Chapter 1618: Eternal immortal (Finished)

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The swirling dust arose as flows of memory flooded in while the black holes were swallowing them.

Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness ran into Shi Yan’s black hole, sending him turbulent, intense memories and thoughts. They were the experiences of innumerable creatures, the foundation of nutrient to create a new soul.

Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness was refined by the black hole in Shi Yan’s soul altar. His soul pond released a wisp of soul energy to fuse with Absolute Beginning’s energy. Together, they formed a mysterious, chaotic, but pure energy, flying up to his vast territory.

Deep in that brilliant territory, the chaotic air masses fell on the remote life stars, sinking into the sea. Those were the seeds of life that could grow into new species, the ancestors of the brand new races...

As Shi Yan was gathering Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness and refining the energy to pour more soul energy into his soul pond, the sea of stars in his territory developed more lives and species. They scattered in the most remote areas; even some isolated planets had received the soul core to develop simple intelligence.


He was using Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness to create his own universe with unique lives and races!

Meanwhile, Desolate was still baffled. He hovered in the sky, struggling hard in his mind whether to fight or not...

Gradually, Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness was swallowed completely. Absolute Beginning’s wisp of consciousness that had been just awakened was weakened rapidly, and the energy that covered the world couldn’t control things anymore.


All of a sudden, the mental attack aimed at Shi Yan’s head blended with all of Absolute Beginning’s remaining Soul Consciousness, shooting hard in Desolate’s head and entering his soul altar like a giant cosmic artillery.

Desolate’s mind was struck while he was still bewildered, causing him to panic instantly.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the void of the tier of power Upanishads, countless magical Power Upanishad Origins looking like a fireball or a tornado, a dark thunderstorm, or even a luxuriant forest, suddenly fell and entered Desolate’s soul altar and Sea of Consciousness.

Those Power Upanishad Origins had different attributes as they were the principles of natural Power Upanishads. They were the cores that had been hibernating and hadn’t been absorbed yet. At this moment, they rained like falling stars, entering Desolate’s tier of Power Upanishads.

All the keys power Upanishads had come to Desolate, helping him understand many other Power Upanishads, which improved his marvelous realm one more time.

Coming with the Power Upanishad Origins was the pure soul energy from Absolute Beginning’s soul pond. That soul power had turned into a stream, pouring into Desolate’s brain and soul pond.

A soul-tearing agony flooded Desolate’s brain, making him cry and roar hoarsely, his voice shaking the entire place.

Since Desolate had seen his fate, he knew no matter what he chose, he was at a dead end. Thus, he could only feel desperate and sorrowful...

He knew that even if he could kill Shi Yan, he would wake up Absolute Beginning in the end, which would make him lose himself. Thus, he was so bewildered, leaving his soul defenseless. That was why Absolute Beginning could find a chance to attack him!

In Desolate’s immense Sea of Consciousness, a vague shadow created by the pure soul energy slowly emerged above the soul pond.

That vague shadow was tall, with an imposing and overbearing aura as if he had just arrived from hell. As soon as he materialized, he floated up high in Desolate’s soul pond while howling.

Desolate’s dragon body twisted hard as he roared and cried in agony. It was really scary, as if he was facing absolute death.

In Desolate Territory, which was Desolate’s root, strange jets of blood light shot out. The blood lights entered Desolate’s Sea of Consciousness, congregating toward that vague shadow.

With that, the shadow became clearer!

It was an overbearing man with the body of a sturdy demon. However, he looked so strange with long, red-blood hair, and a pair of bloodthirsty, crimson eyes. Then, hovering above Desolate’s soul pond, he grinned, “So, this is how it is!


Seeing the man, Desolate discolored in fright, and couldn’t help but scream in fear.

Right after that, Desolate understood it and screamed, “No wonder you could get all of Devour’s power Upanishads and hit him hard enough to make him dormant. No wonder you could reach the Territory Ancestor Realm right inside my territory. You had almost killed me! Turns out you’re him! You’re the soul he had created in a sober moment! If you had successfully killed him and finished me, you would have been awakened earlier!”

