during his extreme sports.

At that moment, he couldn’t feel any pain in his chest. He could feel nothing but the weak Profound Qi flowing through his body and rushing through his veins, getting faster and faster. The next moment, a wild surge of energy erupted from the deepest corner of his body. The feeling was mind-blowing. He felt like his brain had exploded. After that, the whole world suddenly became silent.

“Badump! Badump!”

Shi Yan could hear his own heartbeat loud and clear. With his heartbeat racing, the cells throughout his whole body were activated. Every inch of his body became so sensitive and he could feel everything taking place around him. He could even feel the slightest tremor on his skin when a little light breeze brushed against his body.

The strangest energy started to spread from every pore of his body, pouring into his veins and bones. It felt like electricity speeding throughout his entire vascular system.

After an acute pain in Shi Yan’s eyes, the world in front of him became incredibly colorful and vivid. He was able to see the tiniest details on every leaf. He looked at the woman who was a combination of extreme beauty and cruelty, feeling her Profound Qi flowing underneath her skin in a beautiful rhythm in her veins.

The forest was still the same. But to his eyes, it was like a completely different world out there.

Before Shi Yan could enjoy this wonderful feeling some more, he suddenly sensed that the Profound Qi inside the woman’s body was flowing at double the rate as before.

Shi Yan could even feel his nerves trembling.

Subconsciously, he pushed his left foot off the ground with all the force he had. With a strong power rushing out of his foot, Shi Yan quickly moved away from where he was standing.

Another green blaze in the shape of a dagger almost left a mark on him.

The green lightning cut everything by his side with a horrifying force. This time the attack was much more precise and stronger than the previous strike.

Shi Yan couldn’t help sweating; maybe it was nervousness, maybe it was excitement.

This was the first time that Shi Yan had experienced the type of fight that could kill within seconds. How cool was that! This was truly a battle of life and death. He enjoyed this more than any kind of extreme sports.

In the old world where he came from, there were all kinds of extreme sports available. However, the law, moral codes, and rational thinking were like a huge cage, keeping him prisoner. He couldn’t do things without boundaries, he couldn’t indulge in his passions, couldn’t touch the wires of law and moral codes.

But here, in this world where only the powerful ruled, nothing was prohibited. Nothing was impossible!

Shi Yan suddenly felt excitement growing inside of him. He felt this might be the right place for him. This might just be his paradise!


“Um...” Mo Yanyu couldn’t hide her surprise. She didn’t expect Shi Yan to evade this attack. She was so sure that he would be torn into pieces in this strike and didn’t prepare for Plan B.

Hearing her voice, Shi Yan who was still enjoying his survival had just now come back to his senses.

Without hesitation, Shi Yan jumped up like an agile monkey. He grabbed a vine on a tree and swung himself forward. He then grabbed another vine with lightning speed, flew forward, and reached for the next vine. In a series of smooth movements, he managed to approach Mo Yanyu within seconds.

When he was bouldering, the vines on the mountain were indeed a handy tool. For an extreme sports enthusiast like Shi Yan, swinging with the support of vines was a natural instinct.

Like a wild monkey, Shi Yan was moved quickly through all the vines and trees. He didn’t follow a specific pattern, but managed to approach Mo Yanyu.

Mo Yanyu had scorn on her face, and shot more and more green light daggers into the sky, destroying every vine in the direction of Shi Yan. However, he was able to escape her attacks by a hair’s breadth every time and quickly grasped onto another vine.

The truth was, Shi Yan could already sense the movement of Qi in Mo Yanyu’s body. He everything was crystal clear to him now. When he saw a surge of Profound Qi underneath her skin, he would quickly move in another direction.

During his movements, Shi Yan started to feel that the blood in the pool had changed him somehow. He was not that strong before, but now, not only did the high-intensity movements not tear him apart, they also made him even more sensitive and agile than ever before. His senses became sharper and his body became stronger and more flexible.


With a loud noise, a sharp green lightning flew towards him, tearing apart dozens of vines behind him. Apparently, Mo Yanyu almost exhausted her Profound Qi after such strong attack.

“This is my chance!”

Shi Yan suddenly jumped down from the trees, taking Mo Yanyu in his arms like a greedy eagle. Before she could gather enough Profound Qi to strike back, Shi Yan was already on top of her.

“Boom!” Mo Yanyu fell on the ground with Shi Yan on top of her, tightly bringing her body under his control.

Face to face, Shi Yan could feel her soft body more closely. Her plump breasts felt so delicious and fragrant, he squeezed the buns up close to his burning chest.

Shi Yan felt pleasure that was beyond any words, secretly appreciating the woman’s body. What a piece of art! Unlike the ordinary women from his old world who looked sexy and plump on the outside, they were nothing without bras.

“Let go of me!” Mo Yanyu expressed her disgust but didn’t really struggle. She cursed, “Fucking let go of me! If you ever want to see the sunlight again! ”

“Bitch!” Shi Yan sneered, “You almost killed me. Why should I let you go so easily?”

Mo Yanyu suddenly became nervous. Before she could do anything, she felt the kiss of this creep on her beautiful and sacred face. At the same time, the bastard’s hands didn’t rest either. Shi Yan was touching her ass and began to rub it in an insatiable way.

Mo Yanyu flew into a rage, the Martial Spirit inside of her exploded with a terrifying power.

Shi Yan who was still enjoying this wonderful feast suddenly felt a horrible electric current flowing through her. He was instantly electrocuted, as if he had been struck by a taser. Shi Yan couldn’t feel his own body any more, nor could he gather any Qi inside his body.

Mo Yanyu pushed Shi Yan away, her eyes were cruel and icy. She glanced at Shi Yan who was lying on the ground for a while, and cursed again:

“I won’t let you die that easily you bastard!”

Mo Yanyu picked Shi Yan up like a feather, passing through the forest towards the crowd with a cold face.


[1]This is the name of the skill Mo Yanyu uses. She doesn’t say it aloud like some anime character.