Chapter 512: Returning to the Cultivation World

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Days passed. It took Li Yu a few months to adapt to life on Earth.

Although this was his home and the place where he lived, the years in his memories of the cultivation world were also incomparably real. In fact, those memories were even more profound than his memories on Earth.

Sometimes, he even felt that he was the virtual one on Earth, and he was the real one in the cultivation world.

Yu Xiaoqi had always silently taken care of Li Yu and accompanied him. This reminded Li Yu of Concubine Yu in the cultivation world.

Speaking of which, perhaps it was fate, but there were many similarities in their personalities.


In fact, Li Yu often felt that Yu Xiaoqi was Concubine Yu.

Li Yu had once guessed that Concubine Yu might be an NPC character created by Yu Xiaoqi.

Then, under the effect of an unknown power, she became a living person in that world and accompanied him for countless years.

It was just like how his father had created his mother, Gu Caiwei, in that world.

Although the Flower Realm Master was not his mother on Earth, she shouldered all his father’s longing and love for his mother.

Li Yu did not ask Yu Xiaoqi, but he could already sense her love for him.


She was already the cream of the crop in the virtual reality field, a genius who was the center of attention worldwide. Countless companies wanted to poach her, and countless men pursued her crazily.

However, she had never accepted anyone’s courtship. For ten years, she stayed by Li Yu’s side, and she did not know when or if he would wake up.

This had long become a legend around the world.

After Li Yu woke up, he did not accept any media interviews. The company’s public relations department held a press conference and simply announced Li Yu’s awakening.

He only went on stage to speak a few words during the anniversary celebration to prove that he had really awakened.

Countless players spontaneously celebrated for Li Yu in Oasis. Some even set the day of his awakening as Oasis Day.

The players’ enthusiasm touched Li Yu.

This might be the reason why he loved this career as much as his father did. Players might be the cutest group of people in the world. As long as you could bring them joy, they would repay you with all their passion and gratitude.

Days passed. Other than his daily exercise, Li Yu spent almost all his time in his mansion’s office, flipping through the many research materials and experimental data left behind by his father.

To study the game his father had developed back then.

Before he fell into a coma, the company could already operate normally without his management.

Later on, he gave up his position as the president and focused on finding his father’s consciousness data.

Therefore, now that he was back, he almost did not need to interfere in the company’s matters.

He continued to focus on researching the model his father had developed.

He had a nagging feeling that the sudden disappearance of his father’s consciousness and his own data did not seem to be because of the loophole in the game program.

Perhaps there was really some kind of supernatural power, some reason he could not answer or understand, that led to this game’s virtual world and a real cultivation world.

That was because that world was too real. The people inside did not think about NPCs generated by program algorithms at all. At the very least, even if he developed it back then, the Oasis World, which countless technicians and geniuses had worked hard for ten years, could not compare to that cultivation world at all.

The only explanation was that it was not a game world at all but a real world.

What happened back then? Under what circumstances did my father lose his consciousness in the game… There should be records of these experiments!

A year later…

“Honey, you shouldn’t work in the company with such a large womb. Old Hu, Wang Di, and the others are enough!” Li Yu looked at the pregnant Yu Xiaoqi.

Ten months ago, Li Yu officially proposed to Yu Xiaoqi. Not long after, the two of them registered their marriage and began their honeymoon. Yu Xiaoqi was also pregnant with Li Yu’s child.

Yu Xiaoqi’s stomach was already very big, but she was born a workaholic. She could not stay at home at all. If she did not work for a day, she would panic.

“Hubby, you know that I can’t stay idle. Oh yes, how’s your new game going?” Yu Xiaoqi asked. She knew that Li Yu had designed another game in the past year for her amusement.

“Yes, I’m almost done!” Li Yu replied with a smile.

“Oh yes, what’s the name of your new game?”

“Heavenly Dao Rankings!”

“The Heavenly Dao Rankings!” Yu Xiaoqi smiled knowingly. She knew what this meant.

However, she did not know that the new game Li Yu mentioned was actually the one her father had developed.

“Auntie Xu, take good care of Xiaoqi!” Li Yu said to the nanny.

“Don’t worry, President Li. I’ll take good care of Madam!”

“Okay!” Li Yu nodded, then he turned around and entered his studio. He put on his brain-computer and prepared to begin the game.

He had carefully studied his father’s experimental data and information over the past year, and he had really found a miracle. That’s right, a miracle.

When his father had an accident when he entered the game back then, something strange happened.

According to the staff who were present, some saw the ball of lightning fly into the experiment room, some saw time moving backward, and some felt that they had briefly seen a nebula appear in front of them.

However, as time was short, they thought they were hallucinating and did not mention it.

If Li Yu had not asked them to recall the situation and focus on whether they had encountered anything strange, they would not have mentioned it.

Coupled with the strange experimental data and images that Li Yu had discovered, Li Yu checked a large number of documents and consulted many experts in various fields.

In the end, he vaguely found the answer.

It was likely a special phenomenon formed in the quantum field, but it could not be explained with the current level of quantum technology.

However, Li Yu could basically confirm that his father’s model seemed to have evolved into a universe, a real-world for some reason.

Or rather, it was connected to a real cultivation world.

That place existed, and the people there were not virtual.

However, what was unbelievable was that many rules of this world could be affected by the programs on Earth. For example, the system Yu Xiaoqi designed for Li Yu and the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

Li Yu did not tell anyone about this. After all, no one would believe him if he did. They might even think that he was crazy.

Later on, he taught himself and studied many sciences in the quantum field. After many attempts, he really established a mysterious passageway in the game his father developed back then.

The other side of the passageway was connected to the cultivation world.

Furthermore, this passageway could be opened and closed by his system.

He could enter and leave the two worlds freely. However, when he entered the cultivation world, his body on Earth would enter a vegetative state.

Therefore, he could not stay in the cultivation world for too long.

Fortunately, the flow of time in the two worlds was completely different. He could spend decades in the cultivation world by taking out an hour every day.

Not only that, but because he had become the Heavenly Emperor, every time he left the cultivation world, time would stop until he returned.

Therefore, Li Yu could enter the cultivation world or return to Earth at any time.

“Dad, are you really not planning to take a look at Earth?”

In the main hall of the Heavenly Court, Li Yu chatted while drinking tea with Li Qingyun.

Li Qingyun already knew his true identity and everything that had happened to Li Yu.

He was happy that Li Yu had completed his unfinished dream and was proud of him.

He was touched that Li Yu could find him at all costs and allow him to be a good father in another world, accompany him in his childhood, and grow up with him.

When he was on Earth, he was so busy with work that he completely ignored Li Yu’s growth. He did not change his diaper or feed him milk, nor did he even remember what he looked like as a baby.

When he returned to his senses, he realized that Li Yu had already grown into a big child.

Therefore, he had always felt regretful and guilty.

“I’ve failed as a father on Earth, so I’m too ashamed to go back. Moreover, this is home to me. I have the happiest memories here!” Li Qingyun said with a smile.

Li Yu poured more tea for his father before saying with a serious expression, “Dad, you’ve always been an outstanding father to me!”

The End.