“Right! It’s really bad, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the shackle in my soul has just been lifted at this moment. Otherwise, what did you have to kill me once? If I had my consciousness and memory, all of you would have helped me refine my body to recover quickly. But because of the competition between you and Devour, I had to sleep for several thousand years more...”

“Lucky me! The seed I planted at the moment my body broke and my soul shattered has sprouted and become a towering tree that can shade all of you. I can’t believe that the sapling from another universe has become so tough that it can even threaten me after growing over a long time.”

Bloodthirsty’s demonic, giant body had materialized in Desolate’s Sea of Consciousness. Afterward, he said indifferently, “You’re unlucky this time as you’ve entered my Sea of Consciousness. My awakening is your biggest misfortune...”

While talking, Bloodthirsty floated up, crossing the tier of power Upanishads and Desolate Territory to run directly toward Desolate’s host soul.

Bloodthirsty rose one hand, and an ethereal hand with countless powers, including sun, moon, star, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, lightning, gravity, space, etc., gripped Desolate’s dragon soul, shoving it into his mouth and swallowing it.

Almost at the same time, Desolate’s millions-of-miles-long body suddenly shriveled as if his spirit, soul, blood, bones, and flesh were sucked away. Desolate’s immensely vast vitality was like an ancient tree that had lived perpetually, and eventually drying and withering as it came to the end of its life...

A flow of aura that could frighten people came from Desolate’s withering body. The mysterious but horrible energy made Shi Yan pale in fear, although he was swallowing Absolute Beginning’s Sea of Consciousness.

“What has happened?”

He couldn’t help but turn to Desolate, his face changing greatly as a feeling of extreme danger rose in his heart.

Soon, Shi Yan recognized the danger. His massive body formed from his host body and the Evil clone suddenly emitted a destructive energy fluctuation.

He dashed toward Desolate while Space, Star, Life, Devouring, and eight evil powers were released at the same time. Countless space sabers slashed and a starlight net was cast from the sky; a giant hand of life energy pulled and tore while negative energies exploded. Eight blood-dripping islands flew everywhere while Shi Yan’s body tore and bit Desolate’s body.

“My eye...”

An ancient voice came from the withering dragon’s body. As Shi Yan’s energy hit it, the dragon seemed to have only its skin left, while the blood and flesh inside had disappeared.

Right when Shi Yan discovered the wrong situation, the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower he had fused with suddenly exploded. Countless Absolute Beginning symbols flew away like butterflies, flying toward the dragon head. As soon as the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower exploded, a massive eye emerged, also flying toward the dragon’s head.

Boom! Boom!

Desolate’s dragon head burst off, and so did his body. A giant demon that was as big as Shi Yan and somehow looked similar in appearance emerged in the middle of the explosion, between the hazy Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness swirls.

This giant demon was extremely overbearing and good-looking. His body looked as if it was made of many planets, carrying traces of the ancient times. The eye from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower fell on the forehead of the demon, becoming his third eye. The aura of this demon was much more immense and intimidating than Desolate’s.

“Seems like I’ve seen him before...” Looking at the creature that suddenly came out of Desolate’s body, Shi Yan had a familiar feeling. He remembered clearly that when he broke the barriers inside the Blood Vein Ring, he had vaguely seen this domineering figure. However, the demon in his impression didn’t have the third eye.

“Bloodthirsty! Bloodthirsty!”

A light of realization crossed his head as Shi Yan couldn’t help but scream hoarsely, his face extremely odd.

The giant demon that had torn Desolate’s body to get out had Bloodthirsty’s appearance. Besides the third eye, there was nothing different between them.

“Haven’t gotten it yet?”

Bloodthirsty grinned while walking toward Shi Yan. The endless Sea of Consciousness was like wisps of smoke that entered his pores. The Absolute Beginning soul pond flew out, entering his head through the third eye on his forehead.

“So, you are him.”

Shi Yan finally understood as he recovered his sound mind. All the riddles in his head were solved.

Why was Bloodthirsty so intimidating? How could he hit Devour so hard that the other had to stay dormant? Why didn’t Hui dare to provoke him? Why could his ring make Shi Yan pierce through space to get to the Dark Forest? All of his questions were answered, because Bloodthirsty was Absolute Beginning!

Bloodthirsty stepped forward, and the Soul Consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness vanished, while all the Power Upanishad Origins in the tier of Power Upanishads entered his head. He was recovering his power rapidly...

“Billions of years ago, I woke up from Chaos. I built up the world, creating creatures. While doing that, I found your universe... It was totally different from mine. However, that universe had an unimaginably powerful barrier that I couldn’t break to intrude. I tried to get in, wasting a lot of my energy in doing that...”

Bloodthirsty spoke while walking.

“Unfortunately, at the moment I finally opened the barrier, I had fallen into bedevilment and got struck due to my significant consumption of energy in opening the new world and creating the planets, creatures, as well as opening the barrier. My body and soul slowly split up. But before my consciousness vanished, I tried to pull out one soul from that universe. It was you...

“If I hadn’t fallen into bedevilment, and my body and soul didn’t split up to form the Absolute Beginning creatures, I could have dragged you into my world in just a blink of an eye. But, when I pulled you out of your world, I was extremely weak, and couldn’t take care of you. Then, I was completely divided, losing myself, which took you several billion years...two travel from your universe to my universe.

“Before my Soul Consciousness vanished, I had prepared for my awakening. The rumor in the Absolute Beginning Era was my first deed. As long as the creatures in Absolute Beginning Era were all gone, it would trigger my protocol to wake up in the Sea of Consciousness, and my soul would have been gathered. As long as Desolate, Devour, Hui, Yuan, and Lizard killed each other until only one of them survived, my body would have revived as well.

“If my soul or body had woken up, I could awaken completely.

“But what a pity that Desolate, Devour, and Hui were all wounded and went dormant! Moreover, Yuan and Lizard didn’t join that battle. Hence, I couldn’t awaken, so my soul continued sleeping.

“However, my Sea of Consciousness continued to move. The remnant souls and pure soul energy of the Absolute Beginning creatures had created new lives and races, starting a new era, in which Desolate had wanted to create a new life due to the continuous battle against Devour. At that moment, I had created Bloodthirsty. I woke up for a split moment, which was why we got the bold and fierce Bloodthirsty.”

“But, my embodiment didn’t know who he actually was until he died. I couldn’t wake up. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many complications by now...

“The soul mark of my embodiment had an important piece of my memory. He knew that the Territory Ancestor controlled the entire territory. With his instincts, he wanted to escape. Before he died, he had used his secret technique to touch Desolate’s Origin and bring an alien soul from another territory. It was by chance that your soul was dragged into Desolate Territory after so many years...

“I can only say that I can’t control everything. At least, I can’t control your soul...

“So, I let you take the Devouring Power Upanishad. And, because of your soul’s unique features, all the energy and souls you had swallowed belong to you. They wouldn’t return to my Sea of Consciousness. Eventually, they made you rise, and you even obtained the power to threaten me.”

Absolute Beginning stopped talking and walking at the same time, as all the wisps of Soul Consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness had entered his body, including the soul pond.

Absolute Beginning’s tier of power Upanishads didn’t have any Power Upanishad Origin left. The Sea of Consciousness now didn’t have a wisp of Soul Consciousness, only a dark void.

“It’s time to finish.” Looking at Shi Yan, Absolute Beginning wore an indifferent face. “I will kill you and get back the energy you’ve stolen from me to recover my full power. I’ll come to your universe to conquer it. And, I’ll use your universe as the bridge to go to another universe...”

Shi Yan was shaken hard as the mysteries unfolded.

“Are you sure you will win?” Shi Yan got a hold of himself instantly. Starlight beams moved crossed his head, cutting off his flustered, panicked thoughts. Shi Yan resumed his cold and calm face, sneering. “You’re not complete right now, and lack a lot of things. For example, the Life Power Upanishad Origin, the Space Power Upanishad Origin, the Star Power Upanishad Origin... and the Evil Heart created by the evil thoughts in your heart! Of course, we also have to take into account at least half of your blood essence!”

Shi Yan had used the Absolute Beginning body to swallow Devour, Yuan, and a part of Desolate. This body of his almost had half of the blood essence and the enormous life energy from Absolute Beginning! Added with the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin and the Evil Heart, in this moment, he wasn’t weaker than Absolute Beginning!

“Even if I’m not complete, it’s enough to destroy you. Then, I will use you to recover fully,” Absolute Beginning said relaxedly.

While he was talking, the Endless Abyss collapsed. The immense universe, countless territories, their stars, and galaxies above the Endless Abyss, all pressed down.

Absolute Beginning wanted to use the power of an entire universe to kill Shi Yan and perish his soul!

This wasn’t just Desolate Territory. It was the real universe!

It was the vastly immense sea of stars created by billions of territories like the Sea Domain of Nihility, Desolate Territory, Wavy River Star Area, Cloud Mist Territory...The majestic aura of the universe contained thousands of Power Upanishads, like the Five Elements, the stars, life, gravity, tornado, and lightning!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The void was like a crushed stone, which cracked before turning into fine dust. No existence, ethereal or real, could resist that horrible threat. Their soul marks were erased instantly!


Shi Yan faced the sky and roared as his giant body felt like it was stabbed by tens of thousands of swords. Numerous bleeding holes appeared on his body, and his soul altar had cracks as if billions of sharp blades had just slashed it.

“It’s not just you who can do that!” Shi Yan pointed at the sky, and the universe in his soul altar emerged.

The immense universe was so brilliant! Although it looked like a massive projection in the void, it wasn’t just a hologram...It was real!

That universe had many planets with countless mountain ranges, lakes, and seas. It was borderless, sheltering the ancestors of many species. It had everything a real universe had!

The two universes, one above and the other below, were pressing down and pushing up at the same time!

And just like that, they collided hard!




Countless explosions reverberated with the absolute destruction of creatures and the complete obliteration of suns, moons, stars, spaces, and territories.

Shi Yan and Absolute Beginning’s universes were shattering fiercely, and the creatures living there were dragged into the tide of the doomsday. They were helpless and hopeless, killed in an instant.


Absolute Beginning’s face was as cold as it could get. The magical lands with countless creatures of the seven great clans suddenly aimed at Shi Yan’s universe, as if they wanted to bring eternal emptiness, loneliness, and coldness to Shi Yan’s universe to destroy him utterly.

Many territories in Absolute Beginning’s universe seemed to turn into Power Upanishad Origins. They had transformed into flames, glaciers, lightning bolts, electric dragons, meteor showers, and other brutal attacks to bombard Shi Yan’s universe furiously.

Many sections of Shi Yan’s new universe’s borders were exploding under the formidable attacks. His universe seemed about to shrink and become a small dot before vanishing completely...

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Even his soul altar was attacked by Absolute Beginning once again. High waves rose in his Sea of Consciousness while the tranquil soul pond seethed anxiously and the soul fluid was about to splash.

Shi Yan’s unbreakable body crackled as his bones were broken and internal organs were displaced. Blood sprinkled out of him. It was a soul-sinking attack, indeed.

He could feel his territory, soul, Sea of Consciousness, and body being attacked wholly. It felt like giant hammers were pounding on him continuously. They hammered his soul and body, throwing him into a terrifying agony he couldn’t bear!

It seemed like he would collapse in the next moment, and all of his traces in this world would be erased!

“You got half of my power and you control my source of evil. But, do you think you can defeat me?” Absolute Beginning’s consciousness attacked him, causing tremendous noises to flood and explode inside his head. They were even more intense than the world-obliterating lightning bolts and thunderclaps.

“A half...A half of your power...A half of your body. So, everything you can control, I can, too!” At the moment Shi Yan’s soul was about to burst off, he faced the sky and roared, his voice tearing the barriers between heaven and earth, piercing through many universes.

“Your universe! It has a part of me! But, you can’t touch my universe!” A flow of tough will with the incredible fixation wound around Shi Yan’s head, forming a terrifying tornado that barged into Absolute Beginning’s universe abruptly.

Immediately, it developed into a massive spiderweb, reaching every corner of Absolute Beginning’s universe and pinning it down.

“Melt for me!”

All of a sudden, Shi Yan’s immense universe changed greatly, turning into an incredibly large black hole and revolving crazily.

There were many territories, including the Sea Domain of Nihility, that had jumped into Shi Yan’s universe and attacked his world. But in that instant, they were swallowed by the black hole. At the same time, the Life Soul Tree in Shi Yan’s heart boiled furiously, granting him the invincible, unique power!

This flow of immense vitality recovered his wounded body while all the blood that he had shed gathered and returned to his body.

Shi Yan’s universe now was a black hole that had covered many territories and the entire Sea Domain of Nihility.

His body was shouting and roaring as he was frantically tearing and biting Absolute Beginning in Bloodthirsty’s shape. The sharp fingernails swung, and the massive space sabers slashed Bloodthirsty’s chest, making him bleed horribly.

Shi Yan had almost fallen into a demonic frenzy. An evil and ruthless aura emitted from him as he opened his giant mouth to chew and tear Absolute Beginning’s flesh. He swallowed Absolute Beginning’s blood and flesh altogether!

“No! Impossible! You can’t tie my universe!” Absolute Beginning’s universe-shaking voice arose in fright.

“Half of my soul and body came from you, and the other half is formed from your evil fixations! That’s why I can control your world! And you, you’ve never taken a wisp of my soul. You don’t have the right to control me. You had tied yourself. Destruction is your destiny!”

Shi Yan roared crazily as he was wilding hitting and assaulting Absolute Beginning. His mouth sank into Absolute Beginning’s chest with the saw-like teeth, biting and swallowing the other’s flesh.

After the refining process of seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points, his energy expanded unceasingly!

With the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin and the Evil Heart, Shi Yan controlled the ultimate devouring ability!

While fighting, he was using the Devouring power Upanishad to eat Absolute Beginning’s blood and flesh. Thus, the more he fought, the stronger he became! Quite the contrary, Absolute Beginning was eaten and getting weaker constantly.

His universe was tied down; each of the territories, continents, seas, and mountains were slowly pulled into Shi Yan’s universe.

As Shi Yan’s was eating and drinking Absolute Beginning’s flesh and blood while swallowing Absolute Beginning’s universe, his brand new universe was also expanding at a speed naked eyes could observe, growing crazily!

As Shi Yan’s thought changed, he noticed that the continents and territories weren’t dissolved after they went through the devouring black hole in a magical way.

For example, the Heavenly Rock Continent, the Cloud Mist Territory, the territories of the Mysterious Sky Clan, Phantom Clan, and White Bone Clan had gone through the vortex unharmed. They had fallen into the swelling universe underneath, becoming a part of the new universe. None of the creatures living there were harmed or killed during the process.

However, they were baffled because they didn’t know where they were...

Anyway, the lands, territories, and life stars he didn’t pay attention to or had his enemies in them shattered entirely at the moment they fell into the devouring vortex. All of the dwellers became dust in just a blink, sucked and drawn into Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness. After he got the soul energy from the soul pond, they could turn into new creatures, new species.

Time flew by hurriedly...

After an unknown amount time, Absolute Beginning’s extremely colossal body had stopped wiggling as Shi Yan had sucked all of his blood essence, turning it into pure blood in his veins and the immense energy in his body.

“The body, soul, flesh, even hair...everything will be the foundation to create new lives. I will extract the memory of Han Tian, Montecie, Hiro, Emperor Sea Shark, and Dracula to revive them...”

Then, Shi Yan hurled Absolute Beginning’s dried body into the massive black hole.

Shi Yan extracted the memory of Han Tian and the other deceased experts, using his soul energy to resurrect them in his new universe.

At the moment Absolute Beginning’s universe completely disappeared into the black hole and Absolute Beginning’s body was thrown there as well, Shi Yan found himself hovering in an absolute void.

There was no sky, earth, sun, moon, star, or mountain and river...only everlasting darkness and the borderless void...

“My universe, the one I was born in...Where is it? My soul has traveled for billions of years to get here. Today, would that universe still be existing or not? Has it vanished? Perhaps, after I’m done with refining all the energy, souls, thoughts, and blood, I could try to explore and find it...”

“Well, it will be a very long, long time later...”

In the absolute void, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged like a God.

A brand new universe hovered above his head as he was urging his power to complete his new world, creating new creatures and species, giving them lives and souls. He would become their ancestors—an Eternal Immortal.